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That night, the same night David  engaged in the fist fight with Fred, David went to bed not only beaten but broken as well. He saw fear in Ellen's eyes. He knew too well that it was only a matter of time for her to break down and be shattered by the struggles that her family had been plunged into. What David feared above all things was the fact that Ellen had suddenly began to take a strange liking for Fred. She did not have to say it to his face. He was the one who raised her as a child so he knew her well enough to know  when her heart was turned towards something. David remembered the time when Ellen was a little girl. She had a crush on a certain boy in her class, Jake. David was very good at committing names to memory. She was always mentioning Jake's name around the house whenever she was home from school. So one day, he called her to his room and said, "Ellen sweetheart, I always hear you mentioning this boy's name all the time, I think you are in love with him".  "Dad, stop it", Ellen said with a smile and a blush all mixed together confirming David's suspicion. "I just like him because he is nice, I don't love him like everyone thinks", Ellen added. David smiled and asked, "So I am not the only one who has taken notice?" Ellen nodded sheepishly. David signalled for Ellen to take a seat close to him on the bed. When Ellen sat, he placed his hand around her shoulder and allowed her to rest her head on his chest. "My little darling", David started, "Love sometimes makes no sense to its victim". "Once you fall in love, the world you once knew and the way you perceived it changes completely", David added. "Sometimes, it can even affect your sense of judgment". "I know you are too little to understand all these things but I can guarantee you that soon enough, all what I am saying will make perfect sense to you", David added and frisked his hand through her hair. David never forgot that look on Ellen's face and on that same night after the encounter with Fred, David saw that same look on Ellen's face when he asked if she considered accepting Fred's gifts. The look she had from years back only confirmed to David what he feared most because he knew that her heart was turning towards Fred. That look on Ellen's face resonated in his mind till he finally struggled and managed to fall asleep. It had been weeks since Erica spoke to David after their exposĂ©. David remembered the text message he had received from Erica. He did not pay so much attention to it. He thought to himself, "What else can she say after all this mess she has caused with Fred?". David thought up a plan. It was a bizarre plan but he knew that if the idea he had thought up worked according to plan, he was going to get Ellen to himself. The plan involved linking up with Erica. He had decided to join forces with Erica to fight Fred for the custody of Ellen. Erica was Ellen's mother and she could stand in the capacity as parent and he could stand in the able capacity as guardian. He knew that Erica would want to get one over Fred for sweeping her under the bus and backstabbing her by marrying another woman. David took a deep breath and dialled Erica's phone number. The phone rang for a while before Erica answered. "To what do I owe this special remembrance ceremony?", Erica asked, sounding sarcastic. "Cut it out Erica", David said. "If anyone has the right to be angry, that person should be me because you played me", David said. "Are you satisfied now after abandoning me for so long?", Erica asked. "I guess you have called to find out about what I meant by the text message I sent to you earlier, right?", Erica added. "We would get to that shortly but before that, I need your help with something", David said. "I want the two of us to sue Fred for the custody of Ellen", David suggested. Erica burst out into hysterical laughter and for a moment, David thought his words made no sense. When Erica finally had a good laugh, she asked, "What is in it for me?" David sighed and said, "I know you are itching to get a revenge over Fred's snub and if we are able to stop him from taking the one thing he so much desires, he is going to be shattered beyond repair". "Is that all?", Erica asked. "I want him to suffer more than that, David". "He has bitten more than he can chew and I want to make sure that before he knows what hit him, he would not be able to pick himself up from the ground", Erica said, with so much passion. Erica asked again, "David, is that all?" "Yes", David responded. "Unless of course you have something to add to my plan", David said. "I never expected you to ask for my help but since you have, I also have my terms and conditions", Erica said. David knew Erica always had something up her sleeve. "What are your terms?", David asked. "Marry me, David", Erica said. "I can't wait to see the look on Fred's face when we send him our wedding invitation". "When this is done, I would be satisfied", Erica added. "Hell no!", David fired back. "You can ask for something else but please, marriage is not an option". "Erica, there is no way I am going to even consider marrying you", David said. "Mention any amount and you will have it transferred into your bank account", David said. "I knew you would say that, David". "I am not surprised at all", Erica added. "I hate to burst your bubble but I think I also deserve Ellen and I am also worthy of fighting for custody alone". "A little bird told me about the fight you had with Fred and I am sure it would be part of my arguments in court that both of you are incapable of taking care of my little girl", Erica added. "My lawyer would serve both of you with letters within the week", Erica said. "If you thought that this battle was between the two of you, then you are mistaken because I just entered the ring too". David was dumb-stricken. He had never imagined for once that Erica would want to stand up to him, let alone, Fred. Now, the three of them were going to face off in what might be a Battle Royale. "You are kidding right?", David asked. "I have never been this serious", Erica said. "Let me know when you receive the letter from the court's bailiff", Erica said. "Before I hang up, I want you to know that this call was recorded and you have to explain to the court how you tried to bribe me into accepting a token so that I concede defeat in this case", Erica added. "Have a good day, David and see you soon in court". David thought he could  convince Erica to fight on his side but his plan had blown up in his own face. He sat up in his bed to weigh his other options. Ellen had left school and was heading towards Fred's car dealership. She had finally decided to choose a car of her own. Many of her mates were showing off in their old saloon cars. She just wanted to prove a point to them so she decided to grab the opportunity thrown to her by her father. "If this man truly loves me like he claims, he should be able to give me a Range Rover if I asked for one", Ellen thought to herself as she sat in the bus on her way to see Fred. When she arrived at the location, Fred was already waiting for her at the entrance of the car dealership. He ushered her in, offered her some confectioneries and took her round the dealership to show her his fleet of sports cars. As they scanned through the cars, Ellen saw the Range Rover and instantly pointed at it, "Can I have this one?", she asked. "Which one?", Fred asked, just to be sure. "The Range Rover", Ellen said. "It's all yours", Fred said, with a smile on his face. Ellen could not hide her joy. She quickly hugged Fred tightly. Fred, who was caught off guard by this unexpected gesture held on to Ellen as she clung to his chest. "We have to do some paper work first okay?", Fred said as he gently patted Ellen's back. As they strolled back to Fred's office, Fred saw a car parked out. As he stepped into the reception, he saw a smartly-dressed, middle-aged man seated quietly in the lobby. He stepped into his office and his secretary, Sharon, signalled for the man to enter the well-furnished office. An overly excited Ellen took a seat in a couch placed at the far end of the office. Fred took his seat and signalled for the man to sit down in the seat in front of him. The man unbuttoned his suit and sat down. "What can we do for you today, sir?", Fred asked. "My name is lawyer Samuel Johnson, I am here to discuss some matters with you". Fred let out what seemed like a little laughter before saying, "David is the biggest joker alive, so he really thinks he can win this case in court?". "Please tell your client that I am ready to face him in whatever court he so desires", Fred added. The lawyer shook his head in amusement, "You are mistaken, sir". "I am not here to represent David, I am actually here on behalf of Miss Erica". Immediately Erica's name was mentioned, Fred's jaw dropped and before long, Ellen joined the conversation. "What has my mum done?", she asked the lawyer. "Ellen, your mum is challenging both your father and David over who has the right to have you". "You must be one very special young lady to have three people at each other's throats just to have you". "Leave her out of this!", Fred said. The lawyer served Fred with a letter and said, "You must respond before the date stated in the letter", the lawyer added. Fred quickly tore open the letter and read out its content aloud. "Erica can't do this", we should be fighting on the same side and not fighting against each other". He picked up his phone to call Erica. The lawyer rose to his feet to leave. As he got to the door, he turned and said, "Let me give you a piece of advice, Fred". "This issue is a legal issue so it would be in your best interest to stop trying to win over your daughter with money or whatever fatherly affection you have suddenly developed because it wont work", the lawyer added. "It is a gimmick which could compound your problems", the lawyer said and left the office. "Does that mean I can't have the Range Rover anymore?", Ellen asked Fred immediately the lawyer stepped out of the office. "You would have anything you want, my darling girl", Fred said. "All of these will soon be over, Ellen", Fred assured. The next day, David was also served with a letter to appear before court on a set date. All the parties involved in the legal battle decided to dig up dirt on each other to make their own claims admissible. Finally, the day for the hearing came and all the parties wanted to make a good first impression. Fred,David and Erica were all seated in the courtroom but Ellen was nowhere to be found... WHAT IS ELLEN UP TO? Find out in the next exciting episode of...BEFORE THE WORLD ENDS. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey. Stay tuned. More at

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