Saturday, 14 November 2015


I have always thought to myself, "When I become a 'big' man in the not too distant future, I will recount stories of my life's journey at the least opportunity I get". I will let the listeners and viewers, if possible, know my story; my true life's story. I guarantee and hope to make it an interesting one to anyone that gets word of it. It would be one of sincere apologies. It will not in any way follow the normal trend of the praise singers and accusers. It would be dedicated to the people and opportunities I abused. I would make it an apology letter. That being said, I better pen it down before I eventually become a big man. I do not want to miss this opportunity. Therefore, I write for the future. "I appreciate all the people I have hurt to get this far. To all those I took advantage of, to those I made to take the bullet in my stead and did not even stop for a minute, turn and see if the damaged caused them was a flesh wound or an everlasting scar. I apologize to all the people who made me shatter their dreams in one way or another just to allow me get to this height. I apologize for all the lies, tricks and mind games I played on other people to achieve selfish gains. I am sorry for not saying sorry. I am sorry for always fighting to be at the receiving end of all things and not for once giving it a thought to also be a giver for others to trade places with me. To all those I looked down upon and thought I was better and smarter than, this apology goes to you too. In as much as I try to deny myself of these undeniable truths, they cannot be hidden or held down from coming to light eventually. I therefore resign my fate to the old saying that there are three things that can never be hidden forever; the sun, the moon and the truth! This is mine. It is because of you lot that I am not where I was supposed to be. I raise my glass to honor you all." More at

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