Friday, 5 June 2015


 After the line went dead, Edmund sat in the couch as if he had been dazed by a haymaker in a boxing match. Thoughts started flooding through his mind and like every flirt, he had to think up a thousand and one responses to whatever interrogation that was  going to follow after such an unforseen situation. "You are cheating on me again right?", his girlfriend said with mixed reactions. He could not tell whether the reactions with which she spoke were that of pain or rage. He could always see through her but this time, he could not fathom what was going through her head. His mind cast back to the last time such an incident happened, he had to run for cover because she threw a fit of rage that was filled with deadly intent. He had to prevent such an altercation from happening again so he had to think long and deep "Edmund, improvise" was what he heard ringing in his head. In a split second, he hugged her tightly and steered her clear of anything she could turn into a weapon. He whispered into her ear "I would be crazy to cheat on you, I mean who else would I need if I have you? I have loved you for a thousand years and I am going to love you for a thousand more". Those were the exact words he had told Jemima about a week ago. He took the lines out of his "flirting playbook" and hoped that it was going to fly. Instantly, his girlfriend melted at the words coupled with the warm hug. "If I had my way, I would not let you keep female friends because you know I am jealous and you know I love you so much" she said. The words were said so graciously that Edmund knew immediately what was bound to follow. Edmund lay on the carpet with his girlfriend's head on his bare chest while he stroke his hand through her hair. "I am such a sweet-talker. I wonder why God created women the way he did, they would believe anything you tell them provided you added a little emotion and an intense look in your eyes". Edmund had always known that he was made for the "wild ones". According to him, nothing brought out the "fire" in him like a woman who could throw a fit at the least provocation and was equally capable of loving incomprehensibly with all her will. This was what got him so attached to his girlfriend. He loved the aggression mixed with the passion, he even loved more the way you could not predict easily what her next move was going to be. He did not like women who were easy to predict because he knew he could easily manipulate them. "Baby, have you done a pregnancy test?", Edmund asked. "No", she replied. "I just know I am pregnant, I feel something moving in my tummy". Edmund laughed and said "So when was your menstruation due this month?". She replied, I am a day late. Edmund sat up knowing what had just happened, his heart missed several beats and he said in a shaking voice "But sweets, you should have told me before all this" pointing to the carpet. " My angel, are you thinking about you or us, because you know this is serious right?", he queried in a somewhat angry tone. He asked her to give him a loan to  buy an after pill and a pregnancy test kit because he was low on cash.  "How much?", she asked. His face lit up and he said, "just give me enough". She took her purse and doled out money to him. He quickly dressed up and sped off to town. He told her he was going to be back at 6pm. As he stepped out, he remembered Jemima so he took a detour and headed towards Jemima's house. On his way, he had to think up a lie to tell Jemima to convince her that the phone call she received was nothing serious. Before he got to Jemima's junction he had thought of a plan. He had turned into someone different from the day he resolved to be involved with two women. In his heart of hearts, he did not like who he had become but he could not help but enjoy the adrenaline rush that came with his actions. He knocked at Jemima's gate and said to himself, "onto the next one"...... The story continues... My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a "true story" RAT (RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT) More at
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