Wednesday, 17 June 2015


"Why am I even working myself up so much?", Edmund said to himself as his girlfriend joined a commercial bus outside the hospital. "I should be the least surprised because we are all in the game together". Edmund had wanted to walk up to his girlfriend and make her aware of the fact that he had caught her in the act. He had been overwhelmed by the happenings in his life considering his involvement with these particular women so he wanted to find a way of cutting one of them loose. His girlfriend by this act, had provided him with the perfect impetus for a break up. "I can't take this anymore, I think it's about time I did the right thing", Edmund said as his mood changed. "When she calls me tonight, I would let her know that we are done. "I am tired of these things". "I might not be this lucky the next time". "I must be stupid if I allow myself to get to this point again". "I thought I was smart but these ladies have totally outsmarted me with their secret escapades and it seems I am the one at the losing end now". "I better jump ship before it sinks with me onboard". "Come to think of it, some boys will always be boys", Edmund said as he laughed. The young man he saw his girlfriend with was a pharmacist's assistant who assisted him with a drug some time back. He gave the drug to his girlfriend when she was pregnant to abort the baby. The assistant had requested for the lady in question's number so as to tell her how to use the drug and to check up on her so that nothing went amiss in the application of the drug. Little did Edmund know that he would go beyond consultation services to kissing sessions. Edmund had wanted to walk up to him and tell him how disappointed he was in him for playing him like that. "He seemed like an honest gentleman to me", Edmund wondered to himself as he walked back to check up on Jemima. "Let me get this out of the way and deal with the other issues later". "I know just the thing to do". As he drew closer to the gynaecologist's consulting room, he heard voices in the distance. "Leave me alone", he heard Jemima say. "I said don't touch me, please stop it", she added. "Lady, why are you doing this?", a male voice said. Edmund got alarmed so he doubled up and barged into the consulting room. As he did, he saw two female nurses and one male who from all indications, happened to be the gynaecologist on duty. "Young man,who are you and what makes you think you can come into my office uninvited?" "What can I do for you?". "He is with me", Jemima said. "So what?", the doctor countered. "Does that give him the right to come here the way he just did?" "Who are you anyway?", he said as he looked at Edmund. He quickly turned to Jemima and said, "Lady, did you come here to get examined or you came to play hide and seek with my assistants?". "Doctor, I am sorry for my entry but can you tell me if she will be okay?", Edmund asked in a very respectful manner. "I can only answer that question if I have actually done the examination", the gynaecologist said. "This Jemima here" looking on her folder to pronounce her name,"has been giving my assistants here a hard time". She claims only the people she has been intimate with have seen her naked and she cannot stand for strangers, let alone the three of us to see her nakedness". We have been having this tussle for the past ten minutes". "Talk to your sister so I can do my job because I have other patients waiting", the gynaecologist added. "He is not my brother, he is my boyfriend", Jemima said. The gynaecologist looked stunned because Jemima was way older than Edmund to be involved with him. Jemima was six years older than Edmund but she had developed a liking for younger men because she felt they were stronger in bed. Edmund's mother did not approve the friendship between the two of them because of their age difference but it seemed Edmund had told his parents that she was just a friend and nothing more. "But you two are worlds apart", the gynaecologist said. "Doctor please, that is besides the point", Edmund responded looking embarrassed. "Let me talk to her so we can get this over and done with". "Jemima, outside!", Edmund added. "Please allow the man to help you". "I don't want anything to happen to you", Edmund said softly. "Why don't you come and do it for me instead?", Jemima questioned. "We need a professional to do this, Jem". "Just go there, lie down and pretend I am the one, okay?" Edmund added. "I will do it then", Jemima said. "Thanks for understanding". Jemima went back inside, undressed, set her legs apart on the operating table and covered her face with her hands. The doctor got his tools and started to go about his business. After about five minutes of being up inside her, he lifted his head and asked, "Did you two try an abortion?"........ Watch this space for the final episode of EDMUND'S ESCAPADES. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a "true story" R.A.T (RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT). More at

Read EPISODES I to VIII here in case you need to follow the story.


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