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"What did you just say?", Frank asked as if he didn't hear Rejoice the first time. "I said Leticia is coming here, duh", Rejoice said. Frank was totally confused and kept turning in circles. "Is it that trouble knows you by name or something?". "Everywhere your name is mentioned, the only thing that comes in it's wake is trouble", Frank said. "Wait a minute, you knew she was coming here and you deliberately came here with a flimsy excuse of coming to apologise for that fiasco and then end up here just when she is coming to make the untrue appear true and to destroy my chances of ever getting back with Leticia". Frank added. "That is so not true", Rejoice cut in. Before she could rebut Frank's accusation, he held her neck and pushed her against the door, "now you, listen to me". "I am going to get Leticia back, do you understand?" "I don't expect you or anyone else to stand in my way". "I wish I could just throw you over my balcony but that would be more scandalous",Frank added. "I am going to tell you what we are going to do". "I am going to go out there to meet her, go unto my balcony, and hide yourself behind the fridge, there is a blind for changing there, fix it in such a way that it is going to make you appear invisible". "Do you understand?" "Should anything go wrong, I am going to ensure that I kill you, try me, young lady, try me", Frank warned. He pushed her aside and showed her where the balcony was. He kept his composure and started opening the door, before he stepped out, he turned and shouted after her, "even if you so much as breathe too heavily, you would be in trouble". "Funny how your game plan has blown up in your face right?" Frank then stepped out and closed the door behind him. He hurried to the porter's cabin and bought some sardines and he heard his name as he took his change. He turned and acted so surprised, "Wow, Leticia, what a pleasant surprise". "How are you?" "I've missed you to pieces". "I am fine", Leticia responded. They walked down the hallway towards Frank's room. As they got to the door, Frank held the door knob and turned to look at Leticia. "What is it?",Leticia asked. "Nothing, I just missed that pretty face and awesome smile", Frank flattered. "Your flattery doesn't tickle me one bit", Leticia said coldly. "Just open the door". Frank opened the door and they stepped in. Leticia said her purpose for coming there was to return a blazer she took from Frank one cold night. She started walking towards the balcony's door to drop it in the laundry basket Frank kept there. As she opened the door, Frank called out her name, "Leticia, I love you". She shook her head and went unto the balcony. She immediately screamed from the balcony, "Frank, what is this? Frank's heart missed a beat and he asked, "what is what?". He quickly rushed to the balcony. Leticia pointed to him a bunch of dirty dishes it seemed he had left unwashed. "Please I am sorry, I will clear it immediately", Frank said as he realized it was not about Rejoice. He placed the blind properly and started collecting the dishes. He asked permission to wash them later and Leticia agreed. They both stepped back into the room and Frank used it as an opportunity to win her love back. It seemed the more he tried to defend himself, the angrier Leticia got. "You know what hurts me most are lies so please just tell me the truth", Leticia said. "I have been telling you the truth ever since this issue started", Frank begged. After all his pleas had fallen on deaf ears, Leticia said,"I want to take my leave Frank". "Okay", Frank agreed without arguing. As Leticia got to the door, she turned and suddenly hugged Frank, "I miss you so much Frank, I just had to find a way of coming to see you so I searched through my stuff and found the blazer so I quickly decided to come and visit you". She kissed Frank and before they could realize, they were all over each other. Frank pushed her unto his bed and lay on top of her. She pushed him aside and said, "prove to me that you really miss me and want to spend the rest of your life with me". "You know I would do anything for you", Frank said, as he unbuttoned his shirt forgetting that Rejoice was still on the balcony. "I am not asking you to go down on me yet my dear". "You should be able to wait till we are legally married to have me", that is what I mean". "Wear your shirt and accompany me to the roadside". "Tish, why?", Frank asked almost wanting to cry. "I hear you". "Let us go", Frank said, hiding his disappointment. They stepped out and Leticia left for her hostel. Frank went back into the room and went to his balcony. He parted the blind but to his surprise, Rejoice was not behind it. He looked over the balcony to see if she had accidentally fallen over but she was not there. He got alarmed and came back into the room and called out Rejoice's name. "Rejoice, are you here?" He heard a squeak and soon, Rejoice came out from under the bed. Frank burst out into uncontrollable laughter. "You see where wrong desire can end a person?", Frank asked her. She was so ashamed as she explained, "there was so much heat coming out from behind the fridge so I figured the bed would be a better hiding spot". "That was smart on your part anyway", Frank teased. Frank bade her farewell and asked her to leave. Soon Leticia and Frank were back together. They stayed together till they both completed school. Rejoice was never bold enough to come clean with Leticia. This created a big dent in their friendship after school. Frank worked in a hospital and Leticia worked as a lawyer's secretary. It was the period she met Gabriel, a young lawyer who had just been employed by her boss.....more soon. The tables are about to turn. My name is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a "story about a journey RAT (RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHTS). More at

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