Monday, 16 March 2015


I was coming back from work yesterday and I was thinking of  a good friend of mine. His story made me come to a realization that we sometimes overrate our problems. Sometimes we are "blinded" by our problems and we seem to forget that solutions are sometimes not too far away. My friend has a female friend, he was just coming out of a break up. This female friend actually helped him back on his feet after his "near-death" experience. This lady is amazing, single, in love and yet my friend's "shortsightedness" or his lack of vision thereof is making him look elsewhere for a "comforter" while there is one right in front of him. I know people would say "what if he does not want such a lady?". My response is, "you cannot judge if you have not tried". This is not a story, this is something that is happening. More often than not, you would find a lady who receives so much attention, care, support and love from a particular guy, this guy falls in love with the lady yet the lady is busy looking elsewhere for some "imaginary" prince charming to whisk her off her feet when her solution is in that young man. The issues of life are many but it is quite amazing the places that one can find solutions to these issues and what is more true is that these solutions are often not far off like we think. We sometimes look too deeply and fail to see that sometimes life's solutions are wrapped in very simple things if only we would take our time to look. There are times you would find people searching for knowledge from books; expensive books yet they seem not to be satisfied with all their findings. Knowledge they say is power but not found in powerful books. Sometimes we look in the wrong places for answers to life's questions when we can look into say our scrapbook for a little quote we wrote down, or even diary or just a chapter from an old story book or a religious journal which may hold the solution to the issue we may be facing. We do not need to know or have everything in order to find satisfaction sometimes the little we have and know can do "mighty" things. Sometimes we mistake problems to mean setbacks, shortcomings or limitations but in actual fact some problems are what you need to break free from certain situations.
Sometimes we do not need the big things in life to make us grow or shine. Sometimes it is the unwanted things like pain, frustration, heartbreak, a quest for self actualization that we need to motivate us rise to the top. You do not need to have a rich dad, silver spoon, university degree or even a millionaire boyfriend to make something of yourself. Sometimes all you may need are some tears, a few times sleeping on an empty stomach, a few nights when you had to cry yourself to sleep, rejection and so on to make you realize and wake up to turn things around. When you get to that turning point; that "do or die" moment, you would stand up and fight and tell yourself "never again am I going to find myself in this place again" and that, my friends would be the solution you were desperately needing. It would amaze you how that little motivational speech you gave yourself can carry you out of the "mess". It is good to have all the things money can and the things money cannot buy but sometimes when your heart is at peace, nothing else matters. When we know where to look, some of our "overrated" problems would be a thing of the past because  sometimes, what we are desperately searching for is right in front of us. This is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a RANDOM AFRICAN  THOUGHT.
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