Tuesday, 24 February 2015


I always knew I had some ability to write even before I went to high school. Some of my friends knew of this "ability" of mine. It was only when I started writing these RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT®  pieces that I realized that my friends' knowledge of this my ability was only an assumption. The popular question was "are you writing these yourself?" Some of them thought I was cutting writings  from other sources and piecing them together and presenting it as my own. Others thought I was forwarding the messages from another source. Others, on the other hand sounded their appreciation and how proud they were of me for my efforts. I was sitting on my bed trying to "piece" my thoughts together and I came to the realization that your "assumed" ability means nothing to the world till the world sees evidence of achievement from that ability. Simply put, your ability means nothing till you take action. Your ability, talent, knowledge, qualification will only be known to only you till you do something worthwhile or something worth knowing. Relating this to the world of work, I have noticed that employers no more employ people based on qualification but based on experience and this experience came about as a result of action ( working). Same way, you can profess your love to a woman using all of Shakespeare's romantic language. All your "sweet words" would come to naught if she does not see evidence of your ability. Your ability is what probably earns you a living so if you do not make it known how do you expect to get paid? Let us let our skills and abilities do the talking and there would not be the need for us to open our mouths. Even in an altercation let your ability do the talking. It bores me to death to see two people arguing and insulting each other when their ability (fists) should be the ones arguing. When I happen to chance upon such a scene all I do is yell "People, please stop the lyrical and get on with the physical". It works like magic, everyone walks away leaving the "fight" in a stalemate. It always turns out that they are all cowards and loudmouths anyway - just on the lighter side. On a more serious note, let us all strive to let our achievements speak for us. If it is the case that we have not achieved anything yet, let us persevere and win some achievement trophies. It is the sure way to success and respect. This has been a RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT and my name is Edwin Oko Lamptey.
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