Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Leticia came running out barefooted when she heard Rose's screams. Leticia knew too well what was happening to her sister. When she got outside, she screamed at Frank "What have you done to my sister?". "Don't you know she is not well?", she continued. "Just give her to me". Frank, who was still in a state of shock as if he had been hit by lightening recovered from what had just ensued and asked, "What are you shouting at me for?", "And how on earth was I supposed to know she had epilepsy?" "What happened?", Leticia asked. Frank fumbled as he tried to explain, "When you went inside, she was just playing and she asked that we played a game". "She asked me to toss her into the air and catch her. Then, after a few tosses, this happened", he added as he pointed to Rose. Leticia then took Rose from him and put her flat on the ground. Rose's scream was so loud that the occupants of the house who knew her condition quickly rushed out. The "prayer warrior', who was part of the people who rushed out quickly stretched out his hand over Rose who was still convulsing and started praying, "Hey, demon, after the knockout punch I dealt you the last time, you are back again?" "Leave now, before you force me to put on my Holy ghost filled spiritual boxing gloves". "Demon, leave now!", he screamed and started praying loudly. Meanwhile, the 'consultant' and Leticia had bound Rose's feet and hands and Frank was ordered to hold her head still to prevent her from causing any injury to it due to the rate of the convulsion. Soon, Rose gained consciousness and she was carried by Leticia into their room. Leticia realized that she flared up and took her anger out on Frank who had no idea about Rose's condition so when she returned, she apologised for yelling at him. "Frankie, I am sorry for shouting earlier, it's not been easy for us since my mother left". "We watch out for each other and ensure that we are all safe because my family is all I've got and they are my priceless treasure". "I don't know what I will do if anything bad happens to any of them", she added. "I totally understand that", Frank cut in. "So, is she undergoing any form of treatment?, Frank asked. "Yes", Leticia replied. "We have taken her to several places where we are told that her condition is rare and that a cure is not yet in sight so the best we can do is to manage the situation by giving her drugs to suppress the attacks from occurring occasionally and we also ensure she doesn't engage in an activity that can trigger an attack". Frank stayed at Leticia's for a while and decided to take his leave when it started getting dark. On his drive back home, he wondered the kind of family he had gotten himself involved with. He became worried and wondered, "what kind of family is this?". "I have only met two of them and they have candidiasis and epilepsy". "I can't wait to meet the rest", he added. "Are these telltale signs of disaster?" Then again, he remembered the love he had developed for Leticia and said to himself. "I believe that love conquers all and so far as we love each other, that is all that matters to me". He continued his journey back home with that thought in his head. When school reopened, Leticia and Frank left for school together. That semester, Leticia had the best of everything. Frank had doubled his provisions intake and shared them with Leticia. He also helped her to treat her candidiasis. Soon Leticia was looking more well-kept and healthier than the previous semester. Frank constantly showered her with love, affection and attention. Frank was a Medical student. He was in his third year at the university. He was very intelligent and it was evident in his exam scores and how many times other students came to him for clarification on topics and subjects that they could not understand when Leticia visited him on campus in his hostel. Leticia's roommates had become aware of Leticia's current glow. She attributed it to Frank and how they loved each other. Her roommates always wanted to meet Frank because Leticia had ascribed him with an almost immortal status. Frank wanted to pay Leticia a surprise visit one Saturday morning so he set off to her hostel. He knocked at her door wearing a big smile on his face. He wondered, "Leticia is going to get the shock of her life when she opens the door". The hostel door creaked open and to Frank's disappointment, it was Leticia's roommate who opened the door and stood at the other side of the door. Quickly, his broad smile wore off and he said, "Hi, please is Leticia here?". The lady who answered the door just stood there and stared at him. "Miss, please can you hear me?". "I am sorry and yes, I can hear you", she said. "Leticia has stepped out to get some stuff", she added. "You must be Frank" she queried. "Yes I am", Frank replied. "I now see why she cannot shut up about you". Frank felt a bit embarrassed with that comment but managed to hide it. "You can wait for her, I am sure she must be on her way back by now". "Oh and I am Rejoice, please,do come in". Frank went inside to wait for Leticia. Rejoice served him with some water and went about tidying up the place. She was wearing a tight yellow mini skirt and the outline of her underpants were visible through the skirt. Frank looked at it the first time and like most boys, his mind was programmed to take constant other looks. Rejoice had noticed his glances so she wanted to make it a little harder for him so she started to tease him. She constantly bent over to pick her books up from the floor. This action almost revealed her underpants and Frank became more curious to know and see what was beyond the flesh he was seeing. He tried to quietly adjust himself in the seat but when he tried, Rejoice would stand straight and he had to look elsewhere. She teased him for a while and before long, the door flung open and Leticia walked in. She couldn't control her joy when she saw Frank. She run to him and hugged him tightly. They kissed and then Leticia formally introduced him to Rejoice. "Rejoice, this is Frank". "I know you have already met him and thanks for keeping him company". "I hope she did not try to seduce you with the clothes she has on", Leticia said looking at Frank. "If only you knew",Frank wondered and said "On the contrary, Rejoice here has been an amazing host". Rejoice shook hands with Frank and the only thought that came to her mind was, "you were saved by the bell but next time, I am going to make you rejoice and again I say, rejoice"......the drama is about to unfold......watch this space. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a "story about a journey" RAT (RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT). More at randomafricanthoughts.blogspot.com

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