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Leticia's uncle took the letter and read it. He was full aware of the contents. He folded it and put it in his pocket. He then began walking towards the main house and as he did he said, "I have told Augustus to stop writing me these letters, we are family and he can come to me for anything". Leticia knew too well that what his uncle was saying was all for show because one time she eaves dropped on one of his telephone conversations in which he lamented how his brother was milking him dry. She smiled and said "I keep telling him but he refuses to hear me out". Soon, her uncle was in and out of the house and brought her some money and she set off back home. As she walked down the quiet street, a salon car stopped by her and a tall gentleman stepped out of the car. Leticia continued past the gentleman. "Excuse me, you look familiar and I think we have met before" the young man said. Leticia, who was known for her cheeky attitude laughed, turned and said, "If you are referring to me, I think this is the worst pick up line I have ever heard". The guy walked towards her and held her by the arm, "I knew it, you were at Gifty's party in school". Leticia stopped for a while and took a long look at him and realized he was familiar. When she realized that he was right, she said, "I am sorry to have passed that comment earlier", she said. "How are you?". "Do you live around here?", she added. "Yes I do, my house is a few blocks from here", the guy said. Frank was also a student at Leticia's university. They met at a drink up organised by her friend on campus. Frank offered to give Leticia a ride back home so she joined him in his car and he drove off. They had a hearty chat on topics ranging from school to politics to ambitions and of course, relationships. As they got to Leticia's house, they exchanged phone numbers and parted ways. Leticia walked into the house and was welcome by her father, "Was he at home?". "What did he say when he saw you?" "I hope he did not get angry", he anxiously said as he counted the money given to him by Leticia. "I am going to the market to get some stuff for stew, so put the rice on fire", he said. Since their mother left, Leticia's father had painstakingly learnt to take up the role of the 'woman' in the house and did everything a mother was supposed to do. He even knew the menstrual cycle of his daughters by heart. Leticia called her youngest sibling to assist her. Rose was the youngest sibling of Leticia. She had the tendency of being very observant and had over the years come to know everyone who lived in their compound house. She had come up with a very funny but apt way of describing everyone in the house. There were five separate rooms in their house. One belonged to a young lady who she referred to as the "Consultant". Rose claimed that every night, a different man came to spend hours in her room and she thought she was helping them with their issues. There was a couple in the house who she referred to as the "fighters". The fighters had their room closest to that of Leticia and the family. The couple were always making love aggressively on their squeaky bed and the noise could be heard in Leticia's room. Rose, as inquisitive as she was, always wanted to know what was happening so she asked her dad and he said they were fighting because she was too little to understand what was going on. The third room was occupied by the "prayer warrior"; a young university dropout who always claimed that he was called by God to become an evangelist. He was always heard praying loudly in the cool of the night when everyone else was sleeping and he disturbed the whole house with his strange prayer topics. Rose recalled that one time she heard him say a prayer for lottery operators. The last room was occupied by an old woman and her grandson. Rose called the old woman "step mother" because she overheard her say she was in love with her dad. Her dad had the laugh of his life when Rose informed him about the old woman's feelings for him. Everyone who lived in the house was fond of Leticia and her family for their resilient approach towards life. That night, Frank called Leticia and asked her out on a date. Her father was skeptical about the whole idea of going out with Frank but upon constant persuasion, he agreed to allow her go but on condition that she came home early. At a quarter past seven o'clock that evening, Frank was already in front of Leticia's house waiting for her. She came out looking very beautiful. She joined him and they drove off. He took her to a restaurant where they had some drinks and food and continued with their chat. "Frank, please I have to leave now, I don't want my dad to get worried", Leticia said when she realized how late it was getting. "No problem", Frank replied. When they got to Leticia's house, they sat in the car and continued chatting. All of a sudden they found  themselves kissing each other. "Frank got carried away and started for Leticia's breasts but she quickly stopped him and pulled his hand out of her brassiere. "Please stop it",she said, people walk in and out of the house anytime and I do not want my dad to kill both of us should he walk out to see us in this position". She quickly opened the door, closed it as she alighted and bent over revealing the top of her shinning bosoms. "Thanks for the date, I really had fun". "I hope we can do it again some other time", Leticia said. "Why not? The pleasure is all mine",Frank said as he started his engine. As Leticia started walking to the gate of her house, Frank called out to her and asked, "Tish, does this mean we are going out?". Leticia turned and smiled and with a blush on her face she said, "Let me think about it"..........More soon. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a "story about a journey" RAT (RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT). More at
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