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Maxwell stood there motionless not knowing what to say to Nancy. After a few seconds, he managed to fake a smile and composed himself and said, “Wow, what a pleasant surprise, Nancy”. “You are the last person I actually thought and never dreamt you of all people would show up at my door”, Maxwell added, before he turned and stared at Linda who was anxious to see who was at the door.  "What is that supposed to mean?", Nancy asked angrily. Linda, who was wondering who could be at the door was already stretching her body toward the direction of the little opening of the door in an effort to catch a glimpse of the person Maxwell was talking to but Maxwell kept using his body as a shield to prevent Linda from getting the view she wanted. “You’ve put on a considerable amount of weight”, Nancy started. “When was the last time I saw you?”, she asked. “I can’t quite remember the last time we met”, Maxwell answered. “Anyway, I came to pay you a visit and check up on you since you decided not to call me anymore”, Nancy said. “Look at who is talking?”, Maxwell asked Nancy sarcastically. “You bailed out on me the moment you knew about my mess”, Maxwell complained. “You should have told me earlier and I would have thought of a way to get this sorted”, Nancy said. "Moreover, the news came as a surprise to me and I believe anyone in my shoes would have done the same thing I did", Nancy added in her defence. “Won’t you invite me in?”, Nancy asked and began to push Maxwell out of the way to let herself into the room. As there appeared to be what seemed like a struggle between the two of them, Linda could no more take the suspense so she asked, “Max, who is at the door?”. Nancy’s movement froze and with one big push, she shoved Maxwell out of the way and angrily barged into the room thinking she was going to sight her arch rival; Alberta. When she finally barged into the room and realized that the person in the room was not the one she expected, she pinned herself to the wall, clothed in embarrassment. Linda, who appeared startled by Nancy’s action and being the first time she actually saw her in person, also looked on in surprise as Nancy stood there, now also motionless. The whole room was engulfed in perfect silence as the two ladies stared each other in the face. “Hello”, Linda said and waved at Nancy to reduce the awkward tension in the room. “Hi”, Nancy replied. "Sorry about my entrance", Nancy added with a blush on her face. Maxwell walked into the room after he had shut the door behind him, still clad in the towel which was firmly placed around his waist and said, “I believe you ladies have met so there would be really no need for further introductions”, Maxwell said as he managed to stand between Linda, who was sitting on the bed and Nancy, who was still pinned to the wall. “My name is Linda”, Linda said as she extended her hand to exchange pleasantries with Nancy and made her way to where Nancy was standing. “Hello, my name is Nancy, Maxwell’s girlfriend”, Nancy answered and stretched out her hand to receive Linda’s. Linda quickly pulled her hand back and stared at Maxwell in a stern way. Maxwell caught a glimpse of Linda’s stare and shook his head to disapprove of Nancy’s allegation. “What is going on here?”, Nancy asked when she noticed what had just ensued between Maxwell and Linda. "You didn't tell her?", Nancy queried. Before Linda could say anything in reply to what Nancy had just said, Maxwell cut in, “Nancy, take a seat on that chair and wait for me while I go out to put on my clothes”. Linda swallowed her speech and also took a seat on the bed now clouded in serious doubt and suspicion. Maxwell went into his wardrobe and grabbed a pair of Denim Jeans and a crumpled T-shirt and went out to iron them on the ironing board that was in the hallway leading to his room….

 Immediately he stepped out, Linda acted in a manner that seemed as though she wanted to call Nancy out because of her remarks. She looked at Nancy sternly and wanted to say something to her. Nancy also returned the stares and it appeared that Nancy’s stares were more deadly than Linda’s. The stage was set for the two ladies to trade in a war of words but the problem was who was going to initiate the banter? “Did Maxwell tell you about me?”, Nancy started adjusting herself loosely into the chair. “Yeah he did”, Linda answered. “He also told you that you left him the moment you found out that another woman was carrying his baby”, Linda started and sat upright at the edge of the bed. “I wonder what kind of love you had for him back then”, Linda blurted out looking at Nancy in the most disgusted way ever. “Oh! Max told you that?”, Nancy started. “Then I bet he told you also that I was his girlfriend then when he lied to me and slept with that Alberta right?”, Nancy continued. “And hold on young lady”, Nancy said and dropped her bag. “I hope you don’t believe everything he tells you because Maxwell is a psychopathic liar”, Nancy said. “He led me on a roller-coaster ride till his lies blew up in his face”, Nancy added. “I don’t expect you to challenge what I am saying because sweetheart, whether you like it or not, I know him more than you do”, Nancy added. “I don’t expect you to involve yourself in matters that you have only a one-sided idea about because you might end up attacking the innocent person”, Nancy revealed. “Leave that for me to worry about!”, Linda said. “Young lady, don’t be deceived because I can see that you have fallen for his dirty lies and tricks”, Nancy started. "Like any other man, Maxwell is just a patient wolf waiting to pounce on you when all factors are in his favour", Nancy said. “He would only use you, dump you and come crawling back to me because whether you like it or not, Maxwell belongs to me!”, Nancy added. Linda began to get convinced and it suddenly dawned on her that it was possible that Maxwell could be lying to her to get her to fall in love with him because judging from the way things were going, she was the one who fell for Maxwell in the first place. “Why would Maxwell lie to me and why would he come so close to having me and stop if not for the respect he has for me?”, Linda asked absentmindedly. “My dear, he is a man and he would do anything to get what he wants even if it includes stalling when it comes to making love to you”, "Have you not come across the saying that every gentleman is a patient wolf?", Nancy asked. Nancy explained, “You are like a little sister to me and I would not want any man to treat you badly so just listen to my advice and avoid this web that you are about to entangle yourself in”. Linda sat on the bed and began to ponder over what Nancy had just said. After sitting down with her head bowed, Linda suddenly lifted up her head to take a look at Nancy and said, “You have a point; I think I was getting ahead of myself too quickly and being carried away by lust”. “But one thing I don’t understand is that if you claim he is not good for me, how sure are you that he would be good for you judging by the fact that you left him and are now crawling back to him?”, Linda asked in rebuttal. “Max and I have a history and I believe that history speaks volumes than the uncertain journey you intend to embark on with him”, Nancy said. “I hope he told you about Alberta, his first girlfriend”, Nancy asked Linda.  "Yeah, he did", Linda answered and nodded simultaneously. “She is such a terrible character I doubt you would ever want to have an encounter with because looking at your soft and fine skin, she would just tear you into shreds and feed your flesh to her son; Maxwell’s son”, Nancy added. “You better take cover before it is too late”, Nancy added. "I could have been the one carrying his baby but he made me kill mine but allowed Alberta to keep hers", Nancy recounted. "Isn't that proof enough that he knows where his heart is and where his future lies?", Nancy asked. "When push comes to shove, where do you think you are going to end?", Nancy asked Linda. "My dear sister, don't start what you can't end". "As for me, I rest my case", Nancy concluded. Linda had finally become convinced that Maxwell could not be trusted judging by the things she had heard from Nancy. She immediately grabbed her handbag from Maxwell’s bed and made for the door. As she reached the entrance, she stopped and turned, “You know what, I would have willingly slept with him tonight and probably spent the night here with him if you had not showed up tonight”, Linda confessed with tears in her eyes…

 As she opened the door, she met Maxwell standing in front of the door. “Where are you going?”, Maxwell enquired. “I am going home and I don’t expect you to ever call me again, you liar!”, Linda exclaimed. “What is that supposed to mean?”, a confused Maxwell asked. “You just wanted to use and dump me so you made your side of the story so believable and as stupid as I was, I fell for your trick but I thank God that Nancy showed up today because if she hadn’t, I would have lived to regret my actions tonight”, Linda said. “What has come over you?”, Maxwell asked and held Linda’s wrist tightly. “Nothing has come over me, I was just made to realize what I was getting myself involved in and I would take my dignity along with me while I still have the chance because I would not want to be deceived by you or anyone”, Linda explained. “What are you talking about, Linda?”, Maxwell asked. At this point he was very confused but he kept his composure because he knew where all the confusion was coming from. “Do you think I would lie to you?”, Maxwell asked Linda. “Do you believe Nancy who you met just a few minutes ago more than you believe me?”, Maxwell queried. “Seriously?”, Maxwell added. I don’t know what or who to believe right now but I think to be on a safer side, I would have to stay away from you till you deal with your issues”, Linda answered and wriggled her wrist free from Maxwell’s hold and started for the main door. Linda, Linda, Linda!”, Maxwell called out after Linda but she did not even turn to look at Maxwell. Maxwell then angrily barged into his room to question Nancy….

Immediately Maxwell entered the room, he had the shock of his life. Nancy had changed her clothes and was now dressed in a see-through kinky lingerie nightwear and was lying on Maxwell’s bed. Her breasts were half-covered by the breast cup of the night wear. “What do you think you are doing?”, Maxwell barked angrily. “Why are you dressed this way?”, Maxwell added. “Isn’t it obvious?”, Nancy asked. “You are going to make love to me like you made love to Alberta”, Nancy added. “What has come over you?”, Maxwell asked still shell-shocked by what he was seeing. "What just happened  between  you and Linda?", Maxwell asked, taking a full view of Nancy's seductive body and moves. “I am going to do to your new girlfriend what you and Alberta did to me”, Nancy replied and laughed hysterically. “What did you tell Linda?”, Maxwell asked angrily and ignored Nancy's comment. “I told her the same thing that Alberta told me when I was in her shoes; when I was madly in love with you”, Nancy replied. “I trusted you so much so that I could jump in front of a train for you but what did you do?”, Nancy started. “Nancy don’t let us do this”, Maxwell cut in. “I want us to do this!”, Nancy barked back. “You lied to me and slept with my friend while I was at home thinking you were in school studying to get a better life for the two of us and the family we intended to raise; the two of us, Max!”, Nancy yelled. “I bet you could not resist her touches when she came to see you”, Nancy said. "I bet you moaned and begged for more because she cast a spell on you", Nancy said. “I have always known that you have loved her more than you did me”, Nancy added. "I thought you could resist her so I gave you all of my love and attention just to get you to forget about Alberta but I guess all my love was still not enough", Nancy accused. “Maxwell, I swear to God, if you don’t make love to me this minute, I would know that you were taking me for a fool all this while”, Nancy started. “And not just but I would also be fully convinced that you set me up to use me and just dump me”, Nancy added. “Don’t say that, Nancy”, Maxwell started. “Both of us know full well that you are the one I love”. “I have loved you genuinely with all my body, soul, heart and mind and if you asked me, I would say that my heart still yearns for you in the midst of this mess”, Maxwell explained. “Like seriously?”, Nancy rebutted. “Was your heart yearning for me when you impregnated Alberta?”, Nancy asked. “Was your heart yearning for me when you kept this secret away from me all this while?”. “Where you thinking about our future and that of our children while Alberta was putting to bed?” “Did you consider the adverse effect another woman’s child was going to have on our family?”, Nancy asked with tears in her eyes. “Did you think of me for once in that moment of pleasure that you had with Alberta?”, “Maxwell did you think that you could get away with this?”. “Did you think…did you sit down to even consider…did you even know what you were doing and the fact that if we are to get married our finances are going to be messed up?”, Nancy lamented. “Your money would have to be shared between us and I would not take it lightly”, Nancy added. Maxwell drew closer to Nancy and hugged her tightly as she lamented and cried uncontrollably. “I hate you, Maxwell!”. “I hate you so much for doing this to me!”, Nancy added while hitting his chest with her small fists. “Nancy, you know I would do anything in my power to make things right”, Maxwell started. “You know I would not prefer losing you to anyone because in actual sense, I have loved you from the beginning and the more I try to let go of you, the more my heart yearns to be with you”, Maxwell continued. “Kiss me, Maxwell!”, Nancy ordered. Maxwell grabbed Nancy firmly by the neck and placed a long and passionate kiss on her lips. “I love you so much, Nancy and I would do anything to have you by my side forever”, Maxwell confessed. “Anything?”, Nancy repeated. “Yes my love, I would do anything to redeem myself”, Maxwell replied. “Maxwell, I want you to kill your child!”, Nancy said. "I can't tolerate it in our matrimonial home should we get married", Nancy said “WHAT?”, Maxwell exclaimed. “You heard me, Max”, Nancy started. “If you really claim to love me and want to have a future with me, then you must kill your child”, Nancy repeated. "Please tell me you are kidding", Maxwell said. "I am dead serious!, Nancy exclaimed. “You know that is impossible right?”, Maxwell pleaded. “How do you expect me to take the life of an innocent baby?”. “How do you expect me to even have access to the baby to think of doing such harm to it?”, Maxwell asked. “How do you also expect me to live with the fact that you have a child elsewhere and that child happens to be the child of Alberta; my friend”, Nancy started. “I would have been okay if that child was for any other person but Alberta”, Nancy complained. “Nancy please don’t be heartless”, Maxwell pleaded. “The only way we can ever get to be together is when I know that this baby is out of the way and out of your life!”, Nancy added. “We can work something out, can’t we?”, Maxwell suggested. “No!”, Nancy exclaimed. “If you are not willing to compromise, why do you expect me to compromise?”, Nancy asked. Maxwell held Nancy tightly and kissed her again. “Baby please listen to me”, Maxwell started. We are going to make this work and I promise you that you would be happy”, Maxwell tried to convince Nancy. Nancy suddenly dropped the strap of her nightwear to reveal the top of her breasts and indirectly invite Maxwell to have a feel of her body; the body he adored. Immediately Maxwell’s eyes caught the action, he reached for the right breast of Nancy with his left hand and aggressively suckled at them. While he was still at it, he simultaneously pushed Nancy unto his bed and jumped on top of her. Before he could start undressing, Nancy pushed him off her and started to put on her clothes. “What are you doing?”, a startled Maxwell asked. “What does it look like I am doing?”, Nancy asked angrily. “I am putting on my clothes and it is also obvious that I am leaving your house”, Nancy added. “If you want more of this, consider what I have told you and act upon it”, Nancy added and began to put on her shoes. Maxwell could not believe that Nancy had done that to him. “Why would you come all the way from your house to my house to tease me if you knew you didn’t want us to make love?”, Maxwell asked. "Do something about that bulge in your trousers because it looks hungry", Nancy said jokingly and left Maxwell all alone...

Three days later, Maxwell's grandmother was discharged from the hospital and was placed on strict medication at home. Maxwell had still not heard from Linda in all the three days. She refused to answer his calls and visits to her house proved futile because she was always not at home; as he was told anytime he visited. On the fifth day after Maxwell's grandmother was discharged, Maxwell had closed from work when he saw Linda getting out of his house. Maxwell quickly rushed to her side, "Linda, why are you refusing to speak to me or see me?”, Maxwell asked. "Linda refused to talk and kept walking. "Linda please stop this", Maxwell said. "Maxwell, leave me alone!", Linda exclaimed. "I know I am in a mess but truly, I need a friend right now and you have been more than a friend to me these past weeks”, Maxwell confessed. "Don't allow anyone destroy the trust we have built", Maxwell begged. "Maxwell, I can't seem to get you out of my mind but I would also be out of my mind to think that we can have a future together", Linda confessed. "I think the best thing for both of us would be to stay away from each other", Linda added. "Please don't say that", Maxwell pleaded. "Just give me the chance to prove to you that I am worth it", Maxwell suggested. "Let me think about it", Linda said and moved on toward the direction of her house. "By the way, your Dad and uncles are in the house with your grandmother", Linda said. "I came to pay her a visit but it seems they are in some sort of a meeting so I would come back another time", Linda said and moved away. Maxwell was delighted that for once, his father and brothers had come back into the house and he could not hear shouts and insults. As he approached the door, his phone rang. "Hello", Maxwell said as he answered the phone. "Hello, my name is Edwina from Passione Global, am I speaking with Maxwell?", the voice on the other side asked. "Yes you are, this is Maxwell", Maxwell said. "Okay, I am glad to inform you that, your proposal has been accepted and you are expected to be at the company's premises by 9 A.M tomorrow morning to sign a contract", Edwina said. "What?!", Maxwell exclaimed. "Oh my God, thank you very much, Edwina, I would be there at exactly 8:30 A.M", Maxwell replied with excitement in his voice. "Looking forward to seeing you and congratulations once again", Edwina said and hang up the phone. Maxwell could not hold in his joy. He was vibrating with excitement. He sat outside and was going through his contacts to call his friends and tell them the good news. He was about to call Raphael when a call came in; it was from Alberta. "Hello", Maxwell said as he answered the call. "Maxwell, I am standing in front of your gate with your child", Alberta started. "You better come out and get him and take care of him while I go to town to get some stuff done because this child is also your child!", Alberta barked...








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