Tuesday, 10 February 2015


I promised a good friend that I was going to do a piece on love for her since she said we were in the month of love- February.
 Thinking of love and a lot of things come to mind. For some strange reason, the first thought that came to mind was "we love those who hurt us and hurt those who love us". My love life has been one hell of a ride. Honestly, if you asked me what my view on love was, I'd say love is the only thing that keeps me alive, it is my hope, my inspiration, my satisfaction, it is what makes me think, what makes me go to work, what makes me feel good about life. In short love is my life. One day a lady asked me, how are you able to love so deeply? This is my love secret and this is what I told her; When I am in love, my lover is my only priority, I look at her just like the first day I fell in love and that is how I see her all the other days that we are together. In short, I find ways of loving my lover more deeply with each day that passes. Well, that has been my undoing in my relationships. Now transferring this mentality into life, when you love something or someone, you give in your all, it shouldn't necessarily be emotional love, it could be religion, your job, future aspiration, business idea, even a hobby. If we resolve to love these engagements with the same kind of passion I'd have for a woman, many of our dreams would become realities and guess what, come the end of the day, we are going to love what we do and also profit greatly from doing what we have come to love. I went on to say that love has also hurt me ,made me cry on certain days, made Alvaro taste like urine, papaye, like sawdust but through it all I didn't give up. In the same vein when our plans turn out undone or didn't go according to how we pictured it, we should resolve to fight to make it better the next time.
I observed for a while that though love is sweet and all, we misuse it. Often times we tend to love other things more than we do people. Like our jobs, money, gadgets to mention but a few. We must strive to love people more. That is the difference between a human being and being human
Sometimes love is used as a tool. In my findings, I came across two types of lovers Some people tend to be natural lovers and others assumed lovers. Natural lovers tend to be slaves to love and assumed lovers; the slave drivers. A natural lover is cool, very collected and highly emotional and would move the world to see a lover smile. Assumed lovers are just natural lovers who were hurt and grew into bitter people who use hasty generalization in love. Natural lovers are often manipulated because of their tender emotional make-up. Assumed lovers normally pretend not to love but in the end, we all meet people who make our worlds go round. I know you were thinking of a particular person while you were reading this piece, don't worry, so was I. THIS IS A RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT( Inspired by Ama Yedua Arthur). BY Edwin Oko Lamptey.
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