Sunday, 15 February 2015


There is this lady at my office, she is very disciplined and takes her work very seriously. She has never put a foot wrong when it comes to seeing to it that work that she assigns us is done ( she is my boss just so you know). Recently she had an issue at work and my other colleagues actually had a field day when news of her unfortunate predicament broke out at the office. On my way home, I was thinking of the whole situation and I realised that more often than not, people tend to judge others based on their values more than their character. I say this because I know the way the lady is. She wants every job to be carried out perfectly and due to the aggression she puts in to see to it that the job was done, we tagged her to be 'too knowing' and people actually hated her for that. More often than not if a guy hears a lady say " I do not date people I work with", that lady would be tagged as "too knowing". You would often hear, "who do you think you are?" as  a response to that statement. In my opinion, it is the lady's values that makes her not to accept proposals from her colleagues because she knows she cannot cope to have her "man" interrupting her during working hours. When a guy says " I do not like this" or "I do not like that" others think he is too "picky and choosy" but the point is his values will not allow him do anything at anytime without making certain considerations.Many African leaders fell out with their citizens because they(the citizenry) judged them by their values thinking they were over-ambitious and they saw these leaders as dreamers. But their values which they held onto sent them to their graves and the repercussions of our actions(being judgemental) are gravely being regretted. I noticed that the people who did not punish us for our wrong doing especially at work appealed to us more than those who did. Reason is, we hate people with values; I mean good values. We see them as slave drivers when they in fact are the ones we should be applauding and taking examples from. I think if we all learnt to get our own set of values, we would be treated with respect and we would as it were, add VALUE to our lives and that of others. Let us all get some values. I am just saying. This is Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is my RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT. 
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