Friday, 12 February 2016


                                           JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED!

After the gruesome murder of one of our lawmakers in Ghana, J.B Danquah-Adu, both our higher-ups and general public alike called for the "head" of the perpetrator of such a heinous crime. Forty-eight hours after the irreversible act was committed, the Ghana Police Service responded rapidly and tactically apprehended and brought to book the alleged murderer. That is all well and good and let me hasten to add, "kudos to our "GPS" for a job swiftly done". The word making rounds in our background leaves little to desire but much to consider. Immediately pictures of the alleged assassin started making rounds on our glorious social media platforms, people were of the view that the suspect looked less of an assassin but more of a "common" criminal who petty crimes could be associated with so it was little wonder for him to have acted the way he did which ultimately led to his apprehension and capture. I am not  a lawyer yet but with my pocket law analysis, this act was not like a "robbery-gone bad" but let me not go too deep into it. The police are on a hunt for other accomplices if there are any. Again, the alacrity with which the alleged assassin claimed ownership of the crime quickly reminded me of an episode from the almost all-black hit T.V series, "EMPIRE". We would resign our fate on this issue to the fact that, crime is crime and crime does not have a face. My major concern however was the swiftness with which our law enforcement officials cracked this case. I am not in anyway saying that it is not a step in the right direction. But I have a question, If our late lawmaker (May God rest his soul), were to be an ordinary "Joe", would our law enforcers crack the case with the same speed with which they cracked the late parliamentarian's? Were they doing it for show? People would argue that this case was an easy one because the alleged murderer took along with him from the crime scene something that was going to implicate him some hours later. It would be very unfair on my path to say that our hardworking law enforcement agencies do not solve various degrees of crime on a daily basis. I just want us to make a lot of considerations. There are crimes being committed everyday but if the perpetrators of these crimes are brought to book with the same alacrity, Ghana would be gradually crawling towards a crime-free state. We hear of many similar crimes which at most, get newspaper and online mentions and that is it, end of story. Poof!, paper trail gone! Crime definitely does not pay and if we all agree to the premise that crime is crime and has no face, we should not have a hard time accepting the inverse premise that justice is justice and has no face too. We are all assets to this country regardless of our situations or positions or statuses now. To our law enforcers, I say, "More grease to your elbows" Let me quickly add that the law is for all of us and all of us are for the law. To the bereaved family, I say no replacement, be it whatever form it takes can replace your dearly departed. To other bereaved families and victims of other forms of crime awaiting justice, I say, "A new dawn is coming and justice is in sight". All this being said, I still maintain my previous stance that "JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED". To those it may concern. Not everyone will agree but it is not as if that is not to be expected.



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