Thursday, 26 February 2015


I woke up this morning and I felt like writing a love song to my dearest love. A love song that will reveal all of my heartfelt undying emotions  that are activated when I set my eyes on you. In fact, right from the start, I knew that I have found a home for my heart. Your love completes me completely. Your beauty is like Eden's garden which was made beautiful beyond comprehension and perfect in perfection. The only difference between you and the garden is that the garden's beauty faded with time but your beauty abounds in time. Beautiful is an understatement and cannot describe how I feel in my heart when you smile upon me. With each day that passes, the thought of being your one and only floods the ramparts of my heart and the flood leaves me with nothing but uncontrollable sweetness of heart. I wish you only knew the joy you bring to my heart by the mere thought of you.
Your aura and presence are amazing pain killers and yes, you are such a sight for sore eyes. Your charming voice and abundant grace speaks volumes to the heart. I want to pronounce your name. The letter A in your name means AMAZING because that is exactly how I feel when I am with you. The letter M in your name stands for MUSE because you are my source of inspiration. The letter E in your name makes you my EVERYTHING. The remaining letters of your name I have encoded in this love song and I know you are smiling now because you know exactly where to look. I only wish you knew how my heart longs to be at rest with you. Whenever you are lonely and think that I am far away, always bear in mind that, just because I am not forever by your side doesn't mean that is not precisely where I want to be.
You are life's greatest gift to me.
This is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is a very rare RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT piece. TGIF. MORE at

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