Thursday, 21 May 2015


There have been times that our imaginations take a dip and wander into places unknown; places where logic seems illogical and morality seems immoral, when the subjects of right and wrong are nothing more but luxuries. I am going through such a time now. I remember way back in school, there was one early dawn when my roommate challenged me to a game of Fifa 2005 ( it is an old game considering the times we were in but it was a good way of cooling off some steam in the university). While playing, a colleague barged into the room. He wanted to join in. We offered him a seat. In the middle of the game which he was losing, he received a phone call from a friend. The friend was telling him how another friend had taken over his father's company and was spending his father's money. The young man in my room passed a comment about the issue saying that the boy who had taken over the business was useless and I questioned his standards for drawing that conclusion. It took a long time coming but after I entered the university, my mind was "twisted". I endeavoured to make "sense" out of all issues and scenarios (including good and bad). It made me think critically to analyse issues and also made me a listener. When you hear things or see things what informs your judgment? Life is lived by a certain standard that we have all come to know (whether these standards are taught or learnt); that I agree. Even after forming your own opinion or conclusion, how authentic is it? Sometimes I ask myself, how objective is our objectivity when compared to others? How moral is our morality in the light of life's many lifestyles? Sometimes the mind pushes itself to limits of breaking point and we feel we cannot fight on and we feel we have had enough. Enough is an overused word. Sometimes I wonder if enough can ever be quantified. Have you ever wondered how good was good enough to be accepted by all? How far was far enough? How beautiful was beautiful enough? How wise was wise enough? How right was right enough? How deep was deep enough?  Enough will never be enough until it receives worldwide acclamation (which is impossible considering the fact that we all perceive differently). Life's standards can be sometimes confusing and hard to go by. There have been times that we wished there were no rules to live by to impress people but that would be wishful thinking because everyone wants to be impressed one way or another. This life is a life of sorts and you have to be a master craftsman to be able to deal with the issues that come with life and living it. We win some, we lose some and we sometimes have to share some. Sometimes we burden ourselves with the standards of life; that is, the strong desire to toe the line of our predecessors. Can we do the same things over and over and expect a different result? Is there a need to dare to be different and act differently? What if after going through the pain of living by the book, you realize that you had it wrong all along? Sometimes even truth can be put under the spotlight. How true is the truth you so much hold on to? Would you be disappointed if you realized that your version of truth was not the "gospel" truth? All religions claim to have the truth but can we all compromise and come to a universal agreement? It is about time we got sick and tired of being sick and tired and endeavor to break free from our small ways of thinking and open up our minds to think outside the box. This life is a life of sorts and it took great pains to get to where you are now (whether you were born with a golden or wooden spoon in your mouth). Let us learn to be curious and analytical not judgmental because whether we judge now or never, we are all going to be judged by an ultimate reality. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a "deep thinking" R.A.T (RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT). More at


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