Wednesday, 18 February 2015


I  always knew I was  intelligent and took school work pretty easy because I always came out top of my class no matter how hard I tried. Believe you me, this "thought" of mine was just an assertion because when I changed schools, I realized that I was not that "intelligent". I had to struggle to come out    twelfth in class a couple of times till I sat up to be able to compete with the "brains" in my class. Competition changed my way of thinking. I know I suck at soccer but whenever I had to play and more so, when I happened to be on the same team with Gabriel (a friend of mine), my confidence sky-rocketed because I knew that guy was a "disgrace" to the beautiful game.
Whatever you think you are good at, someone will always be better at it and whatever you think you suck at someone else will suck more. That is life, truth be told. The question is, how do you deal with these situations when they confront you? Do you get inspiration from the competition to do better or do you "die" of envy because you think you can never be like your competition?
No matter how hard you try, someone will always be more pretty, lucky, intelligent, wealthy, worthy, successful, friendly, annoying,lazy, stingy and so on. Whenever I am faced with a "competition" in any aspect of my life, I  just channel whatever envious motive that is driving me into positive energy and encourage myself to strive harder to be like or surpass my competition. I know people who have caved in due to competition in one aspect of their lives or another. The reason they caved was because they valued themselves even lesser than how the competition valued them. Competition is good though there are some exceptions but competition should not be the reason why we give up. We should be able to stand our ground and when your "hard battle" is fought and won, you would see the need to tell someone " why envy when you can be more than what you think of yourself?" This is my motivation and this has been a RANDOM AFRICAN THOUGHT.
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