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David kept tossing and turning in his bed after Erica had left and shut the door behind her. He could not help it but to allow his emotions and human nature take over his will to remain strong in the face of opposition no matter the magnitude, to make way for tears to freely flow from his eyes. He could not believe that he was crying but sadly enough, he was. He just could not gather the strength to come to terms with the fact that his childhood friend and trusted confidant could do this to him. "Fred, why?". "I would taken a bullet in the ass for you if you just asked me". "We have been through many situations and this was no different and like the many situations, we could have found a way of solving it without causing this irreversible mess", David thought to himself. As David lay in his bed, he reminisced on one of Fred's many escapades when they were growing up. When Fred was twelve years old, David was ten years by then. There was one time Fred's parents had to travel for a funeral and left Fred in the care of David's parents. David was asked to go and call Fred when their lunch was ready. David looked for Fred for several minutes and finally chanced upon him in their own backyard. He was standing pants-down and there was a girl about David's age then, also standing pants-down. David asked what was going on and Fred quickly gaged him and told him that he was going to let him in on the action if he promised to keep it a secret among the three of them. The girl there was so scared when David caught them in the act and quickly pulled her pants up and run away from the scene. David threatened to tell his parents and later, Fred's parents when they returned from their trip. David was dead serious about telling on Fred. He left the scene and started making for the house when Fred run after him, pulling him back to calm him down. In the process, David's mother walked out of the house and saw the two of them engaged in what seemed like a 'tug of war'. She shouted out ordering them to stop and summoned them before her presence all at once. When they got there, she enquired from David what their tussle was about. David looked at Fred and told a lie to cover up for him. Fred never forgot that gesture and from then on, promised to protect David in the face of any opposition no matter how bad David's case was. David also recalled taking money from his father's wallet without prior permission from his father to buy a new mathematical set for a classmate as a replacement for the one Fred had taken from that same classmate and had misplaced it. Fred and David were in each other's debt and vowed to see each other through any moment of trouble. David tried to get his head around why Fred will shatter his future because of his own selfish gains and make him take the fall for his pleasure. David wiped his tears, picked up his phone and dialled Fred's number. "I have been waiting for this call and finally it has come through", Fred said as he answered the call. "Freddie, Erica has told me everything and I am disappointed to say the least among other things that you could be so callous and inconsiderate", David lamented, trying to keep his cool. "You are very selfish and wicked but with all this being said, I think you are smart because you managed to get me to go with you on this rollercoaster ride of lies and deceit". "You are a really smart man, Fred", David added. "The harm has already been done and I would give you one last friendly advice; things are going to remain the way they have always been and it will be in your best interest not to try to mess things up because the implications of our actions from today might be disastrous if we take the wrong steps". Fred was silent when David was speaking but as soon as he began to sense hostility from David, he quickly interrupted David's speech and  spoke with a sarcastic stint in his tone, "David, are you threatening me?", Fred asked amidst laughter. "I have protected you since we were in Class Four and you think you can stand up to me now?". "Sometimes I defied logic to jump to your defense and what did I get for all those years of being your bodyguard?". "Did I get any payment for it?" "No!". "Instead, I was being laughed at for being your zombie among other names", Fred said. "I didn't expect this kind of treatment from you, Fred", David said in rebuttal. "You expected payment for standing up for me?". "You were my best friend, Fred and that is what friends do for each other". "They stay true to themselves and also stay true to the people that they call their friends but Fred, with this revelation, I can confidently say that you have been very unfair to me", David said, with tears running down his face but trying his best possible not to let Fred notice that he was indeed crying. "You singlehandedly shattered my hopes and dreams and came back to act as an angel knowing full well that you had impregnated Erica". "You are such a schemer, Fred", David said. "Just stay away from me and my family and that includes Ellen", David warned. "What is that supposed to mean?", Fred asked, getting infuriated by David's guts. "Did you count my daughter as a part of your family?", Fred asked. "She has always been and will always be a part of my family whether you like it or not and nothing anyone will do can change that, take that from me, Fred", David said. "To the best of my knowledge, Ellen has always been my daughter and you would have to yank me out of this universe to be able to get through to her and that wouldn't happen anytime soon, Fred, I can assure you of that", David added, sounding very confident. "You are kidding, right?", Fred teased. "That is all I have to say to you, Fred and one more thing, we are never ever going to come back to the way we used to be starting from now, goodbye, Fred", David said and hang up the phone. Ellen was coming back from a lecture. She had early on promised to visit Collins after her day was over. She quickly rushed to her hostel, took her shower, changed clothes and headed for Collins' hostel. When she got there and knocked, she was let in by a bare-chested Collins. "I have never seen you like this before, Ellen said, looking down at his navel. "Yeah I know", Collins responded. "I was trying to work out but that didn't work out so I took a cold shower instead", Collins added. There was a brief moment of silence and Elen spoke, "I thought you said you had missed me", Ellen said looking and sounding all coy. "Yes, I have, my dear", Collins replied. That being said, Collins walked up to where Ellen was seated and planted a kiss on her forehead. He kissed her forehead again and started kissing downwards all over her face. Ellen started to moan softly and lifted her hands to to touch his chest. Collins cupped her left breast with his strong right hand and caressed  it aggressively. Ellen's moans started to get a little louder and could not keep still on the seat. She broke off their intimate kiss for a second, looked into Collins' eyes and suddenly reached for her hair and bound them together behind her head with a rubber band that was around her wrist. "I am all yours now", Ellen said as she managed to put her hair perfectly in place. Collins lifted her into his arms and placed her gently on a mattress that was positioned in the middle of the room under the ceiling fan. He managed to expertly pull off her trouser and threw them on the suitcase in the corner of the room. He removed her shirt and brassiere revealing her firm breasts. His eyeballs almost bulged out of their sockets when they were fixated on the two evenly-positioned mounds on Ellen's chest. He suckled at them like a baby and Ellen complimented his work with uncontrollable giggles mixed with moans of pleasure. To pay back for the gesture done her, she traced her finger along his spine and it gave him a tingling sensation which caused him to fidget. Ellen then traced her fingers around Collins' chest area and touched his right nipple which was perked up with excitement. Soon, the two of them were basking in the realm of pleasurable love-making bouts. The sounds they made were muffled by the ceiling fan which was making a loud squeaking noise  to confuse the people passing in front of the room. The speed of the fan also helped dry their bodies which were soaking wet with different kinds of fluids. They both lay under the fan reminiscing about what had just ensued between them when Ellen's phone rang. Her face lit up when she saw the name that appeared on her phone's screen. "Hello, the love of my life, how are you doing today?", Ellen said as she answered the phone. Immediately Collins heard her call opening, he pushed her aside. Ellen then placed her hand tightly on the mouthpiece and whispered to Collins, "It is my Dad, so stop being jealous". Collins, having heard this, pulled Ellen towards himself and she placed her head on his chest. "Hearing you speak can make my whole day awesome", David said in response to Ellen's query."You remember uncle Fred, don't you, sweetheart", David asked Ellen. "Yes I do, Daddy", Ellen responded. "How is he?", she asked. "I really envy your friendship with him". "You guys are very tight!", Ellen added. "Sweetheart", David started, "I want you to do me a favour". "Anything for you my love", Ellen responded. "Elle, I am dead serious", David said. "Dad why are you sounding so serious?", Ellen asked. "I want you to stay away from uncle Fred, do you understand?", David said. "I would only understand if you tell me what this whole thing is all about",Ellen said. "I thought you guys were like brothers so where from this sudden warning?" Ellen added. "I don't think he means you and for that matter, me any harm from where I stand". "Daddy, what is really going on?", Ellen asked. "Is he the one behind your recent attack?", she asked David."Baby Ellen, I am your father and I have your best interest at heart so just do as I say, please." "Okay, Daddy I hope you know what you are doing", Ellen said. She requested for some money and David promised to send her some in the morning. That evening, Ellen, after having a pleasurable experience with Collins, left for her hostel. Before she got to the landing on the top stair of the third floor where her room was, she received a call. "Hello, Ellen", the caller said. "This is uncle Fred". "Uncle Fred, I have been meaning to speak with you badly", Ellen said. "What is going on between you and my dad?", Ellen asked. "He called me today but he didn't sound very enthused when your issue came up", Ellen added. "I knew David was going to drag you into all of this", Fred started. "Listen to me very carefully, Ellen". "Your parents have been keeping a secret from you and I feel that you are now a big girl and you deserve to know the truth". "I am your real father, Ellen", Fred said. TO BE CONTINUED. Will you tell all your secrets "BEFORE THE WORLD ENDS?". MY NAME IS EDWIN OKO LAMPTEY AND THIS IS ANOTHER MASTERPIECE. MORE AT

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