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From the writer of EDMUND'S ESCAPADES and PRICELESS DREAMS, comes another masterpiece. this series promises to be more  suspense-filled than the previous ones......TAKE A READ.......


David opened his eyes lazily as he heard the cocks crowing in his neighborhood. He grabbed his phone which he kept under his pillow to check the time. Immediately he saw the time, he jumped out of the bed and headed straight for the bathroom. He was going to be late for the interview. He had already missed a number of calls from Fred, his best friend since childhood. They were to attend the interview together. David tried returning Fred's call as he hurriedly brushed his teeth. "Freddie, where are you?", David quizzed immediately Fred answered the phone. "Sleeping beauty, I hope you saw the number of times I called your phone", Fred teased. "I'm at the bus station already so you better hurry up". "I'm not going to miss this opportunity for anything in this world and I am not going to allow anyone else be the cause of my missing out on this chance, not even you, David". David and Fred had been friends since childhood. They were born and grew up in the same neighborhood. The only thing that separated their houses was a tarred road. They grew so fond of each other as they grew up so much so that when they were in high school, many of the students thought they were actually brothers. Fred was the stronger of the two. He was always engaged in fights that had been started by David. He was David's protector right from their childhood days. There was once an incident that Fred had to threaten the cut off a woman's finger with a knife just because she kept running her fingers through David's hair and David started to cry. He had to stand up for David one too many times that he had actually lost count. Fred Thompson was the son of a retired soldier now turned security guard. The only property his father owned was an uncompleted two-bedroom house which has been at the same stage from the time David and Fred were born and as at the time, both of them had completed their first degrees and the building still remained at the uncompleted stage. David, whose house was across the street from Fred's was a five-bedroom house. David was always bullied because he had some feminine tendencies and many guys thought it strange for a well-built up young man to behave in that way. He was even nicknamed "Davida" when they were in high school. They claimed "Davida was the feminine version of David. David grew up as the only boy among four sisters so it was little wonder for him to behave in that manner but popular opinion thought otherwise. He always appeared prim and proper but he possessed a sharp tongue which always got him into trouble. He knew that he would always have the support of Fred so whenever they were together, his tongue was even more sharper. David's house was like the one-eyed man in the kingdom of blind people. It was the only house in the neighborhood that was walled and had some flowers and green lawn. The other houses in the neighborhood were either detached houses that stood alone and were mostly uncompleted or they were compound houses with more than required number of people living there. David rushed out of his house with his shirt still not tucked in properly. He waved at Fred's mother from across the street. "My son you are getting late, please hurry up", Fred's mother said immediately she spotted David. "Fred says to hurry up because the bus is on its way", she added. As David began to run towards the direction of the bus station she yelled loudly after him, "I know you have always been intelligent and I am highly confident that you are going to give these people a run for their money at the interview". David turned and shouted back, "We are going to make you all proud one day and I know that day is coming sooner than later". As David headed for the bus terminal, the food vendors were busy serving their customers and the late comers were now setting up to serve but kept receiving insults from their hungry customers. The hairdressers were busily drying out their towels and hoping to get at least one customer. The fruit vendors had strategically positioned themselves close to the food vendors so as to get some of their fruits sold to customers who valued the fact that fruits were an integral part of healthy human development. The second-hand clothing sellers were busy hanging their wares on hangers hoping to have some customers come to buy some of the clothes. The tailor in the neighborhood had not yet opened his shop. A week ago, David was involved in an argument with this same tailor because he did not deliver on his promise of getting ready a shirt David had wanted him to sew for him. That week, his action forced David to wear a suit to church and he felt uneasy in it so he felt he had to give the tailor a piece of his mind so when the tailor was giving him excuses as to why he could not sew his shirt, David fumed and told him that, "You know something, Mr. Tailor, aside lawyers, tailors and seamstresses are the next best liars". David always had the tendency of calling people by their profession but he always added a salutation to it. Most of the vehicles that passed were heading into town because most of the calls from the driver's conductors were to only such locations. David met Fred at the bus terminal. As he approached the place, Fred spotted him and said, "Finally, the late David has decided to show up ". David gave him a stern look and replied, "I have told you time without number that only dead people are called 'late' so I don't take kindly to your calling me that, Fred". Fred enjoyed teasing David because he knew there was nothing he could do about it and also enjoyed David's tantrums while he was at it. Soon, they both joined the bus and headed towards the venue for the interview. Fred and David were about to be awarded a fully-funded scholarship to study in UK. The final interview was what they were running late for. As it was almost getting to their turn, Fred turned towards David and said, "No matter what happens in there, know that we are and always will be brothers and nothing on earth will ever change that. David had a surprised look on his face as these words came out of Fred's mouth. "I thought people said I was the wimpy and emotional one, I wish those people can see you right now". "You are such a girl", David teased. "Knock it off, Dave, I am serious", Fred said. "Brothers for life", David said and they shook hands. Soon, the administrator came in and summoned David to follow her. As David was about exiting the room, he looked in Fred's direction and Fred whispered, "You can do this"..... More soon. My name is EDWIN OKO LAMPTEY and this is another R.A.T(c) PRODUCTION... MORE AT

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