Tuesday, 9 February 2016


                                                  HIP! HIP!! HIP!!! HURRAH!!

                               RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHTS IS ONE YEAR OLD!!!

It is 12:52 AM GMT and I am honestly lost for words right now as a
I lay on my couch. I am trying to look for the right words to commemorate the first anniversary of this page that I started a year ago. Even though I am sitting in a bigger couch, it is still a couch... (what am I typing?). Let us cut the Chase. I started this blog with the encouragement from a very good friend. I was doing it to pass the time because I was in somewhat of a slump then. Soon, I started to get the hang of it and approached it with a lot more seriousness than I usually gave a lot of things in my life.  It has been amazing seeing the blog grow from a few page views in the early months to having thousands of page views per post. This seriousness allowed me to see life differently.  Most of the writings on the blog have a personal touch and I cannot thank enough all those who in one way or another helped in making every post a delight.  There have been a few sleepless nights, there have been times that I was behind schedule, times that I had to look beyond myself to gather the little strength I had left in me to do something for my readers, times that I knew I was not in my elements but had to take everything in my stride. The blog has taught me valuable lessons; lessons that cannot be learnt being idle. It has been an awesome journey looking back a year ago. I have had an amazing support system comprising editors, critics, fans and advisors.  I can never forget the amazing readership base this blog has been able to amass. We have made progress but we believe better opportunities still lie ahead. We don't give up and we won't give up. We keep doing this for the love of it. It has been an amazing one year and I thank all those who kept me on my toes when I was stalling. We salute everyone. The day has just began. Happy first anniversary y'all!!!! I sign off here with my trademark, MY NAME IS EDWIN OKO LAMPTEY AND THIS IS A RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT!!!

                                                             Yours truly...


  1. Can't wait for more exciting RATs. Keep the fire burning

  2. Sure. We aim to please. Thanks for the support