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Jemima was scared of what the gynaecologist was going to do  if she answered him in the affirmative. She knew that from the onset she had already put herself in his bad books so she had to improvise to save face. "Abortion?, no oh". "I started menstruating a week ago and I am still menstruating so I figured that there must be something wrong because the maximum number of days that I normally have my period is five days", Jemima said. "Lady, please do not insult my intelligence, I believe that there is a big gap in your fallopian tube and I see something like dismembered parts of a foetus". "Anyway, who am I to judge you?". "I have stopped the bleeding and I am going to prescribe some drugs for you to help the tubes heal". "You can dress up now, my job here is done". "Thank you very much doctor, I am grateful". The doctor jokingly teased Jemima by saying, "I guess you can now count me as part of the people  you have been intimate with because I have seen what they were begging you to show them just that in my case, you gave me a free show". "Oh doctor, I am shy", Jemima said as she dressed up and waved goodbye to the nurses who were already giggling because of what the doctor had said. Edmund was sitting on a bench outside the consulting room waiting for Jemima to finish. Jemima got there and hugged Edmund from behind and said, "Eddie, I am going to be fine, okay". "The doctor has stopped the bleeding,please take me home before my mother calls again. "I have already missed her call twice". "When they got out of the hospital, they walked down the road in silence to the bus stop. As they got there, Jemima broke out in hysterical laughter, "Were you crying earlier in my room? "You were crying like a little girl who had lost her way back home". She began to mimic how Edmund was behaving when he saw her bleeding. "You were like, 'oh my God, oh my God, please don't die, please don't die', you call yourself a man". "On a normal day your screams would have been 'oh Jemima, please don't stop, please don't stop'. "Raymond and my parents would have killed you too if anything had happened to me back there". Edmund had not said a word and his silence got Jemima worried. "Eddie, what is it?", she asked. "I am fine, it's just that I want a little distance between the two of us. "I am sorry if I am sounding forward but I believe you just escaped death by whiskers and I would not have that happen again". "You are important to me",Edmund added. "Are you breaking up with me just after killing a baby for you?, Jemima shot at him. "Far from that, I am just asking you for some space for you to heal then we can get back on track", Edmund said. "Oh, okay, if you say so", Jemima said. He accompanied Jemima to her house, planted a kiss on her forehead and started on his way back home. "That was easy", he said to himself as he knew what the repercussions of what his comments to Jemima were bound to yield. He felt beat up when he woke up from bed. He looked at the time and it was a quarter past 7pm. He took his shower and had his supper. When he got back into his room, he had missed a call from his girlfriend. He gave her a call and she asked him to meet her at their usual venue. He dressed up and went out to meet her. When he got out of the house, he practiced his lines several times since he was not good at break-ups. More especially, he did not know how to tell it to people when they did something wrong. When he got there she was already seated. "Hey boo boo", she said as her face lit up upon seeing him. "Come give me some sugar", she added. "You are seeing the pharmacist guy ain't you?", Edmund cut in. His girlfriend was dumbfounded. "I am not here to judge you, I am just informing you that I don't want to compete with anyone over you". "I am done, I have things in my life that are falling apart and I need to set them straight before they collapse",Edmund said. "I know I wasn't giving you my full attention. Sometimes it was because I had other things going on and it was hard having to juggle all these things and still keep a straight head". "I wish I could go back in time to right the wrongs I did you in the past but that will just be wishful to say the least", Edmund said as he started to get emotional. "Edmund, are you breaking up with me?", his girlfriend who had just come alive after the bombshell he dropped asked. "I never thought it was ever going to get to this stage but yes, I am breaking up with you", Edmund said. "Now that we are on the same page, I wish you luck in life and good-bye. Edmund saw his girlfriend tear up and he knew if he wasted any more time, he would go back on his words and take her into her room for a hot bout of his favourite exercise so he quickly turned and started to walk away. His girlfriend held onto his shirt but he held her hand, turned and said, "Don't make this any harder for us, please. He put her hands by her side and walked into the darkness slowly. He stopped by a supermarket to get some biscuits but as he entered the shop, he was met by loud music and the song he heard playing was 'What a friend we have in Jesus'. He walked out onto the lonely street, the words of the song echoed in his head and for the first time in a long time, he said a prayer. "Dear God, I know I have messed up big time and I know you are mad at me but just like the song, I have realized that I have carried burdens bigger than myself and forfeited the peace that comes from you". "Tonight, I give you me, please help me to make the right choices and take me back". "Please, sweet Lord, lead me to rest because I know only you can give me the kind of peace and rest that nobody can take away", he then continued into the darkness...
I believe that many people can relate with Edmund's escapades. There are many things one can learn from the story. It took a while but Edmund is doing well, both Jemima and his girlfriend are also okay but the scars of what happened are still living with them. One thing I learnt personally is that, when you tell one lie, you would need to tell a hundred others to cover up for the first. As human as we are, there is no telling the number of things that we have to put up with. A lot of things influence our decisions and judgment. More often than not we are in a hurry to find peace, love,satisfaction, happiness, success and all the good things life has to offer. One thing I have come to realize is that nothing in life comes easy and anything that comes into your life fast will leave faster than it came. We all crave for beautiful people with good hearts but sometimes, you cannot always get all you ask for. Life is made up of ups and downs so no need to be in a hurry to get the goodies in life because if this story is anything to go by, one can clearly see that not every beautiful thing is good but on the contrary, all good things also turn out to be beautiful. The issue of sex has taken a different twist in the light of the times we find ourselves in. The same can be said of adolescence and growing up. This story I believe will serve as a wake up call, just like a good friend said and will teach us some lessons going forward. Relationships are hard sometimes, the temptations involved are a lot. Our foundation in a relationship should be clearly established before we send the wrong signals. The story touches on indecisiveness, commitment, the role of effective parental guidance, morality, jealousy, effects of lies, lust, betrayal and the human tendency of only running for help when we hit rock-bottom. Let us use these to mirror our lives and see where we stand. Life is meant to be enjoyed. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this has been a "true story" R.A.T (RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT). More at

Read EPISODES I to IX here in case you need to follow the story.

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