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Thirty minutes later, Linda was standing right in front of Maxwell's door when she heard voices coming out of the room. She gently turned the door knob but it was locked. She stood there and listened in for a while before she decided to crank the handle of the knob to  forcefully try to open the door leading to Maxwell's room. Before she could get a firm grip of the handle, the door knob was turned from the inside, the door was opened and Linda stood facing Maxwell and Alberta with their son firmly strapped on Alberta's back.

"Hello", Linda greeted with a smile on her face and started to wave at the baby.

"Hi", Alberta responded. With her usual stern and suspicious look before she finally turned to look at Maxwell for an explanation.

"Hi Sweetheart", Maxwell said

"Please wait for me while I see Alberta off", Maxwell added.

"Let me say hi at least", Linda interjected. Linda stretched out her hand and forcefully grabbed Alberta's hand. "My name is Linda", she started. "I have heard a lot about you and I am thrilled to finally get the chance to meet you in person", Linda added, still holding on to Alberta's hand.

"Who are you?", Alberta asked with disgust and firmly placed the strap of her hand bag on her shoulder. "I am Maxwell's friend and I normally come here to help his grandmother out when she needs assistance with housekeeping", Linda answered.

"Oh I see", Alberta replied. "I wish I stay and chat but I have a lot of important things to do and as you can see, I am saddled with junior here", Alberta replied, pointing to her son. "You are very pretty", Alberta said, touching Linda's petty coat. "And I like your make-up too", Alberta added. "Who makes you up?", Alberta asked.

"I make up by myself", Linda added with blushes on her face. "And thank you so much for the compliment", Linda added. "You are equally very pretty and I would kill to have your type of hair, Linda said, trying to touch Alberta's hair.

"Maybe one day we can meet and give each other beauty tips to enhance our beauty", Alberta suggested. "That would be awesome!", Linda responded.

"Ladies!", Maxwell cut in

"This line of conversation is unhealthy for me so let us cut through it for now but the two of you can talk all the girly you want when you hook up later”, Maxwell suggested.

"Don't mind Maxwell he is just being jealous", Alberta said and gave Linda a very genuine smile. "You can take my number from Maxwell and give me a call when you are free so we can link up and share ideas", Alberta said and signaled for Linda to step aside so could exit the door. "One more thing before you go", Linda started. "You have a very amazing young man there", Linda said pointing to Alberta's son. "He is so gentle and graceful just like his father but I know you are doing an amazing job at raising him", Linda complimented. "Oh, thank you so much sweetheart", Alberta responded. "It has been nice talking to you and meeting you", Alberta added. "No, the pleasure is all mine!", Linda insisted and saw Alberta and Maxwell off to the door before returning to Maxwell's room to wait for him...


"What was that all about?", Maxwell asked looking shocked by the way Alberta reacted when she met Linda.

"What was all what about?", Alberta asked, pretending not to know what Maxwell was talking about.

"You being and acting all nice as if it is your natural character, that's what", Maxwell said.

"Seriously?", Alberta replied. "Please don't get me worked up to the point you don't want to see", Alberta added. "Maxwell, what is it you want?", Alberta asked.

"What is that supposed to mean?", Maxwell queried.

"Okay, okay, okay, I get it now", Alberta started as the two of them walked down the walkway to the main gate. "You have always wanted to marry a girl of your class and from what I just witnessed, you think I am not good enough to fit into that class of yours right?", Alberta suggested. "To the extent that she even comes her to help your grandmother for your family members to see that she is the wife!", Alberta added. "This was not how I was before you met me", Alberta said. "Upon all my naughtiness; which is as a result of the undying love I have for you, I have a good woman inside of me too and you know it", Alberta said.

"And who said this has got anything to do with class or any of those your unwarranted distinction attributes?", Maxwell asked.

"It has a lot to do with it!", Alberta barked back.

"Alberta, please don't let us engage in these conspiracy theories of who or what type of woman I want to marry", Maxwell started. "Just try and get home and take care of our little man", Maxwell said. "I would send you some money when the month ends", Maxwell added. "The absent father as always", Alberta started. "I wonder what this little boy is going to think of you when he starts growing up", Alberta added. "Leave that for me to worry about", Maxwell said and inched closer to the baby. "Hey little man, always remember that I love you more than anything in this world regardless of what mummy or anyone else says", Maxwell said to the baby while holding his litte hand. "Don't listen to him!", Alberta said immediately. "Mummy loves you more than anyone that is why you are living with me and not with him", Alberta said while she stood aside for Maxwell to open the gate for her.

"Ignore what mummy just said because you would always be daddy's little man anytime, anywhere and any day.", Maxwell said as Alberta made her way onto the landing leading to the street. "Please take good care of each other", Maxwell added before shutting the gate firmly behind him and started to make his way into the house and into his room to meet Linda


Linda was sitting in the swivel chair in Maxwell's room when Maxwell opened the door.

"What was that all about?", Maxwell asked immediately he entered the room and had Linda's attention. Just like in Alberta's situation, he was looking surprised by the way Linda reacted when she met Alberta.

"What was all what about?", Linda asked, pretending not to know what Maxwell was talking about.

"You being and acting all nice toward Alberta after swearing heaven and earth that she was a monster after I had told you about her, that's what", Maxwell said.  "You barely know her but on meeting her for the very first time, you appeared all chatty and touchy", Maxwell added.

Linda appeared shocked by Maxwell's queries.

"I am sorry if you didn't like the way I spoke to her", Linda started. "I didn't know she was here and I didn't know what to say when I saw her coming out of your room; the room in which we just made love in less than 24 hours ago", Linda remarked.

"What is that supposed to mean?", Maxwell interjected.

"I am sorry if I appear to be nagging right now but I have my concerns too", Linda revealed.

"Which are?" Maxwell asked

"First off, this is a lady who has your child and there is no telling the kind of emotional attachment you still have going on for each other", Linda started. "Secondly...Secondly...Secondly..."

"What is it, Linda?", Maxwell asked trying to sound reassuring. "Maxwell I am scared", Linda said appearing very vulnerable. "What are you scared of?", Maxwell asked

"Judging from all the things I have heard her do when you are involved, it makes me scared that now that she has seen my face and it would be little wonder that she would also probably know that something is likely going on between the two of us, she can make me a target of hate or even worse", Linda revealed. "That makes me really scared”, Linda added. "Is that why you were trying to be extra nice towards her?", Maxwell queried. "Was it that obvious?", Linda asked. "I was taken aback by your reaction, honestly", Maxwell remarked.

"She would send her thugs after you and they would disfigure your face with their hefty punches", Maxwell teased. "Maxwell stop it!", Linda yelled. "You are scaring me", Linda added. "Weren't you the same person who was offering to give Alberta free beauty tips?", Maxwell enquired after he had laughed out loudly for a while.

"It was all part of being nice so she shouldn't flatter herself", Linda said. "Moreover, I was jealous too and I felt intimidated by her presence around you", Linda added. "You should have told her you were my girlfriend", Maxwell suggested. "Are you serious?", Linda asked. "She would have torn me up like the way a lioness tears up her prey", Linda added. "Did you see the look on her face when I introduced myself?", Linda asked. "I was also so scared that the two of you were going to brawl it out here so I didn't even take notice", Maxwell teased. "I can give you her phone number if you want so you can continue your beauty therapy chats on phone", Maxwell continued to tease as he started mentioning Alberta's phone number out loud.

"I can see that you are really enjoying yourself", Linda said. "Wait till you are in my shoes and you would understand", Linda added.

"Enough of this line of conversation", Linda said

"What shirt are you going to wear to Passione Global?", Linda asked. "I want to iron it for you while you take your bath in preparation for your big day", Linda said. Maxwell went into his wardrobe and pulled out a new shirt and handed it over to Linda. Maxwell grabbed his phone and called Raphael to get the team ready so they could meet up at the bus station.


After three and a half hours of deliberations and negotiations, the contract was finally fine-tuned and both parties; Maxwell and his team on one side and Passione Global on the other side had come to an agreement. The deal was signed and the terms and conditions were read out to all the people gathered in the room. Both parties signed a nondisclosure agreement and salaries were structured in a way that suited all the parties involved. Edwina, the beautiful receptionist was tasked to take the new team to their office and she was asked to get them to acclimatize themselves with the other teams that had already been contracted by Passione Global. As the team followed Edwina through the plush offices of their new company, they sized her up from behind and passed silent comments among each other.

"Maxwell, per the fact that you already have a son, it automatically means that you already have a wife which disqualifies you from having a go at this beautiful lady here", Raphael whispered into Maxwell's left ear. Rudolph and Frank were also slugging it out over who deserved a shot at getting to date Edwina. Edwina knew that she was pretty and she equally knew that men naturally fell over each other just to get her number but she took a particular liking for Maxwell; unknown to him and unknown to her that Maxwell's life was riddled with many issues.

Edwina took them round the offices of the other teams; six in number with Maxwell's group making the seventh, before ushering the boys into an already furnished office on the second floor.

"All the new teams start from this office and manage to work their way up, literally speaking", Edwina started. "That is how come Kaprisky, better known as team two is on the seventh floor", Edwina revealed. "Your movement would be solely based on your input so you have to hit the ground running", Edwina added. "You have all you need on the laptops on your desks which are not password protected for now", Edwina said. "I suggest you get to know how work is done around here and strategically plan on how you intend to complete the tasks that ate going to be assigned to you", Edwina explained. "It is a competition out here so don't think that any other team is your friend, you can be friends after work", Edwina reiterated.

"I would be rooting for your team and I hope to see what you have to bring to this company sooner rather than later", Edwina said. "Call any of the departments responsible if you need any form of assistance", Edwina said and pointed to a directory on the table. "And you have to come up with a group name", Edwina said. "Be sure to make it catchy", Edwina added before she asked to be excused.

Maxwell got all the boys to huddle up.

"This is the chance for us to prove what we have to offer as a team", Maxwell started. "We can do this because we have bright minds and brilliant ideas", Maxwell said.

"Let us work hard so we can play hard", Rudolph added.

"Let us not mix business with pleasure and by pleasure I mean the beautiful Edwina", Raphael added. "She is a beautiful distraction", Rudolph added. "Who knows, she might even be a mole", Raphael added and they all broke out in laughter.

"We are forgetting one very important thing", Frank cut in.

"Let us bow down our heads in prayer and commit all of this before our heavenly father because it is his doing", Frank added. All heads were bowed and there was a chorus of the popular 'Lord's prayer' before they sat down to begin their new venture.


That night when Maxwell left the office on his way home, he chanced upon Linda heading towards his house. "I was just going by your place to check if your grandmother needed any form of assistance", Linda said when Maxwell walked up to her. "That is a lie", Maxwell replied. "Okay, no need to argue over this, you got me", Linda said. "I have missed you and wanted to know if you were back and how your first day at work went", Linda revealed. "I knew it!", Maxwell said. "My day was splendid and we are looking to make headway soon", Maxwell said.

Linda was quiet all the way to Maxwell's gate. "What is the problem?", Maxwell asked when he finally noticed that Linda was acting unusually. "There is this thing that has been on my mind for some time now", Linda started.

"What is it this time?", Maxwell asked.

"Did you and Alberta officially break up before you went out with Nancy?", Linda asked. "Again, have you told Alberta that the two of you are not going to get married even though you have a child together?" "If you have, is Alberta cool with the idea and since you plan on taking your son away from her, do you think she will be willing to go down without a fight?", Linda enquired.

"I honestly might not have answers to all these questions but eventually, I believe everything will fall in its rightful place", Maxwell started. "I hope you know what you are doing because from the look of things, I don't think this is going to be an easy battle", Linda continued. "One more question", Linda said. "Ask", Maxwell confidently responded. "Ever since the birth of your son, have you been intimate with Alberta; I mean have the two of you made love afterwards?", Linda asked.

There was a long silence.

"No", Maxwell replied. "Not even once?", Linda pushed. "Even if we did, it would have been a long time ago and I was careful not to repeat any irresponsible act", Maxwell said. "I hope you are not offended by my curiosity", Linda said. "I am not", Maxwell said looking suspiciously at Linda before opening the gate to usher her into the house.


Three months had gone by while Maxwell and his team were at Passione Global. They named their team "The Dream Team". Through hard work and innovation, they had managed to move to the third floor, a step higher than where they began. The team on the third floor had been relegated to the second floor for consistent poor output. Edwina was delighted to break the news of the relocation to the dream team. Maxwell was so delighted. He had a lot to be thankful for. His family were on the road to recovery, he had resigned from a poorly-paid job and was now working at a place where he felt his salary was enough to cater for all he needed to do, he had managed to enroll his son in a good nursery school, he had won the heart of Linda and now his team had just been promoted. That night he proposed that the boys all go out to have fun after work which was unanimously agreed upon. That night, he called Linda to meet them up in town and she did dressed beautifully in a red gown bought for her by Maxwell. "I wanted to make tonight memorable so I wore this dress", Linda whispered into Maxwell's ear when he ushered her to her seat. Immediately Linda was seated, Maxwell's phone rang. It was a call from Alberta. Maxwell then  remembered that he had forgotten to send Alberta some money like he promised a day before. "Hello, Alberta", Maxwell said  after he had excused himself to answer the call. "I would send you the money first thing tomorrow morning when I get to town", Maxwell added to cut the conversation short because he knew Alberta was going to rant over the phone. He also broke the news of their promotion to her. "Congratulations", Alberta said. After a few exchange of words, Alberta cut in.

"Maxwell we need to talk, I think I am two months pregnant", Alberta revealed.




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Monday, 14 March 2016


Maxwell’s heart missed several beats after he had heard Alberta’s voice over the phone. He was hit by punches of fear, excitement and uncertainty all at once. He feared that Alberta; as usual, had something ‘special’ up her sleeve and he could not fathom why she wanted to drop off the baby with him when she had vehemently turned down earlier requests from Maxwell. He paced between the entrance to the living room and the walkway leading to the gate not knowing which call to answer. As he was engaged in this mental battle, a thought came to mind; Nancy’s assignment. The thought sent shivers down his spine but at the same time, he had a funny tingle which whispered to him that Nancy was within reach once his baby was out of the way and it gave him a sense of joy. He did not know whether to go inside to meet his family members or go out to meet Alberta and her son. “What am I going to do now?”, Maxwell thought to himself. As he stood there in his state of confusion, Alberta called his phone again. “What is causing the hold up, Maxwell ?”, Alberta asked. “I am running late and I don’t have all day”, Alberta added. “If you know you are not coming out, let me know so I can start looking for an alternative babysitter for my son”, Alberta said. “I…I…I am coming”, Maxwell said in a stuttering voice. “You have suddenly turned into a stammerer?”, Alberta asked. “Just give me a minute and I would be with you”, Maxwell responded not giving any audience to her question. “This is my only chance to rid myself of Alberta and all her stress and have the love of my life all to myself”, Maxwell said as he walked to the gate. “I am going to do it; I am going to kill my son!”, Maxwell said and reached for the handle of the gate and pulled it back. Alberta was looking very beautiful when Maxwell saw her. Maxwell made sure he kept his distance to avoid any surprises from Alberta.  “You are looking good”, Maxwell announced as he finally stood face to face with Alberta. “I already know so you don’t need to tell me”, Alberta responded in the most hostile way imaginable. “I am only trying to be nice”, Maxwell responded. “Trying you say?”, Alberta asked. “I would only take a compliment from you when you grow up and do what you are expected to do as a man”, Alberta said. “Because as it stands now, you are still a little boy”, Alberta added. “Why do you talk to me this way?”, Maxwell asked. “I would talk to you anyhow I want until you do what is right by first walking me down the aisle and taking full responsibility of my son because as it stands, the chicken-change you send to me is not even enough to buy diapers”, Alberta revealed. “I am shocked to hear you speak this way”, Maxwell rebutted. “You call the money that I give you chicken-change?”, Maxwell asked looking very surprised. “For want of a better word, chicken change would best describe the money you give to me”, Alberta answered. “I wonder how you expect the two of us to work towards having a future together when you can just come to my house and speak to me anyhow you want”, Maxwell said. “Your attitude towards my son and I really merits every word I am saying now and for your information, I am not going to take any of them back”, Alberta said. “My son needs you around him so you better find some time to come and be with him”, Alberta said. “I am giving you the privilege of coming close to my son because if after some time, I don’t hear anything from you and your family members, I am going to take this boy so far away and you would never see him again”, Alberta continued. “You know me and you know what I am capable of so don’t even try me”, Alberta added. “I have been listening to you for a while and it seems that you are referring to our son as your son”, Maxwell started. “You are making it appear is if you got pregnant by yourself and gave birth to this child”, Maxwell said, pointing to the child who was strapped firmly to Alberta’s back. “You don’t scare me with your empty threats”, Maxwell stressed. “This boy is my son too and you don’t have any right whatsoever to prevent me from seeing him whenever I want to”, Maxwell said. “You are here ranting but when the time comes, we would see who would eventually have the last laugh”, Alberta said in rebuttal. “You said you wanted me to babysit for you so please let me have my son so you can go about your business or whatever you have to do”, Maxwell said. “Okay, but we have to make it seem as though I am still here, I don’t want him to cry before I leave”, Alberta said and handed her son over to Maxwell. Both Maxwell and Alberta walked a few blocks from Maxwell’s house before Alberta disappeared quietly without allowing her son to see that she was leaving. Maxwell then turned to go back home.


 Immediately Maxwell turned, his son started to cry. “Don’t cry, don’t cry”, Maxwell started. “Daddy will take care of you even better than mummy can and ever will”, Maxwell added. “Daddy has got a better job now and he would do everything in his power to ensure that you are well taken care of”, Maxwell said to his son who could not understand a word his father was saying but kept crying uncontrollably. “Do you want ice cream?”, Maxwell asked the little baby. “Or you’d prefer biscuits instead?”, Maxwell asked. “Or is your tummy hurting?”, Maxwell asked again. The baby just kept crying as Maxwell walked down the street. The shouts of the baby attracted many passers-by who looked at Maxwell suspiciously as if he was a baby thief. “Why is the baby crying?”, one inquisitive woman asked. “Where is its mother?”, the woman asked again. “That is my son and his mother is gone to get something from the market”, Maxwell responded and quickly doubled his steps. Before he could get to the gate, he heard someone call out his name, “Maxwell…Maxwell…Maxwell!”. Maxwell turned to see Linda quickly walking towards his direction. “Whose child is this?”, Linda asked immediately she got close to Maxwell. “Hello Linda, meet my son; Alberta’s son”, Maxwell said. “His mother just dropped him off so she could run an errand in town and I can’t seem to figure out how I am going to get him to stop crying”, Maxwell added. Linda stretched out her arms, “Give him to me; you are not even holding him right”, Linda said and laughed. Within seconds, Linda had managed to make the baby to stop crying and had begun to smile. “He looks so much like you and he is so adorable”, Linda said to Maxwell as they both walked towards Maxwell’s house. “And the three of us look good together”, Maxwell said. “Give me a break young man; I don't want any trouble with Alberta or Nancy”, Linda said and the two of them laughed off the comment. “Alberta actually came here and left her son with you without putting up a fight?”, Linda asked. “That would have been so unlike Alberta”, Maxwell started. “She spewed her venom all over me before leaving”, Maxwell said. “I thought as much”, Linda responded and laughed. “That is the kind of woman who is carrying your child”, Linda said. “You look so much like daddy but the only difference is that you are more handsome”, Linda said to the baby playfully as they walked back. The baby appeared comfortable and happy with Linda and was very excited. As they got to Maxwell’s gate, Linda handed over the baby to Maxwell. “When he begins to cry, just hold him firmly in your arms like this and pat him on the back like this”, Linda said and demonstrated to Maxwell while she held the baby in her hand. “I am going to prepare supper for my family but I would come back to check up on the two of you when I am done”, Linda said and asked to take her leave. “The two of you should take care of each other”, Linda added. Before Linda turned to leave, Maxwell held her by the arm and looked intently at her, “You are such a darling and…”, Maxwell started. “Before I forget, I have great news to share with you”, Maxwell said. “What is it?”, Linda asked as she excitedly drew closer to Maxwell. “Our proposal was accepted by the board!”, Maxwell announced. Instantly, Linda jumped and hugged Maxwell who was still holding the baby. She took the baby from him again and tossed him slightly into the air, when she had finally grabbed him, she said, “Your father is a genius and I pray you grow up to become like him!” “I can’t believe this; I just can’t believe this!”, Linda exclaimed with excitement . “I was planning on breaking the news to all of you tonight but it seems you are the first to know”, Maxwell said. “I am so delighted and I could even kiss you right now!”, Linda exclaimed. “But I won’t do that because I still remember what Nancy said and I cannot kiss you while your son is here”, Linda said and placed a kiss on Maxwell’s son’s cheek. “You can pass that on to daddy for me”, Linda said to the baby who was beaming with smiles. “I know and I understand”, Maxwell responded. “Just take it easy”, Maxwell added. “So what time are you going to break the news to the rest of the crew?”, Linda asked. “I would call them all to meet up here around 8 P.M so you can pass by”, Maxwell answered. Maxwell stepped into the house after Linda had turned to leave and he closed the gate firmly behind him. He walked straight into the hall with the baby firmly clinging to his chest and as he walked in, all eyes were turned towards his direction. “Good evening”, Maxwell greeted politely. There came an asymmetric chorus response of “Good evening” from the people who were gathered in the room. “I should have done this long ago but I don’t know what was holding me back”, Maxwell started. “I guess I was having a hard time letting my doubts and fears go”, Maxwell added. “I am sorry if I kept this secret away from some of you till today”, Maxwell added. “I want to introduce to all of you, the new member of this family; my son”, Maxwell said. “I believe this is the first time that you are seeing him”, Maxwell said and handed the baby over to his father to be passed around the room like some trophy. “His mother just dropped him off saying she was going to pick up something from town so she wanted me to babysit him for a while”, Maxwell explained. The last person to hold the little baby was Maxwell’s grandmother. “He looks so much like your grandfather”, she said. “He has the exact shape of his nose”, she added. This description led to a serious debate for a few minutes and it ended up in laughter with the side that believed that the baby looked like Maxwell’s grandfather carrying the day. “I don’t remember the last time I saw this family come together and laugh happily like this”, Maxwell’s grandmother quickly chipped in. “I guess it is about time we sorted out our differences and forget whatever happened in the past and start to be a loving family like we once were”, Maxwell’s grandmother added. “All of us are here so what stops us from voicing our concerns and having them addressed right now?”, Maxwell’s father suggested. Maxwell asked to be excused so that the grown-ups could trash out their differences. As Maxwell walked out of the hall, he was filled with a sense of fulfilment and contentment that at least what he had set out to do had almost been achieved. He looked at his son and said, “You are a lucky charm, my little one and I love you so much”. Maxwell walked quietly into his room and turned on the fan. He held the baby like Linda had instructed and stood directly under the fan. Soon, he looked at his reflection in the mirror and realized that the baby had fallen asleep on his shoulder. Almost immediately, his head was filled with the sinister thought; Nancy’s assignment. “This is my chance!”, Maxwell said. “I can get rid of this baby while he sleeps”, Maxwell thought to himself. “Let me just put him on the bed and suffocate him with a pillow”, Maxwell thought to himself”. Maxwell quickly locked his door and drew the curtains to cover any openings. He then quietly placed the baby unto his bed and quietly lifted a pillow over the baby’s head….


As Maxwell lowered the pillow, a thought dropped into his head. “How can love make anyone want to do such a thing to another person?”, Maxwell asked himself. “Can I live with the fact that I had to kill my own son to be with the woman I love just because she could not stand the fact that I had a child out of wedlock?”, Maxwell thought to himself. “Is that love at all?”, Maxwell asked himself. “But I also cannot lose Nancy to any other person and equally, I cannot kill my child just to please her”, Maxwell said. “What if after all this, the police are contacted and I end up behind bars?”, Maxwell thought out loud. “It would be a total waste of effort and I would lose on two fronts; I would lose my son and the supposed love of my life and all this for what!”, Maxwell thought to himself. As he stood there contemplating, his son sneezed and opened his eyes. He stared at him and Maxwell stared back. The baby sneezed again. Maxwell looked intently into the innocent eyes of his son and couldn’t help but regret ever allowing Nancy to talk him into even trying to take a life of an innocent human being; a baby for that matter. Maxwell dropped the pillow and picked his son into his arms, “I am so sorry, my little one for thinking of such evil thoughts towards you”, Maxwell started. “I am going to damn the consequences and keep you, I don’t care what Nancy or anyone thinks”, Maxwell said as he bent over to pick up the baby. “I would do my best to ensure that you are well taken care of”, Maxwell said to the baby who had clung firmly to Maxwell’s neck with his tinny arms. Soon there was a knock on Maxwell’s door. “Maxwell, are you in there?”, Maxwell’s father asked. “Yes, I am here”, Maxwell responded and unlocked the door. “Your uncles want to have a word with you”, Maxwell’s father said. “What is it about?”, Maxwell asked. “Come and sit here with me”, Maxwell’s father said and led Maxwell to the bed. “My son, I believe that with all that you are going through, you are taking valuable lessons from it”, Maxwell’s father started. “Yes I am”, Maxwell responded. “I want you to look deep into yourself and into your heart and tell me if you want to settle down with the mother of this little boy”, Maxwell’s father said. “I am saying this because your uncles want to know the step you intend taking so we can all assist you accordingly”, Maxwell’s father revealed. “I don’t think I can live with Alberta because she disrespects me always”, Maxwell started. “She has threatened me several times to take the baby away from me and telling her that we cannot get married would force her to take action and I don’t know what would happen afterwards”, Maxwell confessed. “Don’t worry about that because there are a lot of things we can do to get the child away from her if we have to”, Maxwell’s father assured. “All I want right now is for you to give me a definite answer”, Maxwell's father said. “I cannot marry her!”, Maxwell answered. “Okay, don’t worry, I am going to speak to your uncles”, Maxwell's father said and walked out of the room.

Maxwell called Alberta at 7 P.M and she said she was still in town so Maxwell had to hold on till she got there. Maxwell needed to call his friends and inform them about the good news from Passione Global. “There is no need keeping this child and this secret away from my friends anymore”, Maxwell said to himself. “They have been like brothers to me and it would be unfair on my part not to tell them about him”, Maxwell added. So Maxwell called up his friends and asked them to meet him within an hour. When they got to the house, Maxwell's father and uncles had already left. All the boys sat in the hall with the exception of Frank. Frank joined later and was followed by Linda. Maxwell broke the news to them by first telling them the story about his life after they separated and then informing them about the contract being offered by Passione Global. Maxwell's friends had many questions to ask and Maxwell took his time to answer them. “I must say that we are proud of you for keeping this boy”, Raphael started. “At one point or the other, we are all going to take up this same responsibility but it appears that you have gone on ahead of us and that is not a crime”, Raphael added. Maxwell, with Linda's help made all his friends hold his son in their arms for a while with each of them wishing him well and saying a prayer for him. They then discussed how the contract was going to pan out and also looked at the alternative preparations they needed to make. After the meeting, the boys asked to take their leave because it was getting late. Linda stayed behind and took care of Maxwell's baby awaiting Alberta's return. It was almost 10 P.M when Maxwell called Alberta again after he had not heard anything from her. “Alberta, where are you?”, Maxwell queried. “I am running a bit late so if care is not taken, I would have to come very late to pick him up or better still I would let him pass the night at your end so that I can come for him in the morning”, Alberta said. “But we didn't plan all this”, Maxwell objected. “I know but it has happened so you better improvise”, Alberta continued. “Okay, I would let him pass the night so that you don't have to come here late and all looking at the security threats we are having these days”, Maxwell said. Maxwell hang up the phone and informed Linda that Alberta was not coming back therefore the baby had to pass the night with him. Maxwell pleaded with Linda to pass the night in his house because he did not have the slightest idea as to what to do when the baby started crying in the middle of the night. Linda turned down the offer but after several pleas from Maxwell,  she agreed and called her parents to inform them that she was spending the night at Maxwell's grandmother's because she was not too well and needed someone to look after her. Maxwell also informed her grandmother and she agreed. “Okay, I would sleep on the floor so the two of you can have the bed”, Linda suggested. Maxwell disagreed and managed to convince Linda that there was enough space on the bed for all three of them. The three of them squeezed themselves on the bed with the baby in the middle. Linda gently stroke the baby's tummy till he finally fell asleep. She then quietly informed Maxwell to be still. “Thank you for doing this for me”, Maxwell said to Linda. “Don’t flatter yourself young man, I am not doing anything for you”, Linda said. Maxwell instantly grabbed Linda by the neck and started kissing her. Linda responded in kind. Before long, Maxwell and Linda found themselves all over the floor making love to each other but were careful not to wake the baby up. They made love the whole night. At a point, the baby woke up Linda had to fix something for him to eat from the bag Alberta brought with her. When the baby fell asleep again, she quickly went and lay in Maxwell's arms and the lovemaking continued.
The following day, Maxwell quickly woke up and met up with the boys at the bus terminal to go to Passione Global. When they arrived,  they were warmly welcome by Edwina and were served the best breakfast.  Soon the terms of the contract were discussed; it was going to be a three-year contract which was going to be renewed based on performance. Both parties appeared happy with their side of the deal and an agreement was quickly reached. The boys were given the time to discuss their roles and report to work in two days. They were given temporary access cards into the building of Passione Global and were taken on a tour in and around the magnificent building by Edwina. Soon, the boys returned home to prepare for a meeting that was to be scheduled the following day. When Maxwell got home, his son was with his grandmother. When he asked of Linda's whereabouts,  he was informed that she had gone to town on an errand. Soon, Alberta showed up to pick her son up. She had to change his diaper for him before leaving so Maxwell took both of them to his room. When Alberta finished changing the diaper, she looked at Maxwell and said, “I miss us”. Immediately she said that, she leaned in and gave Maxwell a light kiss on his lips. “We cannot do this”, Maxwell said. “Maxwell, I am going to change if you marry me”, Alberta said. “I am willing to be a good wife and a good mother if you marry me”, Alberta continued. Alberta looked Maxwell in the eye and knew he was mesmerized. She put the baby on the bed and started to undress him. Meanwhile, Linda was just thirty minutes away from Maxwell's house….



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Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Maxwell stood there motionless not knowing what to say to Nancy. After a few seconds, he managed to fake a smile and composed himself and said, “Wow, what a pleasant surprise, Nancy”. “You are the last person I actually thought and never dreamt you of all people would show up at my door”, Maxwell added, before he turned and stared at Linda who was anxious to see who was at the door.  "What is that supposed to mean?", Nancy asked angrily. Linda, who was wondering who could be at the door was already stretching her body toward the direction of the little opening of the door in an effort to catch a glimpse of the person Maxwell was talking to but Maxwell kept using his body as a shield to prevent Linda from getting the view she wanted. “You’ve put on a considerable amount of weight”, Nancy started. “When was the last time I saw you?”, she asked. “I can’t quite remember the last time we met”, Maxwell answered. “Anyway, I came to pay you a visit and check up on you since you decided not to call me anymore”, Nancy said. “Look at who is talking?”, Maxwell asked Nancy sarcastically. “You bailed out on me the moment you knew about my mess”, Maxwell complained. “You should have told me earlier and I would have thought of a way to get this sorted”, Nancy said. "Moreover, the news came as a surprise to me and I believe anyone in my shoes would have done the same thing I did", Nancy added in her defence. “Won’t you invite me in?”, Nancy asked and began to push Maxwell out of the way to let herself into the room. As there appeared to be what seemed like a struggle between the two of them, Linda could no more take the suspense so she asked, “Max, who is at the door?”. Nancy’s movement froze and with one big push, she shoved Maxwell out of the way and angrily barged into the room thinking she was going to sight her arch rival; Alberta. When she finally barged into the room and realized that the person in the room was not the one she expected, she pinned herself to the wall, clothed in embarrassment. Linda, who appeared startled by Nancy’s action and being the first time she actually saw her in person, also looked on in surprise as Nancy stood there, now also motionless. The whole room was engulfed in perfect silence as the two ladies stared each other in the face. “Hello”, Linda said and waved at Nancy to reduce the awkward tension in the room. “Hi”, Nancy replied. "Sorry about my entrance", Nancy added with a blush on her face. Maxwell walked into the room after he had shut the door behind him, still clad in the towel which was firmly placed around his waist and said, “I believe you ladies have met so there would be really no need for further introductions”, Maxwell said as he managed to stand between Linda, who was sitting on the bed and Nancy, who was still pinned to the wall. “My name is Linda”, Linda said as she extended her hand to exchange pleasantries with Nancy and made her way to where Nancy was standing. “Hello, my name is Nancy, Maxwell’s girlfriend”, Nancy answered and stretched out her hand to receive Linda’s. Linda quickly pulled her hand back and stared at Maxwell in a stern way. Maxwell caught a glimpse of Linda’s stare and shook his head to disapprove of Nancy’s allegation. “What is going on here?”, Nancy asked when she noticed what had just ensued between Maxwell and Linda. "You didn't tell her?", Nancy queried. Before Linda could say anything in reply to what Nancy had just said, Maxwell cut in, “Nancy, take a seat on that chair and wait for me while I go out to put on my clothes”. Linda swallowed her speech and also took a seat on the bed now clouded in serious doubt and suspicion. Maxwell went into his wardrobe and grabbed a pair of Denim Jeans and a crumpled T-shirt and went out to iron them on the ironing board that was in the hallway leading to his room….

 Immediately he stepped out, Linda acted in a manner that seemed as though she wanted to call Nancy out because of her remarks. She looked at Nancy sternly and wanted to say something to her. Nancy also returned the stares and it appeared that Nancy’s stares were more deadly than Linda’s. The stage was set for the two ladies to trade in a war of words but the problem was who was going to initiate the banter? “Did Maxwell tell you about me?”, Nancy started adjusting herself loosely into the chair. “Yeah he did”, Linda answered. “He also told you that you left him the moment you found out that another woman was carrying his baby”, Linda started and sat upright at the edge of the bed. “I wonder what kind of love you had for him back then”, Linda blurted out looking at Nancy in the most disgusted way ever. “Oh! Max told you that?”, Nancy started. “Then I bet he told you also that I was his girlfriend then when he lied to me and slept with that Alberta right?”, Nancy continued. “And hold on young lady”, Nancy said and dropped her bag. “I hope you don’t believe everything he tells you because Maxwell is a psychopathic liar”, Nancy said. “He led me on a roller-coaster ride till his lies blew up in his face”, Nancy added. “I don’t expect you to challenge what I am saying because sweetheart, whether you like it or not, I know him more than you do”, Nancy added. “I don’t expect you to involve yourself in matters that you have only a one-sided idea about because you might end up attacking the innocent person”, Nancy revealed. “Leave that for me to worry about!”, Linda said. “Young lady, don’t be deceived because I can see that you have fallen for his dirty lies and tricks”, Nancy started. "Like any other man, Maxwell is just a patient wolf waiting to pounce on you when all factors are in his favour", Nancy said. “He would only use you, dump you and come crawling back to me because whether you like it or not, Maxwell belongs to me!”, Nancy added. Linda began to get convinced and it suddenly dawned on her that it was possible that Maxwell could be lying to her to get her to fall in love with him because judging from the way things were going, she was the one who fell for Maxwell in the first place. “Why would Maxwell lie to me and why would he come so close to having me and stop if not for the respect he has for me?”, Linda asked absentmindedly. “My dear, he is a man and he would do anything to get what he wants even if it includes stalling when it comes to making love to you”, "Have you not come across the saying that every gentleman is a patient wolf?", Nancy asked. Nancy explained, “You are like a little sister to me and I would not want any man to treat you badly so just listen to my advice and avoid this web that you are about to entangle yourself in”. Linda sat on the bed and began to ponder over what Nancy had just said. After sitting down with her head bowed, Linda suddenly lifted up her head to take a look at Nancy and said, “You have a point; I think I was getting ahead of myself too quickly and being carried away by lust”. “But one thing I don’t understand is that if you claim he is not good for me, how sure are you that he would be good for you judging by the fact that you left him and are now crawling back to him?”, Linda asked in rebuttal. “Max and I have a history and I believe that history speaks volumes than the uncertain journey you intend to embark on with him”, Nancy said. “I hope he told you about Alberta, his first girlfriend”, Nancy asked Linda.  "Yeah, he did", Linda answered and nodded simultaneously. “She is such a terrible character I doubt you would ever want to have an encounter with because looking at your soft and fine skin, she would just tear you into shreds and feed your flesh to her son; Maxwell’s son”, Nancy added. “You better take cover before it is too late”, Nancy added. "I could have been the one carrying his baby but he made me kill mine but allowed Alberta to keep hers", Nancy recounted. "Isn't that proof enough that he knows where his heart is and where his future lies?", Nancy asked. "When push comes to shove, where do you think you are going to end?", Nancy asked Linda. "My dear sister, don't start what you can't end". "As for me, I rest my case", Nancy concluded. Linda had finally become convinced that Maxwell could not be trusted judging by the things she had heard from Nancy. She immediately grabbed her handbag from Maxwell’s bed and made for the door. As she reached the entrance, she stopped and turned, “You know what, I would have willingly slept with him tonight and probably spent the night here with him if you had not showed up tonight”, Linda confessed with tears in her eyes…

 As she opened the door, she met Maxwell standing in front of the door. “Where are you going?”, Maxwell enquired. “I am going home and I don’t expect you to ever call me again, you liar!”, Linda exclaimed. “What is that supposed to mean?”, a confused Maxwell asked. “You just wanted to use and dump me so you made your side of the story so believable and as stupid as I was, I fell for your trick but I thank God that Nancy showed up today because if she hadn’t, I would have lived to regret my actions tonight”, Linda said. “What has come over you?”, Maxwell asked and held Linda’s wrist tightly. “Nothing has come over me, I was just made to realize what I was getting myself involved in and I would take my dignity along with me while I still have the chance because I would not want to be deceived by you or anyone”, Linda explained. “What are you talking about, Linda?”, Maxwell asked. At this point he was very confused but he kept his composure because he knew where all the confusion was coming from. “Do you think I would lie to you?”, Maxwell asked Linda. “Do you believe Nancy who you met just a few minutes ago more than you believe me?”, Maxwell queried. “Seriously?”, Maxwell added. I don’t know what or who to believe right now but I think to be on a safer side, I would have to stay away from you till you deal with your issues”, Linda answered and wriggled her wrist free from Maxwell’s hold and started for the main door. Linda, Linda, Linda!”, Maxwell called out after Linda but she did not even turn to look at Maxwell. Maxwell then angrily barged into his room to question Nancy….

Immediately Maxwell entered the room, he had the shock of his life. Nancy had changed her clothes and was now dressed in a see-through kinky lingerie nightwear and was lying on Maxwell’s bed. Her breasts were half-covered by the breast cup of the night wear. “What do you think you are doing?”, Maxwell barked angrily. “Why are you dressed this way?”, Maxwell added. “Isn’t it obvious?”, Nancy asked. “You are going to make love to me like you made love to Alberta”, Nancy added. “What has come over you?”, Maxwell asked still shell-shocked by what he was seeing. "What just happened  between  you and Linda?", Maxwell asked, taking a full view of Nancy's seductive body and moves. “I am going to do to your new girlfriend what you and Alberta did to me”, Nancy replied and laughed hysterically. “What did you tell Linda?”, Maxwell asked angrily and ignored Nancy's comment. “I told her the same thing that Alberta told me when I was in her shoes; when I was madly in love with you”, Nancy replied. “I trusted you so much so that I could jump in front of a train for you but what did you do?”, Nancy started. “Nancy don’t let us do this”, Maxwell cut in. “I want us to do this!”, Nancy barked back. “You lied to me and slept with my friend while I was at home thinking you were in school studying to get a better life for the two of us and the family we intended to raise; the two of us, Max!”, Nancy yelled. “I bet you could not resist her touches when she came to see you”, Nancy said. "I bet you moaned and begged for more because she cast a spell on you", Nancy said. “I have always known that you have loved her more than you did me”, Nancy added. "I thought you could resist her so I gave you all of my love and attention just to get you to forget about Alberta but I guess all my love was still not enough", Nancy accused. “Maxwell, I swear to God, if you don’t make love to me this minute, I would know that you were taking me for a fool all this while”, Nancy started. “And not just but I would also be fully convinced that you set me up to use me and just dump me”, Nancy added. “Don’t say that, Nancy”, Maxwell started. “Both of us know full well that you are the one I love”. “I have loved you genuinely with all my body, soul, heart and mind and if you asked me, I would say that my heart still yearns for you in the midst of this mess”, Maxwell explained. “Like seriously?”, Nancy rebutted. “Was your heart yearning for me when you impregnated Alberta?”, Nancy asked. “Was your heart yearning for me when you kept this secret away from me all this while?”. “Where you thinking about our future and that of our children while Alberta was putting to bed?” “Did you consider the adverse effect another woman’s child was going to have on our family?”, Nancy asked with tears in her eyes. “Did you think of me for once in that moment of pleasure that you had with Alberta?”, “Maxwell did you think that you could get away with this?”. “Did you think…did you sit down to even consider…did you even know what you were doing and the fact that if we are to get married our finances are going to be messed up?”, Nancy lamented. “Your money would have to be shared between us and I would not take it lightly”, Nancy added. Maxwell drew closer to Nancy and hugged her tightly as she lamented and cried uncontrollably. “I hate you, Maxwell!”. “I hate you so much for doing this to me!”, Nancy added while hitting his chest with her small fists. “Nancy, you know I would do anything in my power to make things right”, Maxwell started. “You know I would not prefer losing you to anyone because in actual sense, I have loved you from the beginning and the more I try to let go of you, the more my heart yearns to be with you”, Maxwell continued. “Kiss me, Maxwell!”, Nancy ordered. Maxwell grabbed Nancy firmly by the neck and placed a long and passionate kiss on her lips. “I love you so much, Nancy and I would do anything to have you by my side forever”, Maxwell confessed. “Anything?”, Nancy repeated. “Yes my love, I would do anything to redeem myself”, Maxwell replied. “Maxwell, I want you to kill your child!”, Nancy said. "I can't tolerate it in our matrimonial home should we get married", Nancy said “WHAT?”, Maxwell exclaimed. “You heard me, Max”, Nancy started. “If you really claim to love me and want to have a future with me, then you must kill your child”, Nancy repeated. "Please tell me you are kidding", Maxwell said. "I am dead serious!, Nancy exclaimed. “You know that is impossible right?”, Maxwell pleaded. “How do you expect me to take the life of an innocent baby?”. “How do you expect me to even have access to the baby to think of doing such harm to it?”, Maxwell asked. “How do you also expect me to live with the fact that you have a child elsewhere and that child happens to be the child of Alberta; my friend”, Nancy started. “I would have been okay if that child was for any other person but Alberta”, Nancy complained. “Nancy please don’t be heartless”, Maxwell pleaded. “The only way we can ever get to be together is when I know that this baby is out of the way and out of your life!”, Nancy added. “We can work something out, can’t we?”, Maxwell suggested. “No!”, Nancy exclaimed. “If you are not willing to compromise, why do you expect me to compromise?”, Nancy asked. Maxwell held Nancy tightly and kissed her again. “Baby please listen to me”, Maxwell started. We are going to make this work and I promise you that you would be happy”, Maxwell tried to convince Nancy. Nancy suddenly dropped the strap of her nightwear to reveal the top of her breasts and indirectly invite Maxwell to have a feel of her body; the body he adored. Immediately Maxwell’s eyes caught the action, he reached for the right breast of Nancy with his left hand and aggressively suckled at them. While he was still at it, he simultaneously pushed Nancy unto his bed and jumped on top of her. Before he could start undressing, Nancy pushed him off her and started to put on her clothes. “What are you doing?”, a startled Maxwell asked. “What does it look like I am doing?”, Nancy asked angrily. “I am putting on my clothes and it is also obvious that I am leaving your house”, Nancy added. “If you want more of this, consider what I have told you and act upon it”, Nancy added and began to put on her shoes. Maxwell could not believe that Nancy had done that to him. “Why would you come all the way from your house to my house to tease me if you knew you didn’t want us to make love?”, Maxwell asked. "Do something about that bulge in your trousers because it looks hungry", Nancy said jokingly and left Maxwell all alone...

Three days later, Maxwell's grandmother was discharged from the hospital and was placed on strict medication at home. Maxwell had still not heard from Linda in all the three days. She refused to answer his calls and visits to her house proved futile because she was always not at home; as he was told anytime he visited. On the fifth day after Maxwell's grandmother was discharged, Maxwell had closed from work when he saw Linda getting out of his house. Maxwell quickly rushed to her side, "Linda, why are you refusing to speak to me or see me?”, Maxwell asked. "Linda refused to talk and kept walking. "Linda please stop this", Maxwell said. "Maxwell, leave me alone!", Linda exclaimed. "I know I am in a mess but truly, I need a friend right now and you have been more than a friend to me these past weeks”, Maxwell confessed. "Don't allow anyone destroy the trust we have built", Maxwell begged. "Maxwell, I can't seem to get you out of my mind but I would also be out of my mind to think that we can have a future together", Linda confessed. "I think the best thing for both of us would be to stay away from each other", Linda added. "Please don't say that", Maxwell pleaded. "Just give me the chance to prove to you that I am worth it", Maxwell suggested. "Let me think about it", Linda said and moved on toward the direction of her house. "By the way, your Dad and uncles are in the house with your grandmother", Linda said. "I came to pay her a visit but it seems they are in some sort of a meeting so I would come back another time", Linda said and moved away. Maxwell was delighted that for once, his father and brothers had come back into the house and he could not hear shouts and insults. As he approached the door, his phone rang. "Hello", Maxwell said as he answered the phone. "Hello, my name is Edwina from Passione Global, am I speaking with Maxwell?", the voice on the other side asked. "Yes you are, this is Maxwell", Maxwell said. "Okay, I am glad to inform you that, your proposal has been accepted and you are expected to be at the company's premises by 9 A.M tomorrow morning to sign a contract", Edwina said. "What?!", Maxwell exclaimed. "Oh my God, thank you very much, Edwina, I would be there at exactly 8:30 A.M", Maxwell replied with excitement in his voice. "Looking forward to seeing you and congratulations once again", Edwina said and hang up the phone. Maxwell could not hold in his joy. He was vibrating with excitement. He sat outside and was going through his contacts to call his friends and tell them the good news. He was about to call Raphael when a call came in; it was from Alberta. "Hello", Maxwell said as he answered the call. "Maxwell, I am standing in front of your gate with your child", Alberta started. "You better come out and get him and take care of him while I go to town to get some stuff done because this child is also your child!", Alberta barked...








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Sunday, 6 March 2016


It has been fifty-nine long years since this sovereign nation of ours attained independence from imperial rule. Have the years made us wiser? Last year, I asked the question, “Are we growing up or growing old?” ( This year, I dare ask, “As the years pass us by, is 59 years worth the brag considering how far we have come comparatively? Isn’t 59 years too late a time to be waddling in na├»ve stuff? We have over the years celebrated this “august” occasion with the highest level of splendour and pageantry. We celebrate the old and young; we honour the past and anticipate for the future; we show off our security detail; we showcase our rich African culture and heritage which is depicted in our way of dressing; we showcase the ‘little’ that technology has blessed us with. The cycle repeats itself the following year and the next and the next. Now to my next question, does it all end there? Is our independence only one which can best be described as a “showcase independence”? Where have all the years we have gathered as a sovereign State passed? I am a proud African and proud Ghanaian but in all my years, our independence appears to make little meaning to me with the passing of the years. Where is the proverbial ‘national’ cake that we are all supposed to enjoy? 59 years is not a small feat and as my friend rightly put it, if Ghana were a human and a civil servant, she would have another 365 days to go on retirement. I don’t think her retirement package would be anything to write home about judging from my own personal opinion. The future looks bleak but we hope to brighten the path to redemption by pooling together our little ‘glimmers’ of hope for the greater good. The “old” Ghana is nearing her retirement age and as growing young Ghanaians, the mantle will soon be thrust upon us whether willingly or unwillingly because it is a heritage that needs to go on. We must prepare our minds for the task ahead. We must aim to do better; we must strive to do better and we have to do better because we know better. We have been under training for too long. It is time we rose up to the occasion and proved to the world that we can manage the situation no matter the mess that is obviously going to be turned over to us. Without further ado, here is my prayer for Ghanaian youth and I believe if we declare this daily, we will see the Ghana we all dream of…

“I promise on my honour to be faithful and loyal to Ghana my motherland”…These words have always appeared as mere words when we recited them at our morning assemblies in preparatory school. But as we take a deeper look at these words, (I am sure some of us are getting to see these words in writing for the first time) take a minute to reflect upon them and you would understand the gravity of the mantle that we are about to take up. Now, let us break them down, “Promise”, “Honour”, “Faithful”, “Loyal”. These words are big deals when it comes to relationships, self-respect and expectations, image and dignity. They carry a sense of responsibility to do the best possible. So it is little wonder that our national pledge has this powerful introduction. It is a wakeup call to us that the task ahead has a tall list of unquenchable human and personal requirement to service and a will to do the best for the motherland. It is not the time to go back on our words or to dishonour our image and heritage or to be unfaithful in all our endeavours or disloyal in our quest to serve the great purpose of working for the greater good. These words were chosen for a reason and that reason is for us to attach to our persons, the right moral and ethical values to service. Then and only then can the Ghanaian flag fly high without any blemish attached to it. It is the beginning of hope and that is the kind of big shoes we are expected to fill.

“I pledge myself to the service of Ghana with all my strength and with all my heart”.  Here too, the call to service is made clear. We must arise and build like it were a personal vendetta against a sworn enemy; a revenge that is only sweet when all your best laid plans see the light of day. When you can sit back and proudly say, “I took part in the development of this nation”. It is only unbroken will and perseverance that are needed in this venture. As a matter of saying, it really takes “heart” and “strength” to carry this out; with “heart” representing passion and “strength” representing perseverance. We need not mince words, our Ghana needs saving and we are the doctors to this ailing patient. Our pride is at stake, we will not let her down! Our hope and creed going forward would be to serve God, country and more importantly, humanity. That is the core purpose and a true reflection of who we are and who we have always been.
“I promise to hold in high esteem, our heritage won for us through the blood and toil of our fathers”. For those of us who did not know, “Heritage” is synonymous to “Inheritance”, “Legacy”, “Tradition”, “Culture” and “Custom”. Do not be carried away yet because the heritage that is going to be passed down to us is not to be accept as the “and all and be all” because we know too well that some of the “Legacies” need to be ‘hanged’ to die because of the adverse effects they have on our National development. Corruption, which is becoming too much of a national parlance must be the first to walk the plank followed by her cousins and second cousins. There must come, a new breed of faultless “heritages” that we must seek to pass on when our time comes to hand over the mantle to the generations to come after us. Our forebears had to ‘fight’ for what we now see as a common feat and it would take more ‘fighting’ in the form of good deeds to keep this ship afloat. Our esteem as a people thrust with responsibility is at stake and we must live up to the hype if we want to rub shoulders with the rest of the world. History is watching us from behind and posterity is waiting patiently in the future. We must not let both of them down!

“And I pledge myself in ALL things to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana…”. It has never been easy from the get go and it promises to get tougher with time. Here is the good news; we all have a shot at redemption by playing our roles without fear or favour. We must do the best we can to develop ourselves and the motherland. We must put in a good word for our industries and rich culture; we must flaunt our hospitality without being taken for granted; we must speak freely without being intimidated or intending to belittle one another and more importantly, we must respect Ghana and promote Ghana at the least chance we get because if we don’t sing the praises of our own, who will?
“So help me God!”. The final words of this fine piece, which we have come to know as the “National Pledge” of the Republic of Ghana need no explanation because, it truly speaks for itself. Help is good but divine help is divinely good. This is our Ghana, Your Ghana and My Ghana. We will not let it drown! We will not let our oppressors have the last laugh! We will be free! We will let the meaning of our independence be more than a formality! We will make this work! This is the pledge!

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