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Rejoice waited for several days to pass before trying to call Frank. She didn't want it to be too obvious that she was making passes at Frank considering his 'loss'. The first time she tried calling Frank, he was hostile and hang up. She decided to give Frank another call and was once again greeted with hostility, "What is the matter again, Rejoice?", Frank asked sternly as he answered her call. "I was just calling to check up on you and see if you needed some company", Rejoice said softly. "I am a changed person, Frank". "I don't know why you are being so cold towards me when all I have ever wanted was to be with you and love you like no other woman will", Rejoice added. "Rejoice, all the trouble and disgrace that you have caused me, do you think they can ever be erased?", Frank asked her. "I know I treated you unfairly in the past, that is why I am asking you for this opportunity to make the past errors go away with my tender loving care", Rejoice said. "A snake will always be a snake, Rejoice", Frank told her. "I don't mean to be rude but I don't see a future or anything materializing between us", Frank said. "Are you acting up because of that nurse?", Rejoice asked. "If you try any of your silly games with her, I will kill you". "This is not a threat dear, it is an advice". "And yes, she is the reason for my behaviour". "Have a lovely day, Rejoice", Frank said and hang up the phone. He did not want to have anything to do with her even if they had to be just friends. Frank never thought of going out with Rita considering the fact that Rita knew Leticia and he could not see himself falling in love with any one else. Soon, he decided to give love another chance and he wanted to give it a try with Rita. With the passage of time, he began to fall deeply in love with Rita. He had soon forgotten about the hurt he had to go through because of Leticia. On one of their many nights out, he confessed to Rita, "If I ever told you that I could have imagined myself falling so much in love with you, it would have been a lie". "Every other woman appeared like Leticia to me". "I love you so much, Rita", Frank added. Falling in love with Frank was so easy for Rita. She had already been in love with him from the get go. Gabriel and Leticia were also having good times together. They spent most of the time together either in the office or at Gabriel's plush apartment. Gabriel had used his connections to get Leticia into  Law school and she was doing well. Soon, the calls Leticia made to Frank reduced to the barest minimum. Deep down, Leticia missed Frank because he had a beautiful soul and was selfless, unlike Gabriel who was strict and wanted the best for himself first before anyone else. There were certain times that she felt like going back to Frank but it was too late. On one of her nights out at Gabriel's apartment, Leticia had to go to the taxi terminal to pick a taxi home because Gabriel had to attend to a family emergency that night so he could not take her home. When she got to the terminal, there were two people seated in the commercial taxi that was supposed to take her home. She sat in the back seat of the car and greeted the occupants politely. Soon, the last passenger boarded the taxi and the driver sped off out of the terminal. Halfway through the journey, Leticia, who was sitting by the right side door was asked by the driver to close her side of the door because it was not closed properly. She tried hard but all attempts to open the door and shut it properly proved futile so the lady sitting next to her offered her assistance. With a few cranks, the woman opened the door and shut it firmly. A few minutes after this incident, the driver complained  of experiencing a fault and asked that Leticia to get down from the car for him to get his tools from under the seat since they were at her side of the back seat. As Leticia stepped unto the road, the driver, who had parked the car in an alley quickly sped off and Leticia became alarmed. She had heard that people got robbed at night in that part of town so she wanted to fetch her phone from her handbag and call her dad. She dipped her hand in her bag but her phone was not in it. She was confused. It then dawned on her that she had been robbed by the people in the taxi. A neighbour once recounted how she was robbed the same way. She had been robbed by a taxi syndicate where unsuspecting passengers are robbed of their belongings with the "Close the door trick" and surprisingly, it works most of the time. She was far off from her house and had no money too. She walked for a while and stopped by a communication's centre to make a phone call. She did not want to scare her dad and also did not want to let Gabriel cut short attending to his family emergency to come and pick her up so she decided to call Frank. It had been a while since she saw or heard from him and she knew Frank will always come to her rescue no matter what. Frank had almost dozed off when he heard his phone ringing. He wondered who could be calling him at that time of the night. He did not want to answer at first but when the call came through the second time, he lazily reached for his phone and saw an unknown number. "Who could this be?", he asked himself and answered the call. "Doctor Frank here, may I know who I am speaking with?", Frank asked in a professional tone. "Frank, it is me", Leticia said. When Frank heard the voice coming from the other end of the phone, he quickly sat up and all the sleep miraculously vanished because he knew who that voice belonged to. "Leticia, where are you?" "Are you alright?" "Whose number is this?",Frank asked all at once. "Frank, I got robbed and I am stranded, I am calling you from a communication centre and if you don't come and pick me up, I will not be able to even pay for this phone call", Leticia explained. In about half an hour, Frank parked his car in front of the communication's centre, paid for Leticia's call and ushered her into the car. There was silence as he drove towards Leticia's house. Leticia suddenly broke the silence, "It's been a while, Frank and I miss you". "I miss you too, Tish but now we are both seeing other people so I don't think we should complicate matters any further", Frank said with a straight face. Leticia looked disappointed but still, in the softest voice possible, she struggled to let out the words, "Thank you so much for always being there for me, Frank". Frank looked at her and suddenly, like a rush of water, all the feelings he had painstakingly learnt to let go started coming back to him. He held her neck and they shared a passionate kiss. She asked him to park the car. They squeezed themselves in the backseat of Frank's car and for the first time, they made love. It was a brief moment of unmeasurable pleasure because they both enjoyed it. After they made love, Frank took her home and they promised not to tell either Gabriel or Rita what had happened between them. Weeks had passed and Frank had not mentioned a word of his escapade with Leticia to Rita. Frank had been planning on asking Rita to marry him so he planned a romantic dinner to make the announcement. Rita was running late on the day of the date so Frank had to wait on her a while longer. Soon, his phone vibrated and he knew it was Rita who was probably sending a message to explain why she was late. When he picked the phone, the message was from Leticia instead and it read, "Frank, I think I am pregnant" "Call me".... My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a  "My Priceless Dreams©".
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