Wednesday, 25 February 2015


A thunderous shout woke me up in the heat of the night. I opened my eyes to realize that  the Electricity Company of Ghana had put our lights back on. I checked my time and it was a quarter to ten pm (per the schedules, the light is supposed to come on at six pm). Ever since I was a child, there have always been "shouts of joy" when the lights come back on after a period of being off. Today, I want to ask, what have we been shouting for? We are not begging for the power are we? Don't we know that per the fact that we pay our bills, the onus lies on the authorities to provide us power? I work with a Telco and sometimes I myself marvel at what the customers tend to believe when I tell them. Are we just loudmouths? I give them flimsy excuses as to why they are unable to use their airtime to make calls or surf the internet and they accept it and don't question why they have bought airtime with their money and cannot use it. Don't we know that the onus lies on the telcos to provide service? We say we know our rights but I think we are sometimes ignorant of our own rights. Maybe I feel when people fight for a wrong done them they are tagged as " I know my right". Then again, should you chicken out of fighting a just cause when you know you are right just because of some "tag"?. We have in a way become "cowards". Our ignorance of our rights sometimes beats my imagination. We are the same people who would jokingly say, "you cannot do this in Europe" and truth be told, you cannot because people there don't just accept things at face value. They enquire, ask for explanations and demand for the errors to be corrected. We cannot copy everything that is done in "Europe" but I think this aspect is worth copying. Let us know what is due us and hold the responsible actors to book should anything go amiss. It is what is due us, we the people of the world. I am Edwin Oko Lamptey and this is my challenge to all of us RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT ®
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