Monday, 9 February 2015

Good morning... I woke up this morning feeling all beat up. I for one, I really pretended not to support the Black stars deep down, I am a die hard supporter of the senior national team. I hate to say this but what is done cannot be undone and I really share the grief of our soldiers out there. You fought a good fight lads. Hmmm, now let's take some lessons from the Afcon 2015 finals.
First of all, we should not allow history to get the better advantage over us. Before the match, lots of people were skeptical about our chances of winning ( including myself). We used the past to determine our fate and I am sure this got to our players. More often than not, we tend to base our present actions and future aspirations on the past. Past relationships gone bad, business plans that failed,promises that were broken and so forth; these experiences make us skeptical about our bright futures and causes us to take a laid back approach to try harder, to forge ahead, to defy the odds. Point is if you chicken out of an opportunity just based on past experiences, chances are you will experience the same fate or worse if you have that experience "in your head back" ( bukom banku: 2013). You failed the first time so what? It is high time we rose up to the occasion and tell the past that " I am trying this again, I will put in my all and yes I will be the one smiling when the deed is done, just watch me". If we have this mentality, no dream or aspiration which was failed at the first try will yield same results upon the next attempt.
Whenever we have a deed, we must see it out when we have the opportunity, we must build a strong winning mentality and see that the duty entrusted to us is carried out. I never imagined the game going all the way to penalties. Speaking of penalties I have watched many penalty shootouts and the side that gives up the advantage is the side that often loses. Same applies to life. Whenever we have an opportunity to do something we should always strive to make it count. That opportunity might be your make or break moment. Trust me, no matter the successes you have chalked in the past, the whole world would judge you just with the single chance and that moment based on results your action in that moment produced. Let us all strive to make every little opportunity life presents to us count. THIS IS A RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT - Edwin Lamptey

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