Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Why Raymond? Why so late? I thought they had stopped seeing each other. Why do I feel so jealous? All these questions ran through Edmund's mind in a flash while he still had his hands firmly pressed against Jemima's eyes. Raymond was Jemima's ex-boyfriend or rather, they were part-time lovers. They had been in and out of their relationship six times and Jemima had vowed not to allow a seventh happening. Was Jemima going back on her words? Edmund had realized that there was some "bizarre" passion that filled Jemima's eyes whenever Raymond's case came up but he could not put a finger on it till she dropped this "bombshell". Edmund had to make a decision which he did. He lifted his hands and Jemima turned swiftly, "Did you want me to go blind before lifting those smelling hands of....", before she could complete her sentence her gaze met with Edmund's stern gaze. "Surprise, surprise", Edmund said. "Raymond?" "Really?" "I thought you said you guys were done and that he was seeing someone else". "Is that how you are going to play me?", Edmund added. Jemima was shell-shocked. Both of them knew they had a bargaining chip (Jemima was pregnant and claimed it was Edmund's. Edmund too had just found out that Jemima was still in contact with "notorious" Raymond who could well be the baby's daddy) for a duel so they decided to take it out on each other. They both wanted to present the case to suit themselves so an argument ensued. It was only a matter of time for one of them to eventually cave-in. Edmund, being the one who was hit by the "unexpected turn of events" took the first swing,"What makes you so attached to him anyway?" "What are you saying Eddie", Jemima started with tears already rolling down her cheeks. "I am over Raymond, I am into you now". "He only said he might pass by because he was in the neighbourhood so I came to wait for him to hear what he had to say". "You are here accusing me of something I have the least intention to do". Edmund suddenly started off like a pissed off pistol, "That is how it all starts, little meet-ups, phone calls to check on you, attributes to make you blush, pet names will follow, the first night-out together and you know what all that leads to", he added. "Is that what you think of me?" Do you think I would allow myself to be tricked by him again?", Jemima said sobbing. "Wait a minute, I hope all these concocted accusations are not in anyway directed towards you shying away from this pregnancy". "If that is your idea, if that is what you even so much as think of insinuating then you've got another thing coming young man because this thing going on up here", drawing a circle round her tummy, "is all you". Edmund had not thought of using what just transpired between them as a cover and even if Edmund thought he could use Raymond's brouhaha as a "cash-cow" to shift responsibility, it just accidentally blew up in his face. "I guess we have to take care of this Raymond thing once and for all" Edmund said. He decided to wait outside with Jemima for Raymond and had planned to tell him to stay away from Jemima. They sat together in silence. It was quite amazing that Edmund had suddenly grown so jealous. "Would Jemima act any differently should she find out of my other escapades?", he thought to himself. "I think I deserve what's coming to me". I have been very unfair to these ladies". "Should I tell her the truth?" "If there ever is an opportune moment to come clean with her, this is the time" Jemima did not like the idea of these two gentlemen meeting because she knew it was going to be a recipe for disaster. She silently thought to herself, "Ray is going to beat up this boy because he says he wants us to set things right." "I love both these guys and I do not want to lose any of them". "Dear God, why is it so hard to be a woman?". As they sat in waiting, Edmund remembered that he still had the pregnancy test kit he had intended to give to his girlfriend in his pocket. He dipped his hands in his pocket to bring the kit out and the after pill also fell. " What are those?" Jemima asked.... More in a bit. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a "true story" RAT ( RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT). More at
Read EPISODES I to V here in case you need to follow the story.

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