Thursday, 2 July 2015


When Leticia entered the house, she had to lock the gates. She stood there for a while and began wondering. "Oh dear God, don't let this be a nine-day wonder", she thought to herself. "Let something positive come out of this friendship". "At least, I am going to lighten my dad's burdens because Frank has promised to help me". "Frank has got all the qualities of the man of my dreams". "He is tall, ambitious, funny, rich and knows how to take care of a lady", she smiled as she wondered. "I think I am in love". She walked silently across the other rooms and tip toed into her room. Her dad was asleep on a chair which was placed very close to the only window of the room in the "living room" part of their single room. She silently undressed and joined her siblings on their mattress. There was very little space to fit but she did not care. She did not even mind waking up with bruises all over her body. She was in love and in that moment, nothing else mattered. Before she finally fell asleep, she had already planned how their wedding was going to look like and to her, she was hopeful of seeing her plans through. Frank and Leticia went on several other dates together and had more fun each time. They had grown so fond of each other because the chemistry between them had skyrocketed. They just could not get enough of each other. All this while, Leticia was always evasive when Frank asked her if he could confidently call her his girlfriend. "Is it that you don't like me?", Frank always asked with a confused look on his face. "Am I doing something wrong?". "Why do you find it difficult to answer this question?, he always added. "Patience, my dear, it is a virtue", was Leticia's answer anytime Frank popped the question. Soon, it was almost time for school to reopen. Frank therefore invited Leticia to his house to meet his parents. On the day of the visit, Leticia dressed smartly, as if she was attending a job interview but she was nervous all the way to Frank's house. She created model questions and answers for herself in case she was asked questions by his parents. She feared that her background would instantly disqualify her if the truth came to light. Many thoughts run through her mind and even at a point, she planned to lie if she was asked about her background. Soon, she found herself standing in front of Frank's gate. She trembled as she pressed the bell. In a few minutes, Frank opened the gate and ushered her in. Immediately she stepped onto the compound, she fired off. "How do I look?", she asked. "Frank, in your heart of hearts, do you think your parents will like me?" "Be sincere with me", she added. Frank looked at her and broke out in hysterical laughter. "My parents?". "Would they like you"?, he added. "You are very funny". "I used them as bait to get you to visit me". "My parents travelled three days ago". "No one is here, just me and our dogs". "I hope you were not practising your acceptance speech". "Frank, don't do that to me again". "I could have suffered a heart attack", Leticia said. Frank teased her the more and ushered her inside. They sat in their beautiful hall across their even more beautiful dining room which was separated by a huge pathway decorated with aquariums, paintings and portraits. They chatted and ate ice cream. Frank went into the kitchen to get another  bowl of ice cream when the one they were eating got finished. When he got back, Leticia was standing. "Frank, I can't go out with you", she said with a very straight face. "Please take me home" she added. "But why, Tish?, Frank asked, feeling let down. "I just can't", Leticia said. Frank did not know what to say. They stood looking at each other in silence for a long while and suddenly, Leticia said, "You see how it feels when you joke with people's feelings? "I had to get back at you for that parent prank you played on me". "Now that we are even... I love you, Frank and I would go anywhere in this world with...". Before she could end her statement, they began kissing and before she could get a hold of herself, Frank had already started to undress her. She begged Frank to stop but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Frank had reached the "point of no return". He was in the lovemaking mood. "Frank, Frank, get a hold of yourself", Leticia begged. "If we have to make love,  you must promise me one thing", Leticia said.  "Promise me that if I allow you do this, you will not do it with anyone else",  she added. "I promise, I promise", Frank responded as he hurriedly kissed her neck and unbuttoned her shirt as if he was under a spell. He was in a hurry to bed her. "Take me to your room then", Leticia commanded. Frank carried her in his arms and hurriedly took her to his room...What is bound to happen is coming soon. Stay tuned. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a "story about a journey" RAT. More at

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