Thursday, 14 May 2015


I know a young man, David, I met him when I changed schools. I met him in class three. I had the privilege to sit with him for a full term. He harboured dreams of becoming a doctor or lawyer, I am not too sure. It was his passion and dream. It is been fifteen years since I first saw David, he has not made so much progress with school even though he has not dropped out. I learnt he still holds on dear to his commitment of one day wearing a gown or dangling his stethoscope. David is not a special needs boy, it's just that he is not so bright so his dream has to linger on longer than the both of us expected. I do not in anyway intend to mock him. On the contrary, he is one of my role models. He turned me into a dreamer. He taught me many lessons. David showed me the proverbial "light". He taught me that sometimes, life's lessons do not  always come from the "perfect order of being" but from what we have come to accept as the "imperfect" things that surround us. David, wherever you are, I say "thank you". As I grew up and went through the changing scenes of life, David always came to mind when I get myself to a place where I had to think about my dreams. I have known and seen many dreamers. I believe one of the first ones was the biblical Joseph who had to go into a pit before he could become a leader. If anyone tells you that your dreams can become a reality by the mere snap of your finger, please question that person's credibility. All dreams that were made real were as a result of back-breaking and painstaking efforts coupled with determination and perseverance. I am a dreamer but truth be told, most of my dreams are wishful ( just on the lighter side). I realized that once in a while, people mistake ambitions for dreams. They are two entirely different fields. Sometimes it takes ambition to realize a dream. One thing I learnt from life is that sometimes you need to be flexible with your dreams. This is to say that what you always have is not what you always need to achieve something. You would actually need to meet a setback, lose something or someone dear or take a detour from your main dream to achieve a smaller goal that would catapult you into achieving your main objective. There are even times that your main dream that you so much hold onto is the wrong one. Before you settle on a dream, exhaust all your options, try things you even are uncomfortable doing. Then, and only then would you get to know what you were cut out for. I have seen many dreamers turn their dreams into reality, I have also seen many people who have ventured into totally different fields and are helping people to achieve their dreams because of the steps they took. In both scenarios, dreams are being realized. This piece is dedicated to all the dreamers, achievers and hopeful people I know, including the motivational speakers, nurses, mothers, fathers, friends, upcoming footballers, designers, musicians, comedians, growing businesses and brands, pocket lawyers and politicians "paparazzis" and yours too. We are not only dreamers and dream chasers, we are dream achievers too. I cannot wait to celebrate your dreams with you. Box on because I say so. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a "dreaming" R.A.T (RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT). More at
Date :1st July, 2015
Venue: Bethel Family Chapel Assemblies of God, Tema Community 22 Annex
Time: 3:30pm
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