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Ever since Leticia started working at the law firm, Frank noticed a few changes in her attitude. She seemed to have less and less time to sit and talk. If she had to talk, it was how a client had brought a case she thought was winnable if her boss approached it in a particular way. On one of their nights out on a weekend, Leticia went on and on about her work. Frank cut in and said, "Why don't you pursue and aspire to become a lawyer?" It seems to me that you are really passionate about it". "Gabriel, I really am". "Some of the cases are so intriguing and they appear to be following logic but they keep on taking twists and turns, filled with surprise tactics, surprise attacks and implicating evidence", Leticia said. "Hold on, you just called me Gabriel", Frank interjected. Leticia looked stunned and asked, "Did I?" "I am sorry Frank dear", Leticia added. "You still haven't answered my question", Frank said forcefully trying to satisfy his curiosity. "Relax, he is just a lawyer at the firm". "My boss asked us to work together on arranging case files". "I also assist him in researching on cases and I send him model cases whenever I get them from my boss". "He is on probation so he doesn't really go to court". "We therefore spend most of the working hours together when my boss is out of the office and is in court", Leticia explained. "Is he married?", Frank asked. "No", Leticia replied. "He says he is still looking for the perfect woman to compliment his ambitions". As she spoke, Frank looked at her in silence. "You guys talk about your private lives too?" "Yes", Leticia replied, looking curious and tried to anticipate Frank's next question. "Gabriel relax, nothing will ever happen between I and him". "Besides, he knows I am in a relationship and he is too much of a gentleman", Leticia said. "This, I find hard to believe because you just called me Gabriel again". "I don't want it to seem like I am nagging or complaining too much". "Just know that I love you so much and I am just a man who can also get jealous". "Please be careful", Frank added. "Frank, I know that many people doubt this when it is said but take it from me, nothing or no one can change my love for you", Leticia said. "I am a guy and I know what guys are capable of", Frank argued. "That is hasty generalization, my dear Frank", Leticia rebutted. "All guys are not the same", Leticia added. Leticia spent more time working with Gabriel at work and soon, she had grown fond of him. She was always in a hurry to go to work to see him. Gabriel was tall, well-built and always dressed sharply. He came from a well to do family. He told her of how his father was duped by his business partners and for a while, they had to live in poverty till his father struggled to get back on his feet. He vowed to become a lawyer so that things like that never happened to anyone again. That passion and drive made him excel so much as a young lawyer. Soon, he had become a priceless asset to the firm because of his impeccable understanding of the law. He often stayed long hours in the office to go over cases and also helped his boss prepare for cases. He was also of the view that Leticia had the potential of becoming a brilliant lawyer because she had passion for her job. Gabriel started taking keen interest in Leticia but from the time he entered the firm, he vowed not to entangle himself with 'office romance' so he steered clear off developing any sexual feeling or emotional attachment for her. So he struggled to keep their relationship at the "colleague stage". Frank branched into brain surgery and put all his effort into it. His main aim of venturing into that field was because of Rose. He vowed to help her treat the fits that she had. He knew that if he was able to achieve that feat, Leticia will always be in his debt and it would seal their love because he knew how important the welfare of her family was to her so he vowed to do whatever he could to cure her.  Leticia was in the office when Gabriel asked for her opinion on a case, she felt it was an easy case because the evidence was implicating. She pointed out a few flaws in the opponent's case after studying the case for a while. Gabriel looked stunned and still maintained that she should enrol in the law school. Gabriel took the case file from her and out of nowhere, he kissed Leticia. It felt good so Leticia returned the kiss. Soon, they were all over the office table making love. After the incident, Leticia walked up to Gabriel's cubicle and said, "This should not have happened, Gabby". "You know I have a boyfriend and an affair is the last thing I want to have". "More so, one with you because my boyfriend warned me", she said. "You discuss me with your boyfriend?, Gabriel asked rhetorically "I was carried away by your beauty and intelligence", Gabriel said. "We should not mix work with emotions, please". "Let us act professionally and please for the record, this should not happen again", Gabriel added. After being with Gabriel, Leticia became distant from Frank and it made him more worried and suspicious. He therefore wanted to solidify their relationship so he asked Leticia to come and visit him at home. She rejected the offer initially but Frank insisted and she finally agreed to see him. On the day of the visit, she went with Rose because Frank insisted on bringing her. When they got there, Frank introduced Leticia and Rose to his mother and made clear his intentions for her.  Her mother, who was highly educated but remained staunchly superstitious vigorously interrogated Leticia. They instantly took a liking for each other. Frank asked to be excused to speak to Leticia. Immediately they entered Frank's room, Frank's mother screamed out and called for the two of them to return. When they got into the hall, Rose was bleeding and vigorously convulsing...More soon
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