Tuesday, 17 February 2015


We have a community centre in my neighbourhood where we meet when we have time to chat, play board games and generally socialize. There is a water dispenser at the community centre. This dispenser was always filled with water from a particular mineral water company with the company's name embossed on it. The water was preferred by all who visited the centre. A new mineral water company had come to town and started supplying water to the town centre. We all had been used to the old mineral water so "patronage" of the new one was very low (not that the water tasted any differently). The caretaker of the centre did something and only revealed it to us two weeks before his retirement. Due to the fact that he knew what appealed to us, he always poured the new mineral water into the old mineral water's container ( unknown to us). In our minds, we were still drinking the water  we preferred. This drew my mind to something. Sometimes we are too interested in the container and forget about the content when it should be the other way round. We often tend to judge people by their appearance and not by what they can offer. Some of our relationships fail because we judge by the container (you know what I mean) and not the contents. We say "appearance is deceptive" but you and I know that appearance attracts us first. We also say, "do not judge a book by its cover" but we do. We are all culprits one way or the other. Being a guy I would normally judge a lady I see by her "container" (most guys do that) because external features of a woman appeals to most (given our changing trends in sexual preference) men.  More often than not we throw the contents to the dogs. This analogy can be applied to many aspects in life from business, marriage, education, jobs and the list goes on and on. I am only saying that it is high time we critically looked at the things we deal with in our everyday lives and pay close attention to the content and not the container. The containers in life are very appealing but it is the content that makes or unmakes a man. Food for thought. This is another RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT and I am Edwin Oko Lamptey. More @
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