Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Edmund answered the phone  and spoke gently as if his life depended on it. His girlfriend wanted him to come over to her house. He did not know why but he had no option. She spoke in a lively manner as compared to what ensued between them last night so he took it as a peace offering. From the way she spoke he gathered that she had not been in contact with his mum. He called her all the pet names imaginable and told her he was going to be there as soon as possible. He hang up the phone and walked proudly back into the kitchen like a peacock. In his mind, his mother was not bound to find out his mischievous action yet and he meant to keep it that way. He went into the kitchen and told his mum that he had wanted to discuss school matters with her but he had to meet his boys in town first. He hurriedly took his shower and sped off towards his girlfriend's house. On his way, it dawned on him that his girlfriend had been extremely gently over the phone, which was quite unusual of her. He had to be careful, gentle and cautious all at once. He took the first measure of carefully going through his phone and deleting any "engagements" he had with Jemima and the other ladies that he "harmlessly" flirted with. "Why do I have to put myself through this kind of hide and seek?" He questioned himself. He knew that all hell was going to break loose should his girlfriend find anything close to a suspicious message on his phone. He got to her house and knocked at the door. He was summoned to enter. Upon entering he knew that his girlfriend was definitely going to let him in on some action despite her condition. She was lying in a couch and was dressed fully but he knew her too well and had flawlessly learnt her body language. His face lit up as he smiled from temple to temple. He said to himself, "this is a sight to behold". He took a seat on the same couch waiting for the opportune moment. She kept pressing her body against him as if to test him. She eventually put her head on his lap while they chatted. Like clockwork, she requested to have his phone. Edmund knew too well that succumbing too easily to the request was going to raise eyebrows and also putting up a fight for too long would equally be suspicious so he had to time it such that it somewhat fell in between the two. He gave the phone to her. She went through his messages but she was not fruitful. She wanted to find a way of pinning some dirt on him just like the way the police at the checkpoints do when they realize that your books are in check. She went through his call logs. She had caught him off guard. He had not taken the time to scrutinize that section. She angrily quizzed "who is Jemima and why did you call her two times yesterday?" She added "don't worry, I would find out for myself".  Edmund's day had literally turned into a nightmare in a matter of seconds. She dialled the number but there was no response the first time. Upon the second attempt, there was a response on the other end, "Hello Eddie, where are you?", Jemima asked. "Hello" Edmund's girlfriend said in response. "Who are you?", is what Jemima seemed to have asked because Edmund's girlfriend answered "who are you too? The line went dead because Jemima hang up. Now all the burden of proof lay on Edmund to defend himself. Was all hell going to break loose? He had planned to use the rapport they had created to ask her to do the unthinkable bit the phone call had dashed that hope from right under his feet. Stay tuned. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a"true story" RAT (RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT). More at randomafricanthoughts.blogspot.com.

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 "MY WORSHIP CONCERT"    1st July, 2015...Bethel Family Chapel Assemblies of God, Tema Community 22 Annex...3:30pm.

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  1. Am in suspense. . Eager to read the next episode. ..cant' wait..