Saturday, 26 September 2015


Ellen wanted to scream out for help but her screams were muffled by one of her captors. She began to get scared of what might happen to her in the minutes to follow. Goose pimples riddled her already dry skin and in that moment, all she could think of and all that came to mind was a song her father used to sing for her when she was growing up as a toddler to calm her down. The first guy she helped with the luggage started to undress, he took of his T-shirt leaving on only his undershirt and trousers. At this point, Ellen could only guess what that gesture meant. She remembered watching TV with grandpa when a man and a young woman were in a room together and the man took off his shirt. Immediately that happened, her grandpa asked her to quickly go into the kitchen to fetch him a glass of water. When she returned, the T.V channel had been changed and she never saw what became of the two of them. Tear drops started running down Ellen’s cheeks. “I am not going to see daddy and grandpa again”, she wondered. “What are these men trying to do to me?” “We live in such a cruel world”. “You help someone and they pay you back with pain and sorrow, when you refuse to help, you are branded as being pompous”. So is it right to help or not to help?”, Ellen wondered as she looked up at the two men walking up to the window to look through it. The man who entered after Ellen became alarmed and exclaimed, “Joseph, someone is coming”. “I thought you said all your co-tenants were out of the house.” At this time, Joseph run to the window to see who it was. It was one of his loud-mouthed co-tenants she was rushing toward his door. When she got there, she banged loudly on the door, “Joe, open this door”, she shouted. “Ever since children started getting raped in the neighbourhood, I suspected you because the way and manner in which you keep luring little girls into your room was unusual”. “I have been keeping a close eye on you and today you have reached your waterloo”. I was watching you through my window and I saw the little girl who just entered the room”. “You better open this door right now”. As the lady spoke, the urgency with which she spoke attracted the attention of a small crowd of passers-by standing outside. “What are we going to do now?”, the second guy asked Joseph. Now, Joseph started getting scared and knew that the crowd was going to lynch them should they open the door. To their surprise, and with the little bit of strength left within her, Ellen began screaming loudly to attract the attention of the crowd that had gathered outside. The screams enraged the crowd –now-turned-mob to break down the door and went in to rescue Ellen. The two kidnappers received sound beatings and had it not been for the usually late but timely interventions of the police, the two men would have been beaten to death.  Erica had realized that it was getting late and Ellen had not still been home. She began getting worried and enquired from her other co-tenants if they had seen her around the house. When she received a negative feedback, she decided to call David to find out if per chance, Ellen had changed her mind and rather wanted to spend that particular weekend with him. When David answered the call, Erica blasted off, “At least show me some respect and recognition as the mother of the daughter you are so proud of”. “If you know you don’t want her to come here, why can’t you just inform me?” “I hate being left in the dark”. “For whatever it’s worth, I am her mother and I deserve some privileges too”. “Dave, won’t you say something?”, Erica queried. “I am at a loss for words right now”. “I was just about to call you to ask you to take Ellen to the salon tomorrow morning and you call me to ask me these questions?” “Erica, where is my daughter because she is not here with me”, David asked in a cold tone. “She is not here, David”, Erica said with a trembling voice. David immediately hang up the line and in approximately five minutes, he called Erica back. “I just spoke to my dad and he says Ellen has not been to the house”. “The last place we all agreed that she was going to be today was at your place”. “Erica, you better find my baby before I get there”. “I am on my way”, David said and hang up the phone. Erica stepped out of the house only with her brassiere on and a cloth wrapped around her waist. As she stepped out, she saw a group of people accompanying Ellen toward the direction of her house. “Please she is my daughter” Erica said as she rushed to meet the angry-looking crowd. “What has she done to you people?”, Erica asked, examining her daughter for possible bruises. “We just saved her from being raped by two men”, one of the women in the crowd said. Ellen appeared visible shaken at her near-death ordeal. She could not speak for a long time. Erica could not thank the crowd enough and promised to get them a handsome prize when Ellen’s father arrived. When David arrived, he was looking unkempt probably due to the thought of having to losing his only beloved daughter. He thanked the crowd and doled out some money to the leader of the delegation that saved Ellen from the hands of the kidnappers. David decided to keep a close eye on Ellen and never wanted such an incident to ever happen again so he never allowed Ellen to visit her mother over the weekend but gave her mother the privilege of coming to see her anytime she wanted. Soon, Ellen had grown into a beautiful young lady and was about entering the university. She had stayed with her father all her life and was now about to face life alone in the university. She wished that her father would move into school with her but that was not to be. Ellen left for school but was always chatting with her father so much so that her roommates thought that they were dating. She found comfort in her school, lectures, roommates and Collins; a student she met on her campus. Soon, Collins’ company replaced that of her dad’s and she began to break away from her dad’s tight hold on her. She began to love school and more especially, Collins. He was her first love and she could not get enough of him. She always wanted to be in his arms and always wanted him to pamper her. Sometimes, she feigned sickness just to feel the warmth and loving care only Collins could give her. On one of the nights that David spoke to Ellen, he was on his way home. He drove past the old place where Fred lived with his parents. Fred had built a plush house for his parents and siblings and they had moved from their old house. He parked his car there for a while and reminisced on the good times that he shared with Fred on that same street when they were growing up as children. “Fred has done well for himself”, David thought to himself. He sent him a message and Fred replied instantly with a phone call. Fred told David that he had wanted to surprise all of them but since he was more than a brother to him, he informed him that he had intentions of coming home to establish a business. David was elated at the news and could not wait for the moment when he could finally reunite with Fred. “How could you keep such a thing from me?”, David asked, trying to supress his joy. “I just can’t wait to see you again, Fred”, David said. “Just promise me that you are going to keep it to yourself for now”, Fred begged. “I want to organise a surprise party for everyone, except you of course”, Fred added “That would be splendid”, David replied. David wished Fred well and hang up the phone. He parked in front of his gate and had to open the gate himself since his father was now old and might be asleep by then considering how late it was. Immediately he got out of the car, two masked men wielding cutlasses rushed unto him and pinned him to the car. “Take the car and the phone”, David spoke trembling. “I don’t have any money now but we can work something out please”, David added, fearing for his dear life. One of the assailants laughed and asked, “You think it is going to be that easy?” “You just don’t want to listen and we would show you how to”. Immediately he said that, he swung the cutlass at David’s chest and it cut wide open with blood gushing out with full force. The other assailant hit David on the head with the cutlass and cut off one of his fingers and placed it in David’s pocket. “This would teach you to keep your hands to yourself and not use it in taking off the panties of married women. That being said, the assailants pushed David to the ground and left him to his fate…. More soon. MY NAME IS EDWIN OKO LAMPTEY AND THIS IS STILL “BEFORE THE WORLD ENDS”. STAY TUNED. RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHTS ©.     MORE AT

Monday, 21 September 2015


David’s heart missed several beats as his gaze fell upon Erica and her ‘stranger’ laying in Erica’s bed. Out of shock, he dropped the bag containing the food he had just picked up from Erica’s favourite restaurant onto the tiled floor. The noise startled Erica and her lover and they began to wake up from their love-making induced sleep. In the moment where he gazed upon his wife-to-be with another man, he did not know whether to take of his suit and clinch his fists to give the stranger a sound beating. “What if this man uncovers himself and I realise that he is a body-builder?”, David thought to himself. “I would receive the beating of my life”. He decided to take the laid back approach. “Where is my daughter?”, David barked at Erica as he tried to take a good look at the man he had just caught in bed with his future bride. At this moment, the stranger had jumped out of the bed trying to make for the door, it was during that tense moment that David realised that his supposed rival had a smaller body than himself and if they were to engage in a duel of fists, he was likely to land a few punches of his own; but he would not risk it because he heard it being said that ‘A man’s stature often spoke little about his strength and capabilities’. David marched towards the stranger’s direction but just before he got to the spot where the man was standing, he bent down and picked up baby Ellen from the floor, she was gracefully asleep on a bed made out of laid-out cloths and pillows made by her mother. He went into the hall with Ellen still sleeping in his arms to excuse the two adults to dress up and if possible explain their actions. From the period between picking baby Ellen from the room and walking into the hall, David had already decided on what to do. He patiently waited in the hall with baby Ellen till Erica and her stranger had dressed up and left the house. Upon Erica’s return, David’s raging anger which had plummeted considerably after seeing the unpardonable act involving Erica and her stranger tried to keep calm and looked at Erica in the most disgusted way imaginable. Erica, who was by then filled with inerasable guilt and shame tried to explain herself, “Dave…”. “Don’t!” David shot back at her to prevent her from saying anything to make the already unbearable situation any worse. “How could you, Erica?”. “How could you do such a thing in the presence of this baby?” “What morals are you trying to teach her?”, David said, almost in tears. “I don’t even want to hear the motive behind this very disgraceful act because it would not undo what has happened and it would not erase what I feel for you today and in the days that will follow”, David added. “David, please hear me out”, Erica pleaded. “What is there to say, Erica?” “How do you possibly intend explaining what I have just seen with my own eyes?”  “Are you trying to tease me?” “Do you think this is a game or something?”, David asked. “Let me ask you this, is this how you intend to behave if we should get married?” “If yes, then, young lady, I am disappointed in you”, David added. The shouts of David’s queries woke baby Ellen up and Erica stretched out her hands to take her from David so as to breastfeed her. David refused to give baby Ellen to Erica, “Get your hands off my daughter!”, David screamed. “David, I want her to sleep, moreover it is late and I can’t have her disturbing the whole house”. “Would you spend the night with us?”, Erica asked, looking at David as if she was about to fall off a cliff. “I hear you, but I would sleep on the couch, both of you can sleep in the room”, David said and handed baby Ellen who was already crying loudly over to her mother and they went into the room. Around 3:15 a.m, Erica opened her eyes to check up on her daughter to see if she was okay. Baby Ellen was not on the bed. An alarmed Erica looked to see if she had accidentally fallen off the bed but Ellen was not there. She quickly rushed to the hall to see if David had come for her. When she got there; both David and baby Ellen where nowhere to be found. She stepped outside to check if David had taken their daughter for a walk. She waited and waited but there was no sign of David. She went back into the room to see if David’s belongings were still there but to her amazement, none of David’s stuff was there. She went back into the room and looked into baby Ellen’s closet and she realized that a few of Ellen’s clothes and her record book for her post-natal attendance were missing. It was then that it dawned on Erica that David had ‘kidnapped’ their daughter. She picked her phone and dialled David’s number but there was no answer. Erica waited impatiently till the skies were clear enough to go out in search of David and Ellen. There were heavy bangs on David’s gate that morning. David, who was already dressed up for work met Erica at the gate, “What do you want now, Erica?”, David asked. “Don’t patronize me, Dave, give me back my daughter”, Erica said in tears. “You are a bad influence to her, Erica and I can’t let you have her till I am convinced that you are worthy of being a good mother and a role model, till then, I am sorry, you can’t have her”. Erica begged David but he refused to give baby Ellen back to her or tell her the baby’s whereabouts. David left Erica sobbing at his gate and went to work. When he got to work, he enquired if the paternity leave was still open. His boss reluctantly agreed to give him some time off due to the way he was treasured by the company. The night David took baby Ellen; he gave her to Fred’s mother to take care of her. He was sure that she was over-qualified to do a good job looking at the way she had raised her own four children. During the time that David spent at home, he made sure that Erica never found out that Ellen was with Fred’s mother. He allowed Erica to have occasional visits to see baby Ellen but never left the two of them together at any point in time for fear of Erica paying him in his own coin. David began a personal journey of being both mother and father to baby Ellen. He had to learn how to change her diapers when Fred’s mother was busy, he had to master how to put her to sleep and clean her when the weather was hot. The first time he managed to pull the diaper-changing exercise off, he felt on top of the world. At some points in time, he had to attend post-natal visits to the hospital with baby Ellen when she was some months old. Before he got to the hospital, he was already sweating because of Ellen’s weight. He had no idea of what to do even though he had received coaching from Fred’s mother. Many fresh mothers who were at the clinic could not help but laugh at the ‘amateur’ father as he tried to get baby Ellen into the weighing sack to be weighed. When it got to his turn to see the nurse, the nurse curiously enquired, “Where is Ellen’s mother”, looking at Ellen’s post-natal record book. “She has travelled”, David responded. That day, David was the toast and envy of the ‘fresh’ mothers at the clinic even though he had a hard time getting things done. One of the ‘fresh mother’s’ passed a remark, “Do you men see how we suffer now?” and everyone laughed. They considered it adorable for a father to bond so closely with his daughter in such a manner. David met Anita at the post-natal session. She assisted him to undress baby Ellen when she saw David struggling. She had brought her elder sister’s son to the clinic. David quickly struck an acquaintance with Anita and they became friends instantly. Soon, baby Ellen had grown into a beautiful little girl and was shy whenever her father called her ‘baby Ellen’. “Daddy, just call me ‘Ellen’”, she would often say. “I am not a baby anymore”, she occasionally added. David allowed Ellen to visit her mother over the weekends when she closed from school and returned on Sunday evening to prepare for school the next day. She seldom enjoyed the weekends with her mother because there were not enough books to read and there was also not enough space to play ‘hide and seek’ as there was in David’s house. Ellen had grown into a staunch reader of books and she took a particular liking to poetry. She always wanted to find ways of expressing her feelings in poetry. Ellen also took a special liking to Aunty Anita and at a point; she wished she was her mummy because she always brought her a present every time she visited her father at home. Anita was sweet and gracious just like Ellen’s mother. She was slender but slightly voluptuous. With the passing of the years, Fred had also completed his studies abroad and was working in the U.K. Occasionally; he sent David some money for Erica and the baby and took keen interest in the welfare of David and his family. On one of the occasions that Fred sent David money, David complained saying, “Freddie, you don’t need to do this all the time, I am working and these kind gestures of yours make me feel kind of irresponsible if you asked me”. “Come on, Dave, this is the least I can do from up here and don’t forget that we are brothers too”. “Your pain is my pain”, Fred added, in his slightly-acquired British accent. On one of the Fridays that Ellen had to visit her mother for the weekend, she had to stay on in school to finish her notes so she left the school a bit later than usual. On her way to her mother’s house, she met a middle-aged man who asked her to assist him with the bags he was carrying. Ellen willingly accepted to help the man since the bags were more than the man could carry. She innocently followed the man to his house and left the things at his door step as the man entered the room and turned to leave. The man then came out and called out after her to come back for some sweets. She refused the gift with the reason that she was not to take gifts from strangers. The man convinced her and told her that he was no stranger but had been seeing her every Friday walking down the road. She felt comfortable and returned to pick the sweets from the stranger. Immediately she got to the door, the man received a phone call and went into the room beckoning Ellen to follow him. She knocked and entered the room, and like a flash, another man rushed into the room and locked the door behind him. Ellen had fallen into the hands of the neighbourhood’s most wanted paedophile gang. Before she could scream for help, the man who had just entered the room gaged her… ELLEN IS IN TROUBLE….WHAT WILL BE HER FATE?  THE ANSWER WILL BE IN THE NEXT EPISODE. MY NAME IS EDWIN OKO LAMPTEY AND THIS IS ANOTHER RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT © PIECE (R.A.T PRODUCTIONS) MORE AT

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Just like the proverbial ‘love at first sight’, David had bonded with baby Ellen from the very first time their souls touched. A very elaborate naming ceremony was held for baby Ellen after the eighth day of her birth. David’s father reluctantly agreed to be the one to name his grandchild as custom demanded. David had wanted Erica and Ellen to move in with him but Erica’s parents declined the request arguing out the fact that David had to officially ask for Erica’s hand in marriage first. David however had to pay a penalty for getting Erica pregnant out of wedlock. He also asked to be given some time to adequately prepare to marry Erica. Both families agreed on certain terms and conditions before the naming ceremony of baby Ellen was held.  Baby Ellen had managed to win the heart of her father with her cuteness and grace. She seldom cried and right from the very first time that her father held her in his hands, she would rather have no other firm and comforting hand around her little body. The birth of his very first child and daughter turned David into of a workaholic. He purposed in his heart to do whatever it took to give her a comfortable life. David spent more time at work than at home, his manager saw the need for him to cut back and take a paternity leave but David turned down the request every time they attended a managerial meeting. David’s relationship with Erica was on the decline. He spent less time talking to her, his main concern was having his baby in his arms when he had the chance and that was all that mattered to him. Erica felt the need to talk to David to discuss a possible future together but anytime David visited, he brushed that issue aside. On one of his visits to see his daughter from work, Erica flared up and burst out, “David, things can’t keep going on like this”. “You come here and you ignore me as if I am not here at all”. “You won’t talk to me, comfort me or even check up on me when you are not here”. “Is this how you intend to treat me should we get married?”, Erica asked with a sunken look on her face. “Erica come on, don’t tell me that you are jealous of your own daughter”, David fired back. “This little princess here needs much care and attention in her formative months now”, David said, touching baby Ellen’s little red cheeks. “You and I will always have each other so please, for now, let us do our best to show her all the care and attention we can”, David added, as he held Erica close to his chest to pamper her. Days passed and David kept working hard to ensure that both Erica and baby Ellen had the best of everything. At one of their many managerial meetings, David suggested that more hands needed to be taken on to ensure continued productivity in the company. His boss deliberated on the issue with his board members and per the marked progress David had brought into the company ever since he joined, it was agreed that he be allowed to employ as many people as he saw fit. David saw this as a perfect opportunity to give another childhood friend of his, Jacob, who had dropped out of school, the chance to earn a living. Jacob had been David’s friend before he met Fred. Both of them used to live in the same neighborhood in rented apartments until David’s father completed his house and they moved out. That was many years back but David never lost contact with Jacob. Jacob, on the other hand, after David had moved out, joined bad company and his life turned around. He was noted for delinquency. David’s heart was saddened when he heard that Jacob had dropped out of the university due to bad behavior and non-performance. Rumors were however rife that Jacob was thrown out of school for non-payment his fees and not for poor performance as he would have everyone believe. Investigations into the matter revealed that he spent his tuition fees with his girlfriend and as the money was used up; his girlfriend dumped him for the next rich person. This issue was yet to be confirmed. The irony of Jacob’s situation was that, unlike Fred, Jacob’s parents were well to do and to add insult to injury; his father was a deacon in their church. David called Jacob on phone and invited him over to his house. When Jacob arrived, David offered him a job to work in his company. “Jay, I know we have been friends for long”, David started. “As time would have it, we have all moved on in life and I expect you to do same”. “We all need to take up some responsibilities at one point in life or another”, David continued. “I have a daughter now and because of her, I am motivated to work hard to set a good example for her and also to be a role model for her”. “I don’t mean to judge you or anything but I know life has not gone the way we all expected it to go, one way or the other but as far as we have life, we have hope and a chance to better the rest of our lives”. “Even if we cannot go back to right all our wrongs, we can make a few right decisions now to put smiles on the few faces that once looked up to us”, David added. All this while, Jacob listened to David but kept scanning David’s room with his eyes. “I didn't know you had so much sense”, Jacob said jokingly. David laughed and said, “Responsibility makes a man take a different look at life and living it”, David responded. Jacob accepted David’s request but asked for time to prepare adequately to start working. In a week’s time, Jacob reported for duty and started working as a sales distributor in David’s company. David knew that the position he offered Jacob was below his qualification but when he gave it a second thought, he came to the conclusion that it was better than he staying at home doing nothing. Jacob started off well and showed immense commitment to his work. Jacob was well-experienced in pressure marketing and sold off his products faster than most of his colleagues. David was pleased that Jacob was living up to the hype he had given him at the employee review meeting. One afternoon, after two months of Jacob’s employment, his distribution driver called David and complained, “Sir, problem has come”. “Isaac, what is the matter?”, David asked, adjusting himself properly in his seat. “Sir, boss Jacob’s customer run away plus the goods we delivered”. “Where is Jacob?”, an alarmed David asked. “He say make I wait for inside the car, he will be back but he is not back”. David who was sensing danger called Jacob but there was no response. Before David knew it, the matter had reached the Head Office. Apparently, they had tried to contact Jacob for a report on the issue but he refused to answer any of his calls. The management of the company therefore decided to involve the police into the matter. They sent the police to arrest David first since he was the one who employed Jacob so it could well be a planned thing to dupe the company. When the police arrived in David’s office, he called his boss and asked, “After all these sleepless nights and effort that I put in, you choose to treat me like a criminal?”. “David, there are standard procedures everywhere and it is quite unfortunate that things are turning out this way but I also take my orders from people who are above me”. David followed the police to the police station and started making phone calls. He was told that the amount in question was the equivalent of over twenty thousand pound sterling. When pounds were mentioned, David remembered Fred and called him for assistance. Fred bemoaned having a hard time in the UK but promised to send David some money to help pay for part of the amount. David called his father and his father came in to bail him. It had been two days after the incident and David had been suspended and had still not heard from Jacob who had gone into hiding. On the third day, Jacob sent David a message asking him to forgive him. David asked him to tell him where he was so he could help him out, Jacob, out of distress, told David where he was. David quickly grabbed a shirt and his phone and went straight to the location Jacob provided. When he got there, he gave Jacob a call and he came out, immediately, some men who were in regular clothes appeared and arrested Jacob. Unknown to Jacob, David informed the police and they ambushed him. Soon, David’s name was cleared and he resumed work. That was the last time he heard from Jacob. After work, on one of his most busy days, David decided to surprise Erica and baby Ellen with dinner from Erica’s favorite restaurant. He ordered the food and picked it up. When he got to Erica’s house, he tip-toed to the room so as not to disturb baby Ellen if it happened that she was asleep. When he entered the dark room, he saw two dark figures on the bed, he went back and turned on the lights and it was Erica in bed with a topless  guy… YOU DON’T NEED TO GUESS, FIREWORKS ARE IN THE OFFING. STAY TUNED. MY NAME IS EDWIN OKO LAMPTEY AND AS ALWAYS, THIS IS ANOTHER RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT PIECE. R.A.T © MORE @

Friday, 11 September 2015


David was still pacing up and down the little space between his bed and his wardrobe. His shirt was off, the ceiling fan was on but he was sweating profusely. His hands were trembling and he kept wiping the sweat that continuously kept accumulating in his hands on his trousers. “David, what have you done?”, Fred asked with his hands on his head. “What are you going to tell your father now?” “That you lost all the money and that you will not be able to travel again to study abroad?” “What were you thinking, David?”, Fred queried as David kept walking past him and mumbling some words as he moved up and down the space he had in his room. “David, your actions can jeopardize my chances of going abroad too”, Fred said. The moment Fred passed that comment; David stopped for a brief moment, and reflected over what Fred had just said. “Freddie, what do you mean by my actions can jeopardize your chances of going abroad too?, David asked Fred standing right over him. “ Don’t you know, David?”, Fred asked David looking startled. “I don’t know anything, Freddie so you better start talking now”, David said almost shouting. “I thought you knew that your dad gave me half of the money I needed for the school, he however gave it to my parents as a loan and is expecting them to pay back in some months time”, Fred said. “What if he decides to take that money back to give it to you to take to school because you know he will favor his own first before another’s?” “Not a chance, my father will never do that”. “Moreover, the money was given out as a loan so no need to worry”, David assured Fred. “I will have to face my father alone, he gave me the chance and I blew it”. “It has got nothing to do with you at all, trust me Freddie”, David said. There was a sudden knock on David’s door and both David and Fred were startled because the knock was loud and repeated in a particular sequence. David knew it was his father who had come to say his routine ‘good mornings and how are you?’ David walked to the door, took in a few deep breaths and unlocked the door. It was Erica. “What are you doing here, Erica?”, David asked her while looking at his watch. “I am not feeling too well, Dave”, Erica said. “I think it is the usual morning sickness that comes with being pregnant”, she added. David touched her forehead to feel if she was running a temperature. “You have a normal body temperature so what is all this fuss about morning sickness?”, David asked looking down the hallway to see if he would see signs of his father’s presence. “As if that is for you to determine, Doctor David”, Erica said and warmly hugged David. “Won’t you ask me to come in, already?”, Erica asked and pushed David aside and walked into the opening of his room. Immediately she stepped into the room, she saw Fred and they both exchanged glances. “Good morning, Erica”, Fred said. “Good morning”, Erica responded. David walked in on the two of them and said, “Erica, right now is not a good time to fall sick or to be all around me”. “I am going through some serious issues right now”, David said. “Care to share?”, Erica asked looking all sweet. Erica had a sweet aura about her. She had a way of getting a man to do whatever she wanted. She had a sweet  angelic voice which could sooth aching hearts just by listening to her speak. David once said she spoke like an angel. He just could not help it knowing that she was there and her face showed signs of so much innocence and grace that David almost broke down to cry. He held himself together and said, “It is nothing I can’t handle”. Erica went close to him, held his cheeks with both hands, looked intently into his eyes and said, “For as much as this is worth”, moving her right hand from his left cheek and rubbing her stomach with it and placing it back onto his cheek, “We are going to have a baby together and if you really think about it, we should be sharing more than just that, we are going to be a team, Dave”, Erica said with so much grace and sexiness.  “What is eating you up, please share it with me just like we share this baby growing inside of me”, Erica added. Immediately Erica’s last words got to David, he broke down in tears and cried his eyes out. Fred was touched and hid his tears. Fred asked to be excused and left the two of them in the room. As he walked out of the room, he patted David on the shoulder and asked him to be strong. David, after crying uncontrollably narrated everything to Erica, “Now I don’t know what I am going to do anymore”, David said as he finished recounting the events to Erica. “My father had placed so much confidence in my bright future and now, look at how I am going to pay him back, with heartache, disappointment and sorrow; I don’t think he is ever going to forgive me for my actions, Erica”. Erica spent the whole day with David to give him support. David had to explain himself to his father when he returned from work that night. “Dad, I have messed up big time and I don’t think I can go abroad to study anymore”. “I have lost the money you gave to me and I am sorry if I have been a disappointment by first getting a young lady pregnant and crushing all the hard work you put in to see me through school”, David said keeping a safe distance between where he stood and where his dad was seated. “I am a good man to kick you out of my house and out of my life, David”, David’s father said. I can’t believe that you could do such a thing”. “Did you throw all the efforts and morals we imparted into you to the dogs?” “What has come over you?” “You have made one rush decision after another and you failed to even acknowledge me as your father to seek counsel from me”, David’s father added. “I might be able to raise the money for you again but I know it will be too late”. “You are to get to the school next week and looking at the space between now and then, it will not be possible, I am sorry, son, you would have to forfeit this chance” “I always had the hope that you would be like your friend who lives across the street but it was not to be.” “He is so focused and knows what he wants in life unlike you, my only son”, David’s father added. David felt very bad about the comparison his father made and could not sleep the whole night. He did not know whether to hate Fred for taking his father’s money and depriving him of the chance to study abroad; wish him well for staying out of trouble and finally getting the chance to study abroad to come back to better the chances of his family’s fortunes or envy him for going ahead of him in their educational standing. David was locked up in a world of his own which was one of despair and regret in that moment. Two days before Fred left, he had an emotional conversation with David over the phone. Fred promised David to try and support him in the best way possible if he finally found his feet in the United Kingdom. Soon, Fred left for the UK and unfortunately, it was a lonely trip overseas; one without his best friend, David. David had a few sleepless nights and even had some nightmares where he saw himself being chased by the police at Heathrow Airport. He gathered some courage and started applying for jobs with his certificate. He still kept his contact with Fred who was finding it a bit difficult settling down in another country. David was called for an interview after weeks of putting in an application for the position of a manager at a pharmaceutical company. With his university qualification, he was over-qualified for the position but he was able to convince the owner of the company to employ him. He started working and his monthly salary was not befitting of a university graduate but looking at the responsibilities that lay ahead of him, he took up the job and did it to the best of his ability. The days turned to weeks, the weeks turned to months and soon, the returns in profit the company was making tripled because of David’s impeccable customer relations, marketing and sales skills. With the passing of the months also came the time for Erica to finally put to bed. On the day of her delivery, she was rushed to the hospital by co-tenants who lived in the house with her. In a matter of minutes, she was safely delivered of a beautiful baby girl. When David received the news, he sent a message to Fred telling him of the good news. Fred shared in the joy of David and Erica and congratulated both of them. David quickly handed over the order of business to his assistant and rushed to the hospital. When he got there, Erica was breast-feeding their daughter. He took her in his arms and instantly, the mantle of fatherhood descended on him like the ‘holy spirit’ and as if he was inspired by some divine presence, he touched her little red lips with tears of joy in his eyes and spoke gently saying, “Your name shall be ‘Ellen’ because you will be my bright, shining light. Erica opened her eyes slowly and smiled in agreement. STAY TUNED FOR WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN… MY NAME IS EDWIN OKO LAMPTEY AND THIS IS ANOTHER RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHTS PRODUCTION ©. MORE AT

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David was stunned at the news. He did not know whether to jubilate or feel sorry for himself and Erica. He stood there lost in thought and for a while, the day-dreams he had about arriving at Heathrow Airport for the first time in his life and hearing the British accent which he ‘revered’ was about going into oblivion or so it seemed. “So are you pregnant as in really pregnant or your period is just delaying a couple of days?”, David asked acting as if he had just regained consciousness from losing his memory for years. “Dave, I am pregnant and we have to act fast before it is too late”, Erica said while trembling. “Wow, just give me a quick second to think this over”. “I am confused because lots of thoughts are running through my mind right now”, David said as he paced up and down the little space between his bed and the wall of his room. David kept pacing in silence and the pace increased in tempo. Erica sat on the bed with her head in her hands. She lifted up her head after about five minutes of the silence and spoke, “Dave, this silence is deafening and the way you are pacing is making me scared”. “Please say something to me, Dave”, Erica said as she watched David pacing restlessly. “Okay, this is what we are going to do, I will tell my parents about this and we would see the way forward”, David said. “Are you sure about this, David?”, Erica asked. “Yes, I am”. “I have never hidden anything from them since childhood and I think this is so much of a serious matter to hide from them”. “Normally, I wait till they are in a very good mood before I break news of such gravity to them”. “That way, they will temper justice with mercy and help me out of the situation I find myself in”, David added. “It works all the time and I don’t think this issue will be any different”, David said confidently. He assured Erica of getting the issue resolved in the best possible manner so that everyone is happy. He accompanied Erica to the gate and promised her of ensuring that she was going to be perfectly taken care of even when he went abroad. David and Erica walked hand in hand and encouraged one another till Erica left. David, after Erica had left, stood in front of his gate and looked towards Fred’s house and saw Fred helping his mother with supper. David raised his hand to signal Fred to come. Fred and David had developed their own sign language while they were growing up and used these signs when they did not want anyone to know what exactly it was they were talking about. David had two of his fingers in the air and drew a circle in the middle of the fingers. Immediately Fred saw the sign David was making, he quickly dropped the box of charcoal he was asked to bring and began rushing towards David’s gate. Fred’s mother called out after him when he started moving toward David’s gate, “Maa, I will be right back to light the fire, just leave it for me”, Fred yelled back. He got to David’s gate and asked, “What is the problem now?”  I haven’t seen you put up that sign since that ugly girl slapped you in front of the restaurant on top of Lecture Room B12”, Fred teased. “I am going to be a father, Freddie”, David said looking deeply into Fred’s eyes to get some respite. “Hold up, hold up, boy”, Fred said and David knew immediately what was going to follow. “I have not missed my period and I don’t remember the last time we made love”, Fred said jokingly. “Freddie, this is not the time to make mockery of every situation”, David said and hit Fred in the chest. Fred was rubbing his chest and said, “I was only joking so why did you hit me so hard?” “Fred, Erica is pregnant and I am responsible”, David said. Fred put both of his hands on his head and had his mouth wide open. He looked towards his house to see if his mother was looking at them and he also looked through the open gate of David’s house to see if anyone was coming. “David how could you?” “I mean how could you do such a thing?”, Fred barked at David. “Sometimes you act so stupidly so much so that I wonder if you are really sane”. “We made a promise to each other to complete this scholarship program before getting involved with women and you have allowed this girl to get into your head, into your life and into your pants and now look at what you have done”. “Dave, do you know the implications of this very stupid action of yours?” Fred asked. “I thought you were my brother, Freddie and I confided in you so that we can find a way out not for you to hang me out here to dry like you are doing now”, David said. Have you told your father about it?”, Fred asked. “No I haven’t, but I will tell him tonight”, David replied. “I just hope it doesn't jeopardize your chances of studying abroad”, Fred said, looking very remorseful. “I think I can handle this”, David said, patting Fred on the back. That night, David broke the news to his father who was very sad and disappointed at his son’s naive behavior. “I expected better from you, David”, David’s father spoke. “Your mother and I had to pull strings in high places to get you to be accepted into Lancaster University and our accounts have been depleted just because we want you guys to get the best form of education money can give”, David’s father went on. “What were you thinking, son?” “Did you not know that sleeping with a woman without protection could get her pregnant”? “And even if she didn't get pregnant, did you think of the fact that you could contract some sexually transmitted disease?” “David, I am highly disappointed in you”, David’s father added. “Now, this is what is going to happen, we have been saving money for your ticket and money for upkeep in UK”. “Since you have decided to do what men will do, I will give you the chance to continue”. “I am going to discuss with your mother and we will give you that money and I will leave you to decide whether you would pursue your education with the money or whether you would want to invest that money into your unborn child’s future”. Immediately David’s father made his point, he walked out of the hall, leaving David there to think of what he was going to do. David called Fred and they both discussed the verdict of David’s father at length. Fred said that he knew of a business man who was famed for money-doubling so he suggested to David to go and see him for advice. After two days, David’s father gave David the money and asked him to think wisely before taking his next action because it was going to have rippling effects in the future. David quickly went to see the business man that Fred was talking about. David’s intention was to double the money, give half to Erica and the baby and keep the other half for his upcoming trip. The business man told him that his business was all about taking risks. The man introduced David to sports betting. He explained, “The whole thing is like this, put your money behind a good team which you know will not lose and after ninety minutes, you have your money plus extra”. “You repeat the cycle couples of times and before you know it, you have double of what you have and sometimes more”, the business man added. David saw that it was a risk worth taking. The man advised him to start with some amount of the money. David left the place and headed straight for the forex bureau where he changed the Pounds that his father had given him. He went into the betting company the man introduced to him and placed a bet on Barcelona to win the match, “Barcelona will never lose”, David thought to himself. He placed a bet on Barcelona to win the match. “At least I can manage with this amount”, David said to himself as the potential winning amount scrolled underneath the computer’s screen. “This is what I call a risk-taker”, one of ‘betters’ said as he saw the betting amount. David took his bet slip and left the betting shop. The match was scheduled to start at 6:00pm. His heart was racing as he checked the score at 6:48pm. The score read 1:0 in favor of Barcelona. He could not wait any longer so he called Fred and told him that he had invested the money in Barcelona. “I am glad you said Barcelona not a team like Chelsea because they can’t play anything”, Fred added. They laughed off the joke and both fell asleep. Early the next morning, Fred rushed to David’s house and they began making plans on how to spend the money. David took his phone and decided to check the score. As the page began to load, Fred snatched the phone from David and said “Oh my God, David, we are in trouble”. David’s jubilant mood quickly changed and he snatched the phone back, he looked at the score for the Barcelona match and no matter the number of times he chose to reload the page, the score still read 1:1. David was in shock, he began to pace up and down the room, he took his shirt off and locked the door. “Dave, knock it off, we are going to place a bet with the rest of the money and this time, we will be more cautious”. “You don’t understand”, David replied. “I don’t understand what?”, Fred asked. “I have lost everything, Freddie, I put all the money into the game”, David said…… MORE SOON. MY NAME IS EDWIN OKO LAMPTEY AND THIS IS ANOTHER  R.A.T© PIECE

Thursday, 3 September 2015


David entered the room like a sheep being led to the slaughter house. All of a sudden, he felt his palm getting wet with sweat and felt a sharp urge to use the washroom. His voice began to sound squeakier and he wished he had stayed at home. “David, you better man up and face this panel of interviewers, they are mere mortals just like yourself”, David encouraged himself. As he walked into the room, he greeted the panel politely and waited to be told to sit down. Soon, the interviewers started throwing questions at him. in the beginning, he was nervous and shook like a leaf in the ‘hot’ seat but with time, he felt more comfortable and more relaxed. The interview lasted approximately forty-five minutes. David walked out of the room with smiles as Fred was about to meet the panel. Fred’s eyes met with David’s who gave him a wink and thumbs up to encourage him. In about an hour the interview was over and David and Fred headed home. After a week, David and Fred received separate calls from the British High Commission of their successful entry into Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. They were to go to the school in three months time. They had their tuition fully covered but they had to cater for their own upkeep while in the country. The whole of that week, there were joyous celebrations in both houses. Fred’s parents tried the best they could to throw a party for Fred. David, whose sisters were all abroad had to celebrate alone with his dad because his mum had gone to visit his sisters. On one of the joyous days, Fred and David visited a popular night club in town to have fun with a few of their university friends. It was at the night club that David met Erica for the first time. David was known to be an introvert and always kept to himself most of the time. He was only himself around Fred and no one else. Erica was wearing a red mini-skirt with a cowl neck top. As she approached David, the different lights in the night club kept reflecting on the mini-skirt so much so that David could not tell its actual color until she was standing right in front of him. It was also in that very moment that David got a good look at her bodily features. Erica had medium-sized breasts and sported a perm cut. She had well-outlined hips and drop dead ‘diva’ legs. Her face was smooth and made brighter by her makeup. She used eyeliners to outline her hairy eyebrows and had on red lipstick to match with her mini-skirt. At first, David thought she had come to get another drink since the bottle of coke she was drinking was almost empty. “Would you be my date for tonight?”, Erica asked David. David was amazed that he was the one Erica chose to speak to, looking at the number of guys in the night club. David was spell-bound and captivated by her beauty that he refused to believe that Erica was referring to him. “Say that again, please”, David asked politely. “I am asking you to be my boyfriend for one night”, Erica repeated. “Wow, I don’t know what to say”. “I thought guys were the only ones with pick-up line rights, I never imagined a pretty lady like yourself to ever be in need of a date”, David said. David wanted to behave properly so as not to get the lady angry so he said, “Never mind, my name is David and I am here with a friend of mine who should be somewhere on the dance floor or already drunk”, David added. Erica smiled at the joke and said, “My name is Erica and I mind”. “I didn't mean to upset you or anything Erica, it is just that I was surprised that you approached me”. Erica ordered another drink and sat close to David. “I decided to speak to you because I realized you were different and I like the way you looked composed and collected and I also noticed you were not drinking any alcohol”. “You see those guys over there”; pointing to the corner of the dimly-lit night club, “I came here with them and they are all getting wasted, so I decided to find someone who was not getting intoxicated and I spotted you so I decided to come over for a chat. David and Erica started off with the usual ‘knowing-me-knowing-you’ line of conversation and soon they were getting comfortable around each other. “The music is getting loud in here, why don’t we take a stroll to a quieter place?”, David suggested. “That is fine but we should be back in time before my friends leave me behind”, Erica said. “Don’t worry, I will be a gentleman”, David said. They took a stroll and sat at a bus-stop close to the night club. They chatted for a while and David decided to kiss Erica. As David moved in to kiss her, Erica pulled back and said, “This is not a real date, David and even if it was, I don’t kiss on first dates, I am sorry”. David, who was already feeling embarrassed, was scratching the back of his neck and spoke under his breath, “I thought….”. Erica felt bad about her action and decided to make up for it, I am sorry David, I didn't mean to do that”. “I really like you”. “This is my number, you can call me anytime”, Erica said, gave her number to David and hurried back into the night club. David walked back into the night club and met Fred waiting at the entrance, “Where have you been?”, Fred quizzed. “I thought you had been kidnapped by the ugly looking men in the night club”, Fred teased. “I met a girl, Fred and I blew it”, David said, looking embarrassed. “You what?” “I hope you didn't tell her that you were a spoiled brat who got everything you wanted since childhood”, Fred teased him some more. “Come on, Fred, I really liked her and this is not the time for you silly comments”, David said. The next day, David called the number Erica gave to him several times but there was no response. “Maybe she didn't like me or she thinks I just want to sleep with her”, David concluded. “But she doesn't even have my number so why am I so worried?”. David waited the whole day for Erica to return her call but it was still not coming. At 7:30pm that night, David received a call from a strange number. “Hello, this is Erica, I have missed a number of calls on my other number from this number, and may I know who this is please?” David heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Erica’s voice and said, “Erica, this is David, the guy from last night at the night club”. “Yeah, I remember you, David, sorry, I had to do some stuff in town that is why I could not pick up your calls”. “Hope you are doing well”, Erica asked. The conversation went on and on and soon, David and Erica had become close friends. David got to find out from their friendship that Erica was a twenty-one year old senior high school leaver who has been trying year after year since her completion from senior high school to enter into the university by rewriting some of the papers she failed when she was in school. David had also told Erica of his impending trip to the United Kingdom to study. They talked about everything. Like life would normally have it, David’s friendship with Erica began to affect his friendship with Fred. They spent less and less time together but Fred was not too worried. David felt bad about the incident and tried apologizing to Fred, “Freddie, I am sorry for ignoring you; I will make it up to you, I promise”. Fred responded in the usual manner, “You need to chill; I knew a day like this was coming and I had to prepare for it”. “This is your chance so enjoy it while it lasts”. “My luck might shine when we get to UK”. They both laughed off the incident and parted ways. Soon, David and Erica started getting intimate and they both enjoyed every bit of it. David felt confident as a man and could not get enough of the sweet affection he was getting from Erica. A month to their trip to the UK, David and Fred were being given a shopping treat by David’s father for their impending trip. When they got home, Erica was waiting in front of David’s house. David, after locking his gate after his father had driven in ushered Erica into his room. She looked moody and David tried to console her. “I know you are worried because I am about to go abroad”. “The distance won’t mean anything, just trust me”. Erica didn't budge. “Come on, Erica, what is wrong with you”?, David asked. Erica looked away from David’s direction and spoke softly with a trembling voice. “David, I have missed my period and it means only one thing”. David suddenly dropped the bags he was holding. “I just hope that my fears are not confirmed”. “David, I am scared”, Erica added…..more soon. MY NAME IS EDWIN OKO LAMPTEY AND THIS IS ANOTHER RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT© PRODUCTION. MORE @

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From the writer of EDMUND'S ESCAPADES and PRICELESS DREAMS, comes another masterpiece. this series promises to be more  suspense-filled than the previous ones......TAKE A READ.......


David opened his eyes lazily as he heard the cocks crowing in his neighborhood. He grabbed his phone which he kept under his pillow to check the time. Immediately he saw the time, he jumped out of the bed and headed straight for the bathroom. He was going to be late for the interview. He had already missed a number of calls from Fred, his best friend since childhood. They were to attend the interview together. David tried returning Fred's call as he hurriedly brushed his teeth. "Freddie, where are you?", David quizzed immediately Fred answered the phone. "Sleeping beauty, I hope you saw the number of times I called your phone", Fred teased. "I'm at the bus station already so you better hurry up". "I'm not going to miss this opportunity for anything in this world and I am not going to allow anyone else be the cause of my missing out on this chance, not even you, David". David and Fred had been friends since childhood. They were born and grew up in the same neighborhood. The only thing that separated their houses was a tarred road. They grew so fond of each other as they grew up so much so that when they were in high school, many of the students thought they were actually brothers. Fred was the stronger of the two. He was always engaged in fights that had been started by David. He was David's protector right from their childhood days. There was once an incident that Fred had to threaten the cut off a woman's finger with a knife just because she kept running her fingers through David's hair and David started to cry. He had to stand up for David one too many times that he had actually lost count. Fred Thompson was the son of a retired soldier now turned security guard. The only property his father owned was an uncompleted two-bedroom house which has been at the same stage from the time David and Fred were born and as at the time, both of them had completed their first degrees and the building still remained at the uncompleted stage. David, whose house was across the street from Fred's was a five-bedroom house. David was always bullied because he had some feminine tendencies and many guys thought it strange for a well-built up young man to behave in that way. He was even nicknamed "Davida" when they were in high school. They claimed "Davida was the feminine version of David. David grew up as the only boy among four sisters so it was little wonder for him to behave in that manner but popular opinion thought otherwise. He always appeared prim and proper but he possessed a sharp tongue which always got him into trouble. He knew that he would always have the support of Fred so whenever they were together, his tongue was even more sharper. David's house was like the one-eyed man in the kingdom of blind people. It was the only house in the neighborhood that was walled and had some flowers and green lawn. The other houses in the neighborhood were either detached houses that stood alone and were mostly uncompleted or they were compound houses with more than required number of people living there. David rushed out of his house with his shirt still not tucked in properly. He waved at Fred's mother from across the street. "My son you are getting late, please hurry up", Fred's mother said immediately she spotted David. "Fred says to hurry up because the bus is on its way", she added. As David began to run towards the direction of the bus station she yelled loudly after him, "I know you have always been intelligent and I am highly confident that you are going to give these people a run for their money at the interview". David turned and shouted back, "We are going to make you all proud one day and I know that day is coming sooner than later". As David headed for the bus terminal, the food vendors were busy serving their customers and the late comers were now setting up to serve but kept receiving insults from their hungry customers. The hairdressers were busily drying out their towels and hoping to get at least one customer. The fruit vendors had strategically positioned themselves close to the food vendors so as to get some of their fruits sold to customers who valued the fact that fruits were an integral part of healthy human development. The second-hand clothing sellers were busy hanging their wares on hangers hoping to have some customers come to buy some of the clothes. The tailor in the neighborhood had not yet opened his shop. A week ago, David was involved in an argument with this same tailor because he did not deliver on his promise of getting ready a shirt David had wanted him to sew for him. That week, his action forced David to wear a suit to church and he felt uneasy in it so he felt he had to give the tailor a piece of his mind so when the tailor was giving him excuses as to why he could not sew his shirt, David fumed and told him that, "You know something, Mr. Tailor, aside lawyers, tailors and seamstresses are the next best liars". David always had the tendency of calling people by their profession but he always added a salutation to it. Most of the vehicles that passed were heading into town because most of the calls from the driver's conductors were to only such locations. David met Fred at the bus terminal. As he approached the place, Fred spotted him and said, "Finally, the late David has decided to show up ". David gave him a stern look and replied, "I have told you time without number that only dead people are called 'late' so I don't take kindly to your calling me that, Fred". Fred enjoyed teasing David because he knew there was nothing he could do about it and also enjoyed David's tantrums while he was at it. Soon, they both joined the bus and headed towards the venue for the interview. Fred and David were about to be awarded a fully-funded scholarship to study in UK. The final interview was what they were running late for. As it was almost getting to their turn, Fred turned towards David and said, "No matter what happens in there, know that we are and always will be brothers and nothing on earth will ever change that. David had a surprised look on his face as these words came out of Fred's mouth. "I thought people said I was the wimpy and emotional one, I wish those people can see you right now". "You are such a girl", David teased. "Knock it off, Dave, I am serious", Fred said. "Brothers for life", David said and they shook hands. Soon, the administrator came in and summoned David to follow her. As David was about exiting the room, he looked in Fred's direction and Fred whispered, "You can do this"..... More soon. My name is EDWIN OKO LAMPTEY and this is another R.A.T(c) PRODUCTION... MORE AT