Monday, 11 April 2016


It has become obvious that screen acting has become a passion in Ghana. Many African acts are discovered almost all the time. It would therefore not be wrong to say that Africa, going forward would be a force to reckon with when it comes to the national and international movie industries

After Abraham Attah of "Beast of no Nation" fame put Ghana and Ghanaian acting on the map, it appears other actors were making waves way before the "Beast of no Nation" actor came into the limelight. Many of these actors are also worthy of adulation and recognition.

One of such great and young acts is Elkanah Seddoh. This young talent affectionately called "BUJU", for his role in the hit TV series, 'XOXO' is one actor many producers should definitely put a close eye on. The young actor has a very promising acting career judging by his age and the stereotype character he seems to be attracting to himself as one of Ghana's few plus size male actors. He stars in the TV series which airs on a private Ghanaian television station along with other young and talented actors and actresses. The interesting thing about this young man is that he plays his role in the TV series so flawlessly that many people are of the view that the young actor is the exact copy of his role in real life. What many people would find hard to believe is that even though BUJU exudes a lot of confidence on set due to his massive acting prowess, he is very down to earth and takes in criticism whenever they come his way. He is also a fun-loving person and sometimes deemed a lady's man due to his plus size and role in XOXO. Elikanah is definitely one young act to watch and with the changing trends in the movie industry, it would not be long before producers and directors start falling over each other just to cast the young actor in their movies.

If you are a fan of XOXO and BUJU, this would be the right time to warm up your way to the actor and get his autograph before it is too late- That is just on a lighter note. Watch out for more from the camp of BUJU.

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