Thursday, 12 February 2015


I strongly believe that when intercontinental trade began, it was ideally meant for the exchange of goods. I believe that slavery and  slave trade were not the first items on the list till the Whiteman discovered the way the African perceived. I always asked myself, how come Africa contributed so many slaves? I began to be convinced that the African mind was easily manipulated. I realized that our forefathers were wooed by the ingenuity of the Whiteman and easily accepted to exchange human beings in return for goods. This art of manipulation from then on has  contributed immensely to the stunted growth in development in African countries. Even more deadly is the fact that we as Africans have also adopted  the manipulation tool and tend to use it on our fellow countrymen.
We sometimes use or position, wealth, family status, and little privileges we have to "lord" ourselves over others. This art of manipulation is in all aspects of life and yes I have been manipulated several times by people I wanted favours from. The private sector capitalizes on the scarcity of jobs to manipulate their employees. A girlfriend uses sex to manipulate her boyfriend. A boyfriend also capitalizes on the fact that a poor girl has fallen for him to be manipulative over her. Governments have myriad ways of manipulating the citizenry. Manipulation has done us more harm than good. It has caused as to live in slavery for fear of losing someone or something we deem a need.
If you feel you are being manipulated in anyway at all, please speak up and walk out of whatever thing it is that is manipulation you. You will never realise your full potential if you stay. You will always be undervalued if you refuse to speak up. More often than not, people who tend to be manipulative are cowards and by standing up to them, this art of "neo-slavery" will stop. There is nothing more sweet than being treated fairly and being dealt a fair hand per your skills and qualification. We should not allow anyone undervalue us. We should always appreciate our self worth and break free from our timid psychological make up. If we don't, low self-esteem and inferiority complex will forever be a name tag on us. THIS IS A RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT and I still remain Edwin Oko Lamptey.

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