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"Oh my goodness, this whole issue about Raymond made me forget that your health comes first". I went by the pharmacy before coming here and I got you the pregnancy kit just like I promised". As he said this, he bent down and picked up the test kit and  skilfully kicked the after pill into the gutter; the cover of darkness just about helped him conceal it before Jemima could catch a glimpse of it. "I thought I saw something else", Jemima said but Edmund brushed the issue aside quickly. He handed the test kit to Jemima. "That was close", he thought to himself. As they waited, it started to get cold outside and Jemima, with her condition, started feeling cold considering the fact that she was putting on a tank top. She knew she was in for trouble with the thought that came to mind but she dared to ask, "Eddie, I am cold, can we cuddle?" Edmund looked at her like a predator ready to pounce on its prey. He remembered her state and cleared his throat. All that while, Jemima closed her eyes firmly as if Edmund was about to spit fire into her face.  "Come here, angel cakes",he said softly as he stretched out his arms and pulled her towards his chest and they shared their bodies' warmth. Jemima's phone rang, it was Raymond. He said something had come up so he could no longer make it to her place. Edmund then used the opportunity to put the test kit to use so they headed towards Jemima's room. As Jemima led the way, he picked the after pill and put it in his back pocket at Jemima's blind side. He had Jemima produce some urine sample and he applied it just as the pharmacist had instructed. It turned out to be positive confirming the fact that Jemima had taken in seed; Edmund's seed. Edmund left Jemima's house feeling dejected and confused. He had hoped that Jemima too, like his girlfriend, would also have just been calling the bluff of "motherhood" but it was just not to be. "Jemima is really pregnant", Edmund repeated to himself several times as he took the long road home. He thought of the repercussions of his actions. He jokingly said to himself, "At least I know I am a man, I don't shoot blanks". This thought was marred by the thought of he being a jobless university student who was just about to become a father and was soon going to take up all the full responsibilities of fatherhood. Immediately, he was sure that he was not ready and had to convince Jemima to abort the baby. Two weeks passed and with its passing, Edmund had to keep the issue at hand under wraps. He had to shuttle  between his girlfriend and Jemima's house so as not to raise any suspicions. He also kept his dealings to himself so as not to incur the wrath of being put under an investigative lens at home. Edmund had managed to get Jemima to hear him out and got her to reluctantly agree to abort the baby. Jemima too had her own worries. She did not want her parents to find out about the pregnancy so she had to agree to Edmund's request. "What if something goes wrong?", she said in rebuttal to Edmund's suggestion. "What if I lose my womb?" "Would you be man enough to marry me knowing full well that I may not be able to have any children of my own?", she added. "Jem, you worry too much, nothing will go wrong". "Moreover, we are in this together", Edmund said as he went over how the deed was going to be carried out. "We are not in this together Edmund". "I am the one who is pregnant, I am the one who will take whatever drug you are talking about and only God knows the effects the drug is going to have on me". "So we are not in this together, I am all alone in this mess". She rubbed her tummy and said in a soft voice, "Dear one, I don't even know if you are a boy or girl or even if you are twins but if you can hear me, please forgive me for what I am about to do. Edmund was touched by  what Jemima had said and turned away quickly for her not to see him tear up. Edmund had earlier consulted a pharmacist who had agreed to help him get rid of the baby. He gave him some pills to give to Jemima to take and was sure the pills were going to get the "job" done. One early morning, Edmund left the house and took the drugs to Jemima. She trembled as she tried to swallow the pills. Immediately the pills went down her throat, she broke down and started sobbing uncontrollably. Edmund therefore consoled her till she was calm. They waited for several hours but nothing was happening. Jemima began getting worried. Edmund decided to go over to the pharmacist's house to give him a progress report and also find out if what was happening was the right thing. He did not want Jemima to know that he was terrified so he used that as an excuse. As he stepped out he thought to himself, "my girlfriend had it much easier because hers didn't take so long". His phone suddenly rang halfway through the journey, it was Jemima and though he had not answered the call, he had already developed cold feet. He answered the call and all he heard was, "Eddie, I am dying, there is blood everywhere"..... Stay tuned. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a "true story" RAT (RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT). More at
Read EPISODES I to VI here in case you need to follow the story.
King Yobo, C.E.O of ROYAL NATION FAMILY is a reggae/dancehall artiste residing in TEMA the hub of good music... Having released a couple of singles like "the heir","to Jah","GH party" and "gial a kill me". He is set to release another banger on the 1st of July, "GHANA FESTIVAL". Watch this space for it's maiden release. R.N.F: YEYE WE SAY, ASO WE SAY!!!!!

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