Monday, 15 June 2015


Jemima's words echoed in Edmund's ears several times as he stood rooted to the spot where he answered the phone call. The words that kept ringing in his head were, 'dying' and 'blood'. "I have killed Jemima", Edmund said. "Oh my God, I have ended an innocent girl's life", Edmund added as he trembled at the thought of losing Jemima. Now, he did not know whether to continue to the pharmacist's house or to go back and see Jemima. He was so shell-shocked and confused that he began talking to himself. "What if I go back to her place and find her dead or she happens to die in my presence?" "What possible explanation can I render to her parents or my parents?" "What if they involve the police, how would I explain why and how she died?" "Oh God, I have ended a life and I have destroyed my future". "I will definitely go to jail for murder". "Look at where a brief moment of pleasure is about to land me". He stood there lost in thought for a while and suddenly said, "I know what to do". "I will go home and pretend nothing happened". "If I am asked, I would just say I have been home all day and I haven't been to Jemima's". "My mother will vouch for me". "She will be my perfect alibi". "After all, she will not watch on for her only son to be put behind bars". "She has a reputation to protect". "Let Jemima suffer alone". "Rest in peace, Jemima". "The sex was great". He stood there and called the pharmacist twice but there was no answer. He had intended to cover his tracks should the worse happen so, he planned to tell the pharmacist not to mention what transpired between them to any soul, be they living or dead. He began pacing up and down the street corner and was weighing up his options. "What if Jemima is calling for help right now?", he said. "She would definitely mention my name and I would be implicated". "No!". "I can't let that happen!". He decided to go back to Jemima's house to see out the deed. As he got there, Jemima was bleeding but it was not like Edmund had imagined. There were two rags soaked with blood. Edmund went close and saw huge clots of blood wrapped in the rags. "Where did these come from?",he questioned Jemima. "Don't stand there and ask me silly questions!", Jemima yelled. Surprisingly, she claimed she was not in pain. "Eddie, what have you done? See where your insatiable libido is about to land both of us? Jemima said when he got closer. He was trembling because he had not seen such a sight before. Jemima only had on a T-shirt which was almost completely drenched with blood. She was totally naked from her waist downwards. "Oh my Jem, I am very sorry that you had to go through such an ordeal". "I wish I could...", Edmund's phone rang, he thought it was the pharmacist but it was his girlfriend. Edmund quickly put his finger on his lips to signal Jemima to be quiet and whispered to her that it was his mother who was calling. "Hey handsome, you've been avoiding me lately, any reason?", his girlfriend asked. "I need you to accompany me to town". "Don't say no. "I will call you when I am ready". "Love you, bye", she added. Edmund hang up the phone and saw Jemima packing the blood-soaked rags into a black plastic bag. Edmund stood there looking at Jemima's bent over figure and for the first time, no lustful thought came to mind. He was glad that the "operation" was a success. He suddenly remembered the panic attack he had earlier and he was amused by his level of cowardice. Suddenly, Jemima yelled, "Something is coming, Eddie!". Jemima started bleeding again profusely. She went down on her knees and started  coughing. One would have expected a different reaction but surprisingly, Edmund broke out in tears, "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God", he cried. "Don't you dare die on me", he added. Jemima looked up, puzzled. She did not know whether to laugh out loud or cry out at Edmund's sudden outburst. She pulled herself together and said, "Young man, you better stop this nonsense and get me to a doctor before I pass out". "You didn't show signs of weakness when you were having me for lunch and dinner". They got ready to visited the hospital. They were directed to go and see the gynaecologist. As Jemima entered the consultation room, Edmund was asked to stay outside. He decided to take a stroll and prayed that he would not run into any of those "gossips" who knew his mother. To his disappointment, he saw a familiar face in a distance. He wanted to confirm it so he drew a bit closer. It was his girlfriend and she was walking hand in hand with another guy who looked familiar to Edmund. The guy escorted Edmund's girlfriend to the gate. As they got there, his girlfriend turned and placed a kiss on the guy's lips. "You snake", Edmund said as he fumed. More soon. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a  "true story" RAT ( RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT). More at
Read EPISODES I to VII here in case you need to follow the story.

King Yobo, C.E.O of ROYAL NATION FAMILY is a reggae/dancehall artiste residing in TEMA the hub of good music... Having released a couple of singles like "the heir","to Jah","GH party" and "gial a kill me". He is set to release another banger on the 1st of July, "GHANA FESTIVAL". Watch this space for it's maiden release. R.N.F: YEYE WE SAY, ASO WE SAY!!!!!

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