Tuesday, 10 February 2015


You cannot daydream a dream into reality; only positive action   has that power over our dreams.
We all have dreams; dream jobs, dream salaries, dream cars, dream husbands and wives. Even more detailed with young ladies is the dream of how their weddings should look like right from start to finish. Dreams are good, we should all have one or more but the question we should ask ourselves when our minds are flooded with these fantasies (because they are not yet realities) is that can I work my way into making this dream a reality? This is a story about my dream. There is this lady I know, I always fantasized getting married to her and living together, going to shows together and having all that crazy fun anyone can imagine (meanwhile I had not even said a SINGLE word to her the whole time). Anytime I saw her all sorts of thoughts rushed through my head. All she ever was to me was a sweet thought. Hmmm, next month, my dream girl is getting married. Don't congratulate me, she is not getting married to me. She is marrying someone else. Someone who saw an opportunity to turn his dream into a reality. That is what will make the difference, because from next month, this guy will be going home to a wife and my dreamer self, well, I will be going home to my old laptop. Some of us have wild dreams, they may seem herculean at first glance but just like the way this guy snatched my "dream" girl ( I don't even know the guy but I already hate him with passion),all our dreams are surmountable. All we need to do is to think positively and act likewise. Action is the only thing that separates dreamers from achievers. Let's stop driving Lamborghinis past our enemies and splashing water on them  in our minds and make it a reality. Let's take action. THIS IS A RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT - Edwin Lamptey

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