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Just like the proverbial ‘love at first sight’, David had bonded with baby Ellen from the very first time their souls touched. A very elaborate naming ceremony was held for baby Ellen after the eighth day of her birth. David’s father reluctantly agreed to be the one to name his grandchild as custom demanded. David had wanted Erica and Ellen to move in with him but Erica’s parents declined the request arguing out the fact that David had to officially ask for Erica’s hand in marriage first. David however had to pay a penalty for getting Erica pregnant out of wedlock. He also asked to be given some time to adequately prepare to marry Erica. Both families agreed on certain terms and conditions before the naming ceremony of baby Ellen was held.  Baby Ellen had managed to win the heart of her father with her cuteness and grace. She seldom cried and right from the very first time that her father held her in his hands, she would rather have no other firm and comforting hand around her little body. The birth of his very first child and daughter turned David into of a workaholic. He purposed in his heart to do whatever it took to give her a comfortable life. David spent more time at work than at home, his manager saw the need for him to cut back and take a paternity leave but David turned down the request every time they attended a managerial meeting. David’s relationship with Erica was on the decline. He spent less time talking to her, his main concern was having his baby in his arms when he had the chance and that was all that mattered to him. Erica felt the need to talk to David to discuss a possible future together but anytime David visited, he brushed that issue aside. On one of his visits to see his daughter from work, Erica flared up and burst out, “David, things can’t keep going on like this”. “You come here and you ignore me as if I am not here at all”. “You won’t talk to me, comfort me or even check up on me when you are not here”. “Is this how you intend to treat me should we get married?”, Erica asked with a sunken look on her face. “Erica come on, don’t tell me that you are jealous of your own daughter”, David fired back. “This little princess here needs much care and attention in her formative months now”, David said, touching baby Ellen’s little red cheeks. “You and I will always have each other so please, for now, let us do our best to show her all the care and attention we can”, David added, as he held Erica close to his chest to pamper her. Days passed and David kept working hard to ensure that both Erica and baby Ellen had the best of everything. At one of their many managerial meetings, David suggested that more hands needed to be taken on to ensure continued productivity in the company. His boss deliberated on the issue with his board members and per the marked progress David had brought into the company ever since he joined, it was agreed that he be allowed to employ as many people as he saw fit. David saw this as a perfect opportunity to give another childhood friend of his, Jacob, who had dropped out of school, the chance to earn a living. Jacob had been David’s friend before he met Fred. Both of them used to live in the same neighborhood in rented apartments until David’s father completed his house and they moved out. That was many years back but David never lost contact with Jacob. Jacob, on the other hand, after David had moved out, joined bad company and his life turned around. He was noted for delinquency. David’s heart was saddened when he heard that Jacob had dropped out of the university due to bad behavior and non-performance. Rumors were however rife that Jacob was thrown out of school for non-payment his fees and not for poor performance as he would have everyone believe. Investigations into the matter revealed that he spent his tuition fees with his girlfriend and as the money was used up; his girlfriend dumped him for the next rich person. This issue was yet to be confirmed. The irony of Jacob’s situation was that, unlike Fred, Jacob’s parents were well to do and to add insult to injury; his father was a deacon in their church. David called Jacob on phone and invited him over to his house. When Jacob arrived, David offered him a job to work in his company. “Jay, I know we have been friends for long”, David started. “As time would have it, we have all moved on in life and I expect you to do same”. “We all need to take up some responsibilities at one point in life or another”, David continued. “I have a daughter now and because of her, I am motivated to work hard to set a good example for her and also to be a role model for her”. “I don’t mean to judge you or anything but I know life has not gone the way we all expected it to go, one way or the other but as far as we have life, we have hope and a chance to better the rest of our lives”. “Even if we cannot go back to right all our wrongs, we can make a few right decisions now to put smiles on the few faces that once looked up to us”, David added. All this while, Jacob listened to David but kept scanning David’s room with his eyes. “I didn't know you had so much sense”, Jacob said jokingly. David laughed and said, “Responsibility makes a man take a different look at life and living it”, David responded. Jacob accepted David’s request but asked for time to prepare adequately to start working. In a week’s time, Jacob reported for duty and started working as a sales distributor in David’s company. David knew that the position he offered Jacob was below his qualification but when he gave it a second thought, he came to the conclusion that it was better than he staying at home doing nothing. Jacob started off well and showed immense commitment to his work. Jacob was well-experienced in pressure marketing and sold off his products faster than most of his colleagues. David was pleased that Jacob was living up to the hype he had given him at the employee review meeting. One afternoon, after two months of Jacob’s employment, his distribution driver called David and complained, “Sir, problem has come”. “Isaac, what is the matter?”, David asked, adjusting himself properly in his seat. “Sir, boss Jacob’s customer run away plus the goods we delivered”. “Where is Jacob?”, an alarmed David asked. “He say make I wait for inside the car, he will be back but he is not back”. David who was sensing danger called Jacob but there was no response. Before David knew it, the matter had reached the Head Office. Apparently, they had tried to contact Jacob for a report on the issue but he refused to answer any of his calls. The management of the company therefore decided to involve the police into the matter. They sent the police to arrest David first since he was the one who employed Jacob so it could well be a planned thing to dupe the company. When the police arrived in David’s office, he called his boss and asked, “After all these sleepless nights and effort that I put in, you choose to treat me like a criminal?”. “David, there are standard procedures everywhere and it is quite unfortunate that things are turning out this way but I also take my orders from people who are above me”. David followed the police to the police station and started making phone calls. He was told that the amount in question was the equivalent of over twenty thousand pound sterling. When pounds were mentioned, David remembered Fred and called him for assistance. Fred bemoaned having a hard time in the UK but promised to send David some money to help pay for part of the amount. David called his father and his father came in to bail him. It had been two days after the incident and David had been suspended and had still not heard from Jacob who had gone into hiding. On the third day, Jacob sent David a message asking him to forgive him. David asked him to tell him where he was so he could help him out, Jacob, out of distress, told David where he was. David quickly grabbed a shirt and his phone and went straight to the location Jacob provided. When he got there, he gave Jacob a call and he came out, immediately, some men who were in regular clothes appeared and arrested Jacob. Unknown to Jacob, David informed the police and they ambushed him. Soon, David’s name was cleared and he resumed work. That was the last time he heard from Jacob. After work, on one of his most busy days, David decided to surprise Erica and baby Ellen with dinner from Erica’s favorite restaurant. He ordered the food and picked it up. When he got to Erica’s house, he tip-toed to the room so as not to disturb baby Ellen if it happened that she was asleep. When he entered the dark room, he saw two dark figures on the bed, he went back and turned on the lights and it was Erica in bed with a topless  guy… YOU DON’T NEED TO GUESS, FIREWORKS ARE IN THE OFFING. STAY TUNED. MY NAME IS EDWIN OKO LAMPTEY AND AS ALWAYS, THIS IS ANOTHER RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT PIECE. R.A.T © MORE @

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