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Frank was very tall and masculine so Leticia felt his firm grip on her waist as he carried her to his bedroom. Leticia thought she had already seen the best parts of Frank's house until they got to the pathway leading to the bedrooms. "Is this place a hotel?", she asked. "I have never seen so many nice things all gathered in one place like this before", she added. "How many rooms do you have here?" She was awe-stricken and at a point, she wanted to ask Frank to let her go because she had heard that some people got rich by performing human sacrifices and looking at the paintings, portraits and ceramic tiles which were used to beautify his house, she began to suspect Frank and his family. When they stepped into Frank's room, Leticia asked to be put on the bed. Frank then took off his shirt to reveal his six packs which appears to be like a gold mine for most women. When Frank turned to show off the packs, Leticia wondered, "Oh my God, this boy is fine and he has packs too". He started walking towards  her on the bed and she just could not wait to touch the "glorious" packs. He began to touch her but he was so aggressive and it got Leticia scared. "Frank, take it easy", Leticia said. "My body is not at war with you",she teased him. "Do you want me to go back home with injuries?". "This is not a world cup and I am not a trophy so relax, okay?" The level of Frank's aggravating aggression even got her worried the more. "Is it that you are only into me because of this?", pointing to his hand on her chest area. "Do you really love me genuinely?" "Truth be told, this your behavior is questionable", she added Frank could not be bothered. He kept on fondling her. All of a sudden, something hit Leticia and she started to pull away. "Frank, please stop, please stop". Frank stopped for a while and looked at Leticia. "I know this is just one of your pranks so you can continue for all I care", Frank said. "Frank, this is not a joke, listen to me, please", Leticia begged. "Frank stopped for a while and said, "Tish, what is it now?, he asked breathing heavily. "Can I trust you, Frank?", Leticia asked. "We would not be in this room if you could not", Frank said sarcastically. "Please stop joking and answer me", Leticia said with a worried look on her face. "Leticia, you have an amazing body and any man would kill to have you", Frank started. "I have never been so much in love and I am not saying this because of what is about to happen". "I love you genuinely and with all my heart and there are no strings attached", he added. "Now tell me why you stopped me". "Or did you want to say that you are a virgin?". "Even if you are, I would be nice and gentle so you have nothing to worry about". Leticia looked at Frank and said, "Yes, Frank, I am a virgin and I also think I have an infection". Frank suddenly got alarmed and moved back. "Tell me you are kidding Tish", an alarmed Frank said. "What kind of infection?", he queried. "Is it an S.T.I"?, he asked. "Don't be silly, it is not an S.T.I. "I think it is candidiasis". "Is it that bad?", a disappointed Frank asked. "Yes, it started giving off a bad smell two days ago". I did not know what it was till recently when there was a health talk on radio about it". "I haven't told my dad about it because I am shy". "I think I got it from sharing the washroom with all the girls in my hostel and I also believe there is a woman in our house who I suspect has it, she said, referring to the 'consultant'. "I have to treat it first, then we can make all the love you want", she added. "You should have told me from the beginning, my mum is a midwife and I am sure there are many drugs she could prescribe for it". "Please don't ask her, I would go to the pharmacy for drugs". "But I still think you should have told me earlier", Frank said. "Do you know what can happen to a man when he gets to this point and does not get any action?. "I guess the old saying, "it pays to wait" makes a lot of sense today, Frank said and they both laughed. "Moreover, it seems I was rushing you into an uncomfortable area too". They both dressed up and Leticia asked to be taken home. When they got to Leticia's house, Rose, Leticia's sister, was playing in front of the house. She ran to hug Leticia when she stepped out of the car. She turned to Frank and asked, "Are you my sister's boyfriend?" Frank took her in his arms and said, "Yes please". "Will you marry her?", she asked. He looked at Leticia and said, "Only if she allows me to",  he added. Leticia went into the house to see what was happening and told Frank to watch over Rose so she didn't cross the street. They played while Leticia was away. Rose asked Frank to carry her so that they could play a game she called 'catch and throw',where Frank had to throw her into the air and catch her on her way down. While she was in his arms getting ready to be thrown for the third time, she suddenly screamed and called out Leticia's name. "Leticia, Leticia, it is coming again!" Frank got puzzled and before he could ask what it was she claimed was coming, she started growing stiff and before Frank could figure out what was going on, she started convulsing..... More soon. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a"story about a journey" RAT. More at
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