Friday, 21 August 2015


“Jesus!”, Frank yelled as he rushed in a frantic effort to prevent Leticia from slipping and falling into the cesspit. He was too late to prevent the inevitable from happening but he was fast enough to avoid the unthinkable from happening. Leticia had slipped and fallen into the cesspit but only one of her legs entered the pit. She held the baby tightly with both hands and was also held tightly by Frank who was scared to death at what would have happened should she have fallen into the cesspit. “I told you to stay put”, Frank yelled at Leticia as he forcibly took the baby from Leticia. He held the baby tightly in one hand and helped Leticia out of the pit with the other hand. He went into the room and got Leticia a bucket of water, sponge and soap to thoroughly wash down after that unfortunate incident. “Leticia, please hear me out”, Frank started to speak after Leticia had taken her bath and changed her clothes. “In my heart of hearts, I know that you would love for us to be together”, Frank continued. “I always had that in mind too from the first day we met but things didn’t go the way I planned”. “I would not want us to play the blame game here as to who is to blame for our relationship hitting the rocks”. “We would be doing ourselves a great disservice which would lead nowhere”. “We have grown out of it and thank God that I would always have a piece of you always in my life and in my heart in the form of our lovely daughter, Bridget”. Leticia knew from the way Frank spoke and from the way he constantly paused as he spoke to take a look at the wedding ring he had on his finger that his mind was made up; he was in love with Rita and didn’t want to jeopardize their union.  He had chosen Rita and that decision would not be altered. “How would I possibly explain myself to this little girl that her daddy cannot live with us but has to live elsewhere?”, Leticia asked Frank with tears in her eyes. “You know that I need a man to keep me company in these times that I feel like breaking down”. “I grew up with both parents till they separated, but my daughter won’t even so much as have that chance of waking up to see her mummy and daddy together, having breakfast together and helping her with her homework”, Leticia said with tears rolling down her cheeks. “I believe I can’t win your love back but please whenever I call upon you with issues relating to this innocent child, please do not disappoint me”, Leticia said. Frank promised to give his best possible in ensuring that their daughter got the best in life. That Saturday night, he got home late due to the incident at Leticia’s house.

When he got home, he tried to explain himself to Rita and it seemed she was beginning to get fed up with his ‘frequent Saturday visits’. “Frank, how do you expect me to also get pregnant and bear our own children if you have to spend all your time with Leticia and her daughter?”, Rita asked. “What is that supposed to mean, Rita”, Frank asked while taking off his shirt. “I thought we agreed on this”, Frank, who was sensing jealousy asked. “We discussed this and…”, Frank wanted to explain. “We discussed this but is that what you agreed on?”, Rita cut in. “You told me that I am your priority but it turns out your daughter is far more important to you than me now.” “I just hope you don’t end up getting her mother pregnant again”. “Frank, I swear to God, if that happens, you would come back home to meet an empty house, trust me”. “I am not a trophy, I am a woman, I want to carry my own children, please stay home and fulfil your part of this deal”, Rita complained. Frank walked up to where Rita was sitting, held her up and pressed his chest against hers and put his hands firmly around her waist. “From the day I decided to commit my future to you, nothing has changed about it”. “My mind is made up and I have no doubt whatsoever as to having mixed feelings for you because my love for you today is still fresh like the first time we met”, Frank said and kissed her. “Get off me”, Rita said and pushed Frank away. “You only come here and give me your words and assurances and then you leave me hanging”. “We live in a society where these things really matter and I would not want to be put up for discussion by some people and tagged for the wrong reasons”. Frank looked at Rita and said to her, “Babe, no need to worry, you would carry your baby soon”. “You know what that means don’t you?”, Frank asked. That very minute Frank passed the comment, Rita took to her heels and Frank chased her around the hall a couple of times. He finally caught her in the middle of the hall, in front of their giant LED TV. “I am closed for business tonight”, Rita said while trying to catch her breath. “We need to make babies”, Frank whispered into her ears. “No, for credit, come tomorrow”, Rita replied and they both laughed uncontrollably. In the midst of the laughter, Frank grabbed Rita, carried her in his arms and marched towards their bedroom. “This is my house and I will not take no for an answer”, Frank said jokingly and shut their bedroom door. Leticia managed to pass out of law school and got called to the Bar almost immediately. She joined one of the top-tier law firms in the country and started making enough money to take care of her siblings. Rose was now in Senior High school and Augustus; their father had retired from active teaching. Leticia managed to rent a 2-bedroom apartment and moved out of the house in which she was born. After they left, they received occasional visits from the other occupants of the house. She had met a guy; Maxwell, a senior associate at her firm. He was a divorced man and had managed to win the custody of his two children after a fierce legal battle with his ex-wife. Even though he was ripe in age as compared to Leticia, he was very gentle and humble. He appeared to be very responsible and started a relationship with Leticia. Soon, he proposed to her and a marriage ceremony followed. Leticia and Bridget moved in to stay with Maxwell and his children in their estate mansion. Frank and Rita were at the wedding ceremony of Leticia which was organised in grand style.

It had been two years since the night Frank chased Rita around the hall and yet, children were not forthcoming. It was in the third year of that event that Rita finally took seed and to everyone’s amazement, Rita gave birth to twins and named them Edwin and Edwina. Frank continued to visit Bridget at Maxwell’s house and made sure she enjoyed the very best of everything life could offer.  Gabriel got married to his childhood sweetheart.  Rejoice was still hopping from one man to another……........

Life offers so many experiences if we will simply take time to ponder over some of the things we go through personally. I believe many of us can relate either with or to this story. I would not want to argue for guys to make the whole thing seem bias but I believe that our women are fragile and need to be treated as such. I realized that for some strange reason, women are attracted to “fresh attention” or fresh feelings or new people and would jump at any given opportunity to experience fresh feeling from these new people. I asked a lady friend of mine and she compared it to buying a new shoe. “You would treat the new one better”, she said. But should that always be the case? Sometimes, we seem to blame many factors for our shortcomings but one lesson I learnt from a very good friend is that, “Karma can’t always be blamed. You have to learn to believe in yourself and love yourself before you can genuinely love or share your being with another individual. Slow but steady always wins the race”. Some guys are troublesome. They may not be ready for commitment like Gabriel and would only want to play around with the feelings of others. It is hard to tell these signs if you asked me. We all need patience and forecast to tell these things. To everyone in a relationship, any kind of relationship we should “Cherish your significant other like you cherish your appearance, know your significant other and own them like a treasure you will never sell. Above all, nourish your love for each other only if you believe they will nourish us as well”. There are more lessons to be learnt because sometimes, when you have not really fallen flat on your face, you won’t know how it hurts treating a lip wound. Experiences are good only when they teach valuable lessons.  My name is EDWIN OKO LAMPTEY and this has been my “PRICELESS DREAMS SERIES©”. FROM RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHTS® More at
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