Sunday, 8 January 2017

...And This Is What I Think!

In my humble opinion, I think the African has always been afraid of change; any form of change. I think we would rather let the status quo thrive just because it has always been the norm so we can be entitled to the crumbs that fall onto our tables as a result instead of working to get things right. We are even satisfied with the crumbs and I think that is a big problem when we can be entitled to so much more. Sometimes I am forced to believe that, there is this form of notion that some of us believe that the only way to amass personal wealth is to encourage the continuity of the status quo (no matter how wrong it is) so that whatever little it brings our way, we are shamelessly content.

The word "change" scares us. To some of us, it is synonymous to "poverty" and the rolling of heads. I think we have a petty attitude of harshly criticising the ideals of change, integrity, justice and development that would make the masses better. We would rather prefer to be lied to than to be told the truth. We are afraid to say, "I am ready to change for the better" just because changing the status quo would bring about sanity and bring to an end the special benefits that trickle into our pockets. We are afraid of the unknown even before we try to venture into it. We are afraid to make a difference; more so, we are very afraid to be the difference. We have made our communal instincts turn us into stooges of mediocrity and inferiority. We worry too much about what the community would say if we resolve to do something different; something better; something for the greater good. We allow these thoughts to belittle our bright aspirations and gradually turns us into cowards and bathes us with inferiority complex save the very few who dare to be different.

Everything comes at a price, even change. We can attest to the fact that change is one of the hardest things to embrace but it is also true that some beautiful outcomes have manifested as a result of our resolution to change. I dare say change is painful sometimes. We are afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty in order to work against the forces that constantly leave us in the shadows; all for what? To remain the same?  We are afraid to speak out; we are afraid to look different. The systems we so much protect have made us slaves to it. We are afraid to lose our jobs, loved ones, properties and what have you so we keep quiet even when we are being treated unfairly. We have to move from this way of thinking and demand to be treated fairly and respectfully! Why do we have the notion that all difficult jobs pay less and easy ones pay more? Is it not possible to come together to change this way of thinking? Should we allow ourselves to be cheated and treated unfairly just in name of some fear of losing someone or something?

Nothing good has been achieved by constantly doing the same thing that gives you the same result. Change has the chance to teach you one of two things; it would either be worth it or it would teach you a lesson that would make you better regardless of its outcome. Not everyone would agree to this but that is fine!

My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a Random African Thought.
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Monday, 2 January 2017


Many of us have made and drawn up plans for the year. We choose to call them new year's resolutions. These resolutions are drawn up after reflections from the previous year (our successes, failures, shortcomings, trials, relationships etc). I bet some of the resolutions for this year were included in last year's resolutions. I bet we struggled with them (the repeated resolutions) and would want to give them another shot this year too. Famous among them would be marriage, financial freedom, jobs, breakthroughs, breaking from certain habits and what have you. A resolution is a firm will to do or not to do something. This being said, it implies that, Time (2017), is not the only factor that should inform a resolution but we have to consider the will (firm decision) as well. Year in, year out, we make plans and year in, year out, we miss out on some of our targets (if not all of them). The hard thing about resolutions is that, it comes with a certain adrenalin rush but as time and reality catches up with us, that adrenalin either dies out, diminishes or turns us into champions. It is all a matter of perception and will power! This serves my point well that, resolutions are just resolutions till we put our efforts into seeing them through! You need to be resolute to survive in any new year and that is what really matters. Don't count the years, build on your will!

Granted all things go our way, would our resolutions see the light of day? Give it some thought before you answer because it is trickier than you think. Sometimes we would come up with excuses even if the conditions are in our favour. Now consider how your year ended in 2016, would you like to have the same ending when 2017 is coming to an end? If yes, than that is all well and good. But if your answer is no, then you have a lot of work ahead of you. We must endeavor to break our limits and work to improve on our skills, talents, aspirations and goals. Let's stop being afraid of what would possibly go wrong and go for the best shot we can get! From the years I have spent trying to wrap my head around the purpose for my life, I have come face to face with quite interesting things, people, ideas and outcomes. Here is what I think about certain aspects of life:

■ You might be a very dependent person but when it comes to certain decisions in your life that have to do with your career and personal development, do not depend so much on others to make decisions on your behalf. That aspect of your life should be controlled by you.

■On dependence, don't depend on any one person to help you achieve a goal or dream. If you don't take the first step, no one would be courageous enough to follow You. Learn to blaze your own trail and others would follow. A dream is yours to actualize.

■Learn to differentiate between the people who are there for you and the people who are there because of you. Everybody loves to share in our successes but only a few people would like to relate with you in your failures and shortcomings. Know the difference between the people who are there for a reason and the people who are there regardless  of the season. Let's remain resolute! My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is what I honestly think. This is a RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT!