Monday, 3 August 2015


"Oh my God, this can't be possible", Rejoice's number on Gabriel's phone?" "How did they know each other?"Leticia wondered as she hurriedly walked towards the hospital. "How did Rejoice know Gabriel?" "I hope and pray that they were not once or are still intimate because if they were or are, it will be disastrous", she added. "Now I don't know how I am going to ask Gabriel about this because he will think I don't trust him". "Why am I even worried about this, Frank will always be there for me so if I realize that Gabriel is messing up, I would just go to my Frank", Leticia thought to herself as she entered the hospital. Rose was still laying in bed unconscious. Frank was watching over her. He was so delighted that the operation was successful. He personally hosted the Cuban doctor in his house just to make his stay comfortable and to provide him with a quiet place to meet and prepare with the other doctors before the operation. He sat there and could only imagine the look on Leticia's face when she finally walked into the room to see for herself how successful the operation was. Soon, there was a knock on the door and as it  slowly opened, a head appeared. It was Rita. She had come to see if everything was fine and had also come to check up on Frank. "Has my favourite doctor had supper already?", she asked as she entered the room. Frank looked up and saw her. His face brightened as he saw her. "It is always a delight seeing you, Rita". "You need to go home and rest, doc, you can't overwork yourself", Rita said. "Little Rose will be fine". "There are enough qualified health workers here who will take very good care of her". "I know your girlfriend will be so proud of you for what you have done", Rita added. Frank had told Rita that he was already in a relationship with Leticia and she knew almost everything in their relationship because Frank told her everything. "Frank, please get going, after all, visiting hours are over", she added. Frank laughed and said, "That is very funny, you know I work here so I can stay here as long as l want, you are rather the visitor and you should leave first. Rita went close to Frank, held his hand and started to yank him out of his seat. Frank pulled her towards himself and tried to kiss her. Rita pulled her head back. "There is a little girl in here, Frank, please behave", Rita said. "You wouldn't want your little sister-in-law see you like this, Rita added jokingly. Don't get carried away to think that she can't hear us. Frank looked towards Rose's direction and sat down again. Rita started to yank him again from the chair when Leticia walked into the room. "Frank, what are you doing?", Leticia yelled. Rita, out of shock let go of Frank and he dropped heavily back into his seat. "Tish, relax, this is Rita, a very good friend of mine". Rita extended her hand to exchange pleasantries with Leticia but Leticia felt intimidated by Rita's good looks so although she extended her hand for a handshake, she felt uncomfortable the entire time. "Leticia, I have heard a lot about you from Frank", Rita started. "He just cant keep quiet about how wonderful you are". "This young man really loves you and would do anything for you". Rita had sensed the tension in the room and wanted to diffuse it by reassuring Leticia of Frank's commitment to her. "I have to take my leave now", Rita said and left the three of them in the room. Immediately she stepped out, Leticia fired off, "I don't like her at all". "Who?", Frank asked. "Rita of course, I feel threatened by her and I feel with time, you would like her more and stop loving me". "I can't stand to see a repeat of what happened between you and Rejoice". Frank started to get angry and told her, "I keep telling you not to tag me with that Rejoice incident, I am totally innocent". "It is one thing being accused of doing something you know you are guilty of and an entirely different thing being accused of something you know nothing about just because you are a victim of circumstance". "So is it because of her that you now have the courage to yell at me?", Leticia asked. "If I was yelling, Rose will be up by now.", Frank said. "Now that you are here, let's do this, Tish, you no longer have time for me", Frank lamented. "It is either you are working on some groundbreaking cases for your boss or assisting Gabriel to do one thing or another". "Your sister, just a few hours ago was between the gates of life and death and you were nowhere to be found", Frank added. "I thought you said your family was your most priceless asset but in this case, I beg to differ". "You let your poor dad and sister down when they needed you the most, shame on you Leticia", Frank said as he walked towards the bed side to check on Rose. "I am sorry, Frank", I was caught up with work", Leticia said. "You don't need to explain anything, I already know", Frank said sarcastically. "Frank, this is so not you", Leticia said. "You would never talk to me this way even if I was the one at fault", she added. "We should just forget it and be thankful that Rose is fine and will be free from her attacks", Frank said. Upon hearing that, Leticia hugged Frank and whispered into his ears, "I don't know what I would have done without you in my life, baby, you are a gift from God to me to replace my mother". Frank smiled and hugged Leticia even more tightly. In a week's time, Rose was discharged from the hospital and a small party was organized to welcome her safely back home. Frank asked permission to invite Rita since she was in a way involved in the operation. Rose agreed but on the condition that Frank would limited his interactions with her. The party was organized in Leticia's house. Leticia had also invited Gabriel but he had not turned up even though the party had started hours ago. When Gabriel suddenly showed up, he explained that he had to pick his sister up from a wedding and that explained why he was late. He asked Leticia to come out and meet his sister who was waiting in his car. As they got out, Leticia straightened her dress and put on a broad smile on her face to create a good first impression. The person in the passenger's seat rolled down the window and like clock work, the smile on Leticia's face quickly wore off. "Meet my little sister, Rejoice, Gabriel said..... WHAT NEXT? REVENGE?. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a "story about a journey" RAT (RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT). More at

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