Tuesday, 5 May 2015


I have been off for a while. During the break, I found it really difficult getting something to write about. All the topics that came to mind had been written about before. I felt I had exhausted all the topics in the world. I know it is not easy having to sit and always find something interesting to write about. I decided to do something that I had never done, something that most of us are afraid to do due to various reasons. I lead a very routine way of life. I practically do the same thing everyday. I always wondered if I could do things differently and if the results would make my life any better. I had no option left so I decided to take stock of my life so far and do an assessment to see if I was doing myself more harm than good or vice versa. We are sometimes afraid to put ourselves in the spotlight to do an evaluation of our lives. Sometimes when we consider what others, the same age as us have achieved, we tend to think that we have somewhat failed ourselves. We sometimes belittle ourselves and put undue pressure on ourselves just because we cannot do or have what others have. We must learn to ask ourselves questions like "who am I?" "If all that I am and all the things I have are taken away, who would I truly be standing alone?" "What do I like?" "What appeals to me?" "What do I find satisfaction in?" "Who do I love and wish to be with?" "Where do I see myself  ten years from now?". Sometimes self assessment is good. If you are sincere with yourself, you would know your strengths and weaknesses. You would know which career path to follow, you would know the kind of music to listen to when you have your mood swings, you would know how to make gains from your hobbies, you would know how to deal with your emotions. Sometimes situations can change your perception of things you once knew, relationships with people and even your own view about yourself may change because of a situation or person. Sometimes when you take a moment to take a look at yourself, you will be amazed at the person you have become. I have many mates that are not currently employed but are searching for jobs. They always lament that all the jobs are taken. I bet  if they do a self-evaluation test, they would realize that you do not always have to be an employee but you can work your way around to becoming an employer. I have a friend, James whom I have known since elementary school. I envy this guy for one thing; his artistic mind. I always wished I could draw like him way back in primary school. He followed his love for the arts and is now earning a living from this. I am sure he carefully did a self assessment of himself and realized that he was better at creative arts than any other field. More often than not, the careers that we pursue have nothing to do with our qualifications and we get so busy trying to make a living so much so that we do not really get to do what we are trained for or what we really love to do. Irrespective of who you are now or what you have become, take a break, get a sheet of paper and a pen and put yourself to the test. Take a timeout and do the self-realization assessment. You might end up taking drastic measures that would benefit you greatly. Nobody knows you better like you do. You do not know this because probably you have not taken the time to know yourself. Whenever you find yourself in a new day tell yourself that "you have got today and you are going to make the best you can of it". Just trust in yourself. If you feel there is a need to start again, by all means, wipe the slate clean after all, it is your life and no one can live it for you. Your yesterday is dead and gone and you died along with it. Let us make the best we can of every opportunity that life presents us today. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is an "evaluation" R.A.T (RANDOM AFRICAN  THOUGHT). More at
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