Wednesday, 4 March 2015


The world from inception has many problems right from Adam. Even worse are the problems associated with humanity. We have to deal with growing up, adolescence, relationships, career choices, family life and a host of other issues. I made an observation that the problems of world keep compounding because we too often depend on what I call pseudo- solutions to take care of our problems. We often depend too much on other people and things to solve our problems for us. Picture a woman having marital problems and has to sleep with a pastor to solve the issue. How does that make your husband love you or how does that go in solving the issue? Governments depend so much on others to help them solve some issues that can be solved from within with no strings attached. People are faced with sanitation problems and expect the government to perform magic to make their neighbourhood clean. You need a job you have all the qualifications yet you pray about it and go to sleep thinking God will turn into a postman and send your cv's round for you. My brothers and sisters, faith without works is dead. Some parents who have sons and daughters sometimes tend to believe that their sons need to do all the learning and "climbing the social ladder". They are of the view that some rich business tycoon would come and marry off their daughters so they do not need to work that hard. What happened to self-actualization? What happened to being independent and carving out a solid foundation for one's self? Religion has in a way been used as a tool by some people to cloud people's judgement. I was amazed when I visited a market in my locality to find it almost deserted. I was told that most of the market women had left their wares and had gone to church to purchase a special "fan" that would get their wares sold. I was stunned. How do you make money if you leave your wares unattended to? Pseudo solutions have made dubious people put on "halos" and are committing heinous crimes. Sometimes I do not blame them because as human as we are, we tend to be desperate. With that being said, it does not mean we should lose our sense of reasoning when we find ourselves in crisis. I am of the view that if we took bold steps in solving our problems by ourselves, the world would be a much better place where people will not take advantage of us by proposing to provide solutions to our problems. We are the architects of our lives. Let us fix it ourselves. This is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT. More @

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