Thursday, 19 February 2015


Some people are motivated easily but for others, it takes a great deal of effort to get them motivated. Motivation is very objective; what motivates one person may not motivate another. I hear money is a general motivator but even that is debatable. I have an adorable twin sister who is almost all the time motivated to carry out house chores but myself, it will take the grace of God for her to get me motivated to join her carry out the weekend chores. I do not really know where she gets her motivation from. I realized that more often than not people who are motivated tend be of the view that people around them should be equally motivated. I said early on that motivation is objective. These "motivated" people tend to think that the "unmotivated" ones are lazy and cannot find the zeal to carry out an assignment. MOTIVATION IS OBJECTIVE. When next you happen to be "beefed" up for an engagement but others around you are not, take it easy, their motivation is coming. We may not be motivational people but what I know is that we are all born-leaders. Everyone of us is a leader. Leading is a natural phenomenon. I know some people will be thinking otherwise but if you looked at yourself critically you would realise that there is a great leader in you. We start leading from infancy. You are a leader if you have to lead if you had to hold the hands of your little siblings and take them to school. We all have the skill of leadership. We just have to fine-tune our leadership skills as we go through life. You may be the leader of your church band; do it with passion, you may be leading a group discussion; do it with passion; you may be leading in the race to win that girl's heart; do it with passion, you may be leading a visually impaired person, to a lecture hall; do it with passion. No matter the situation, if you find yourself in a position of leadership, do it to the best of your ability. You may not know who is being motivated by your leadership. If we learn to pick up these qualities and know that we can lead in our own small way, whenever we are entrusted with much bigger responsibilities, we will not disappoint. We may not be motivational people but we sure are all born-leaders. Let us go through life with this in mind that you do not need to have a great position to influence people but you can influence people greatly in any position you find yourself. THIS IS A RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT. I am Edwin Oko Lamptey.
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